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Rolex Datejust

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Rolex Datejust: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Rolex Datejust – A Classic Dress Watch

Unlike any other watch, the Datejust embodies timeless elegance. Since 1945, the understated model with its characteristic date display has been captivating generations of watch enthusiasts. Influencers and celebrities worldwide have not only displayed an impeccable sense of style but have shaped a symbol for success with this watch. Steeped in legend, this elegant model enchants both ladies and gentlemen alike.


A Rolex legend

As one of the oldest Rolex models, the Datejust belong to the core of the Oyster Perpetual collection. This sporty line by the famous Swiss brand prides itself on being robust, as well as water-resistant and dust-tight. The Datejust artfully combines these qualities with an elegant appearance. Together with its sister model, the Rolex Day-Date, the Datejust offers an alternative for those who want to take off their Submariner or their GMT-Master II in the evenings.

The Datejust is a true master of transformation: All the different designs of this model display the Rolex vision and hunger for innovation. Some special editions that were created in the course of Datejust history have been enjoying increasing popularity. By now, they have become the most popular of Rolex watches. Enthusiasts preferring larger case sizes were introduced to the Datejust II long ago, while the female audience has always admired the Lady-Datejust. Made possible by the wide range of choice, the price for a Datejust watch varies between intermediate prices, as well as five-figure prices.

For all its versatility, the Datejust always remains classy and exudes a unique charm.

The Rolex precision to detail

A date change at the stroke of midnight

The design of the Datejust is brilliantly simple and timelessly elegant. The universal timepiece is suitable for every occasion and can be showcased with a variation of ensembles. Discrete yet unmistakable: Some elements of the Datejust are so distinct that the watch is quickly recognized. The watches namesake at three o’clock is easily one of the watch’s most essential components. Its presentation in 1945 was a sensation: Although the Datejust was not the first watch with elaborate features, it was the first watch that included a date display among other simple and functional elements. The date changes instantaneously at midnight, which allows the wearer to read the exact time and date on their watch without a moment’s hesitation.

To honour the new model, Rolex created a new bracelet: the Jubilee. Initially, it was only available with the 36 millimetre Datejust but was eventually made compatible for other models as well. Rolex clients today have a broad choice: The Datejust can be equipped with the Oyster bracelet, the Jubilee bracelet or a leather strap.

The noted Cyclops lense was presented in 1954. In order to enhance legibility, a lense was added to the glass that magnifies the date by two-and-a-half times. Nowadays, the Cyclops lense is an indispensable trademark that can be found on other models, such as the Day-Date or the Submariner.

Rolex Datejust - The watch of Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower and Martin Luther King

During the 40th anniversary of Rolex and at the presentation of the Ref. 4467, the unique combination of the automatic chronometer movement, waterproof case, and date display caused quite a stir. Within a very short time, the Datejust became one of the leading models in the history of watches. On the wrist of world-renowned personalities, the Datejust set the pace in world events.

Following World War II, in 1947, Rolex celebrated the 100,000th officially certified chronometer. The company’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf, decided to give this anniversary timepiece to someone truly exceptional: Winston Churchill. The British prime minister took great pleasure in wearing his special Datejust. Rolex continued this tradition of giving extraordinary watches to extraordinary people by presenting the 150,000th chronometer to another head of state: Dwight D. Eisenhower. The American president accepted the gift gratefully and has been observed countless times with his Datejust attached to a Jubilee bracelet.

Many other historic personalities had the pleasure of wearing this legendary timepiece, like Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama. From Hollywood to Washington to Berlin - heads of state, actors and musicians consider the Datejust to be an eternally stylish classic. At the office, on the red carpet or at a rock concert - the Datejust fits in superbly.

Datejust, Datejust II and Lady Datejust

An extraordinary watch family

In 1945, Rolex created an immortal and timeless watch design. The 36 millimeter Datejust has not required any major changes since its introduction. The only obvious modification was the addition of the cyclops lense in 1954. Although the Datejust has mostly stayed true to its original design since 1945, the product line offers a wide range of materials, bracelets and sizes.

Yellow gold or rose gold, white gold or steel, Oyster bracelet or Jubilee bracelet - Rolex presents endless possibilities that suit any preference. The 41 millimetre Datejust II (e.g. Ref. 116300, Ref. 116333 or Ref. 116334) is in high demand with customers who are looking for larger watch cases with an elegant design. Those who are admirers of diamonds and mother-of-pearl are sure to become enamoured with versatile watch: The “Mother-of-Pearl” Datejust (Ref. 116238) and the diamond-encrusted Datejust (Ref. 116233) light up the wrist with sparkle and delight.

The small Lady-Datejust comes to life on a delicate wrist. Rolex created two designs of the eternal classic: the 26 millimetre small Lady-Datejust (e.g. Ref. 179173 or Ref. 179178) and the slightly bigger Datejust Lady 31 millimetre (Ref. 178273 or Ref. 178248). The so-called Lady-Datejust - an edition with a mother-of-pearl watch face - is particularly striking. Loved by the female public of all ages, the Lady-Datejust is well-known everywhere as the classic lady’s watch by Rolex.

A watch with a history

Buy the right Datejust online

The model range of the Datejust line is extraordinary: Datejust II, Lady-Datejust, Datejust Lady 31 as well as many other designs. The long history of the watch has seen many special editions released.

Today, it cannot be said for certain how many Datejust watches there are in the world. The vintage market offers an incredible amount of rarities with unusual dials or exceptional prints. Both new and used Datejust watches are worth consideration. The success of the watch that was launched in 1945 proves that the model does not go out of style. The design of watches with the references 116234 and 116234 as well as the earlier references 16234 and 16200 is very similar to the very first Datejust and is also meant for lasting use.

It is a watch that made history and yet is still in tune with the times.