Watches for the summer: The most beautiful models where the accent is on colour

by Rick Smee


August 28. 2017 - by Rick Smee

As the seasons change, and your winter wardrobe has been put away, the hues of winter have given way to more colourful shades. We know, summer is upon us. This changing of the seasons is reflected in the watch industry, as the preference becomes one of wearing watches where the accent is on colour. Some watch aficionados choose to add to their collection with a summer timepiece, watches with coloured faces or some other colour-intensive detail.

Colourful watches are more than just a trend

While trends are notoriously short-lived, colourful watches for summer are a different prospect: just as summer clothing has always been colourful, watches with colourful accents are more than just a trend, they are the fashion in the warm summer months. In other words, buying a colourful watch with summer in mind does not mean the timepiece will become obsolete come the following summer. It will stand the test of time and be something you will enjoy for years to come.

The perfect summer watch

But what exactly is the perfect watch for summer? Ultimately, like anything else, this is a question of taste. What is a given, is that rubber or stainless steel bracelets are more comfortable to wear in warmer temperatures than a leather strap. A degree of waterproofing is recommended, as in the summer, more time is spent outdoors and in or around water. So watches such as divers have a certain competitive advantage here. How colourful the watch should be is again entirely a question of personal preferences. Since the selection of watches is so great, there is a perfect timepiece to suit every taste.

Discover our top 5 models with great colour details

Tudor Pelagos

If you are looking for a tool-watch with colour accent, then the question arises, whether this can be a successful combination. The Tudor Pelagos proves beyond doubt that it is possible to reconcile these characteristics perfectly. This titanium dive watch comes with blue bezel and a blue dial and is an excellent choice for both professional divers and watch aficionados. The blue colour accent is subtle enough so as not to be a distraction allowing the Tudor Pelagos to be worn on more formal occasions without drawing too much attention to itself.


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Chronometer

The Planet Ocean family is known for its classic orange accent. This classic look is further enhanced by the addition of blue with the familiar orange. Our choice, however, fell on the Planet Ocean with the reference Like the Tudor Pelagos, the watch consists of the lightweight and robust Titanium; but instead of the blue accent, this Planet Ocean comes in a masculine grey that perfectly complements the colour of the titanium and emphasizes the orange accents even more successfully.


TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quarz

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 series is known for its refreshing, colourful take on a sports watch. The Formula 1 series offers up a range of watches with a sporty, colourful style built with high-quality, robust quartz works at affordable prices. The blue dial with orange colour accents (reference CAZ1014.BA0842), the sporty and elegant appearance of the Formula 1 is a choice perfect for the summer.


Nomos Ahoi Neomatic

Minimalist design, that helped make Nomos famous, has not been sacrificed to make this sporty watch. The Ahoi is undeniably elegant, the streamlined dive watch comes with an impressive water resistance of 200 metres. The Nomos Ahoi Neomatik "Baselworld 2017" Signal Red really pops and is beautifully complemented by the wristband in light grey.


Rolex Submariner Date "Hulk"

The first green submariner - Ref. 16610LV - was launched in 2003 on the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Submariner. The "Hulk" as it's affectionately referred to is an important addition to the Submariner canon, which is, without doubt, one of the most recognisable and iconic watches of all time. The dial exudes almost chameleon-like qualities as the hue varies from a very dark green colour to almost black when exposed to bright light or to direct sunlight. This combination makes the 116610LV no doubt a perfect watch for all summer days.

Rick Smee

by Rick Smee

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