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Nomos Tangente

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Nomos Tangente: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Nomos Tangente

The flagship model from Nomos Glashütte: the Tangente unites incomparable clarity, restrained elegance, and a precision representative of the unique Glashütte design principles. Presented in 1992, the Tangent currently remains an exceptionally designed classic of timeless beauty.

Nomos Tangente Watches

Strong movements, exquisite casings


Nomos, a German watch manufacturer based in Glashütte, focuses on the innovative development of timeless classics. Their pieces are very modern yet never influenced by impulsive fashion trends. Although it is a relatively young timepiece, the Nomos Tangente can already be considered a classic. The watch has remained the most popular model among the designer collection since 1992.

The exterior design elements of the watch are distinguished by their overall balance and timeless design. The high-quality materials utilised in the production of the timepiece make the Nomos Tangente an exclusive instrument that watch enthusiasts and collectors can hardly resist. The case of the Tangente is comprised exclusively of robust stainless steel and the case back of the watch is fitted with a strong sapphire crystal. The circular shape of the dial is an eye-catching feature, which is harmoniously complemented with the addition of delicate numerals and slender hands. The majority of the line is decorated with a galvanized white dial that is flattered with steel hands. The bracelets consist of high-quality suede or Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan that sits comfortably on the wrist.

So fine and slim is the Nomos Tangente and so strong is the calibre ticking in its case. Depending on its size, the watch is equipped with the in-house manufacture manual winding calibre Alpha, Gamma, or Delta. The watch also has a power reserve of 43 hours. With a transparent case back, the exquisite finesse of Glashütte works can be witnessed.

The current Nomos Tangente collection

Precision, purism, perfection

Fans of the Nomos Tangente share a love for simple aesthetics and flawless precision. The design of the classic is reserved for creative individuals who appreciate refined perfection. But not everyone has the same preferences, which is why Nomos Glashütte has developed its flagship model in several different versions. Not only is the popular Tangente presented in several different colour schemes, but the features and complications vary from model to model as well. For example, there is a Tangente that comes equipped with a date and power reserve indicator. For different sized wrists and inclinations, Nomos offers different sized cases. The Tangente 33 is designed – as the name implies – with a diameter of just 33-millimeters. For those who prefer a standout piece, the Tangente 38 is a good fit. The Tangente 35 is classic fit that compliments the wrists of both men and women alike. Thus, the Tangente collection holds unisex models comprised of exquisite features that simply put, are hard to resists.

Limited edition for a good cause

Nomos Tangente Doctors Without Borders

A watch for a good cause: as part of the Tangent collection, Nomos operates with the international humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders. The organization assists individuals around the world in need of medical care. Nomos supports the organization with a limited edition of the Tangente. For each model of the limited edition Tangente that is sold, 100 Euros goes directly to Doctors Without Borders. Nomos Galshütte has dedicated four models to the international organization. Two models were created for the United Kingdom – the Tangente for Doctors Without Borders UK and the Tangente 33 for Doctors Without Borders UK. Likewise, the manufacturer dedicates a model to the US organization and pledges the Tangente 38 for Doctors Without Borders in Germany. Special characteristics of the special edition include the 12 marker in red and the “Doctors Without Borders” lettering on the bottom of the dial.