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Since 1927, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual has been the companion to style-conscious individuals.


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Fascinating Rolex:

Prices, models, and buying advice

Rolex is one of the most famous brands in the world of fine timepieces. The wristwatches of this eminent manufacturer are beloved among ladies and gentlemen alike and accompany their wearers faithfully and reliably for decades and endure throughout the generations. A timepiece from Rolex is timelessly elegant, reliably precise and not least, an enrichment to any outfit – whether it be a business suit or leisurely ensemble.

Rolex Datejust

The legendary Datejust has inspired watch enthusiasts since its launch in 1945. Famous icons such as Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower and Martin Luther King wore the timelessly elegant Datejust. With its automatic chronometer movement, the water resistant case and the characteristic date display, the Datejust has become, within a relatively short period, a true favourite in the watch industry.


Rolex Submariner & Submariner Date

The distinctive Submariner from Rolex is regarded as the most famous diving watch in watchmaking history. Recognisable and stylish – a Submariner on the wrist always looks fitting. The cyclops date display on the Submariner Date model grants the watch an added element of charm.


Rolex GMT-Master II

Whether pilots or business travelers - those who regularly have to keep track of two time zones at once appreciate the functionality of the GMT Master from Rolex. The timepiece presents itself elegantly and convinces not only in terms of precision and reliability, but also with its timeless design.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual is a true classic from Rolex and makes for a particularly compelling model. With its elegant and durable vintage models and pre-owned watches, the line offers a wide variety of wonderful watches. wide Whether for persons new to watches or an experienced watch enthusiast, the Oyster Perpetual line should not be overlooked by anyone searching for a new watch.



Named after the legendary Daytona race, the Rolex Daytona is not only a watch for passionate motorsport enthusiasts. For watch collectors, it has become a true icon, and the Daytona enjoys a lively demand on the market for second-hand and vintage watches. For many, it is their grail watch.


The story behind Rolex watches

The Rolex brand represents style, elegance, and luxury like no other and has done so for more than a 100 years. The innovative and brilliant founder, Hans Wilsdorf, is to thank for the company’s lasting success. From a simple small watch sales company, today’s world-famous luxury watch brand Rolex has emerged. In 1905, Rolex was founded in London, in 1908 Wilsdorf began to sign the timepieces he sold with the name of his company.

As early as 1926, Rolex – at this time already based in Geneva – presented the world’s first dust and waterproof watch: the Oyster. Since then, the history of Rolex has been characterised by innovations in the art of watchmaking, with watchmaking tradition never being neglected.

Price development of the most coveted Rolex models

A Rolex is more than a mere wristwatch. These illustrious timepieces do not only make for loyal companions in everyday life and special occasions, but are also a valuable asset. Many Rolex watches increase in value considerably over the years. In this regard, it is interesting for many Rolex lovers to study both current and past retail prices. Price increases are easy to follow. You, too, should take the time to research the price development of various Rolex models

Buying a Rolex with instalment plan – the pros and cons

Who has this not happened to? You see a certain watch, for instance, a Rolex Submariner or a Rolex Daytona, and fall in love with it at first sight. A new favourite watch is found! However, the purchase of a Rolex can be a large financial investment, which, in most cases, has to be made in a one-off payment. At CHRONEXT, a purchase in instalments can be a wise alternative.

Those who decide to finance their new Rolex watch with a credit will not have to pay the full amount for their watch immediately, although it will of course be shipped to the buyer right away.

However, a purchase using an instalment plan can be unappealing for some individuals, as, with this form of financing, an interest rate is charged on top of the price of the watch. Anybody wishing to use an instalment plan should inform themselves as to the extent to which the effective annual interest rate will add to the price of the purchase. Only if one can see themselves spending the total amount of the purchase price including interest, should a purchase be made. In addition, one should be sure that it is not a problem to repay the instalments over the entire time of the instalment contract.

The CHRONEXT Certificate – Full service for your watch

Whether new, used, or vintage – every timepiece that is offered on our platform passes through our certified watchmaking atelier, where it undergoes a quality control and authentication process. The timepiece is then paired with a CHRONEXT certificate, which not only guarantees its quality and authenticity but also provides our clients with 24 months of warranty – in addition to any warranty that may be supplied by the manufacturer – as well as a free part revision within this period of time.

Buying Rolex watches online

Purchasing luxury watches online offers numerous advantages. You can easily compare models and prices from your home and discover your desired model. In addition, online Rolex watches are often offered at more competitive prices than those in retail shops.

Buying men’s Rolex watches

Whether it is an elegant suit or a sporty outfit, a Rolex men's watch is practically always a good match. Whether you are looking for a model that you can consistently wear or just looking to add some variety to your collection, before you buy a Rolex watch, carefully look at the prices and compare varying offers.

Buying ladies’ Rolex watches

The same goes with ladies’ Rolex watches: Those who are informed about Rolex prices before their purchase can often save money – especially when purchasing online. Anyone who chooses a Rolex ladies’ watch can expect a timelessly elegant, functional, and precise model that will accompany them for many years to come.


CHRONEXT is a leading marketplace for buying, selling, and servicing luxury watches. In addition to buying and selling watches online, our certified CHRONEXT Atelier provides you with a wide range of professional services for your watch, including repair, revision, polishing, PVD/DLC coating, and wristband replacement.

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