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Cartier Santos Pre-Owned Watches

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Used Cartier Santos watches at CHRONEXT

The Cartier Santos is not only the first pilot's watch in the world, but is also considered the very first wristwatch with a leather strap. Developed in 1904 and first sold in 1911, this timepiece is one of the greatest classics in the watchmaking world. Due to the history going back more than a century, there are countless variations of the Santos. This sometimes requires some models of the Cartier Santos to be bought second-hand, as they are no longer available as new.

At CHRONEXT, you will find numerous versions of the Cartier Santos – used and new at attractive prices and immediately available.

Over a century of choice

Used Cartier Santos with popular vintage models

Many watch lovers know it: the current collection of a manufacturer contains only a fraction of the wristwatches ever produced. As with many other watches, you have to buy a used Cartier Santos to get earlier or even historical references of the classic. The variety of models is correspondingly large, especially due to the history going back more than a century. Vintage models from the early years or from the 1970s and 1980s are particularly sought-after, but also younger vintage watches such as the Ref. 1575 with platinum case - especially with a salmon-colored dial.

Cartier Santos 100

The Santos 100, launched in 2004 to mark the 100th anniversary of the friendship between Louis Cartier and Alberto Santos-Dumont, is also one of the most popular Cartier Santos models. Used watches of this model are very readily available. The advantage of buying used models is that they are cheaper than the list price. Both the Cartier Santos 100 used and the new editions are available as large or medium versions. There are also different versions, for example with chronograph function or with skeletonised dial.

The first pilot watch in the world

The history of Cartier Santos begins in 1904, when the Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont approached his friend Louis Cartier and told him of difficulties in reading his pocket watch during a flight. Louis Cartier, who had been running a jewellery workshop since 1847, took up the problem and produced the Cartier Santos – the first wristwatch with a leather strap and the world's first pilot's watch. The original Santos had a diameter of 23x35 millimetres and was officially presented and sold in 1911.

To this day, Cartier Santos retains the characteristic design of the early 1900s. The 2018 Santos collection is also a true reflection of its ancestor. If you want to find one of the early Cartier Santos used, you are looking for one of the rarest and most sought-after Cartier watches ever – and you need a lot of patience, if not luck.

Buy used Cartier Santos watches from CHRONEXT

In our online shop you will find a large number of Cartier Santos models – used, new or vintage. The advantage of buying a used model is obvious: the price of a second hand Cartier Santos is significantly lower than that of a new model. At the same time, you enjoy the greatest security when buying a used luxury watch from us, as every watch we offer is inspected for functionality and authenticity in our in-house master workshop. This is what our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty stands for.

You will find both used Cartier Santos models for ladies and used Cartier Santos models for men. Of course we also offer numerous new watches from over 49 top brands.