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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying at CHRONEXT

Where can I see the strap length of a watch?
Which card payments do you accept?
What financing options are available to me?
Do I have to pay a deposit?
Which bank transfer methods do you accept?
Is it possible to pay upon collection?
How does payment with Ratepay work?
How do I receive my Ratepay invoice?
Ratepay: To whom do I transfer the invoice amount?
What payment methods are available to me via Ratepay?
Will I receive a notification as soon as Ratepay has received my payment?
Ratepay: When will my order be shipped?
My requested Ratepay payment method was rejected. What do I do?
How does payment with Klarna work?

Selling at CHRONEXT

Here you find answers to your questions about the selling process. There is relevant information about selling options at CHRONEXT and trade-ins.
Can I sell my watch to you?
Can I have my watch valued on at a CHRONEXT Lounge?
Which selling options do I have?
How long is the commission selling process?
How is the commission fee determined and is it fixed?
How do I know my watch is secure when I hand it over to you?
Do I receive a contract?
What happens if I want my watch back? Will this incur any costs for me?
Is my watch insured?
What are the costs for a revision/refurbishment?
Will I be informed about the current status of the sales process?
How do you suggest sales prices?
Can I bring my watch to CHRONEXT in person instead of having it delivered?
How does the collection of my watch take place?
Can I track my shipment once I have sent it?
Which courier collects my watch and who bears the costs?
How will I be kept informed about the status of my watch?
What is a reference number and where can I find it?
Is it mandatory to have the box and papers?
What if I don't know the age of the watch?
What does CPO mean?
What is a vintage watch?

Personal Pick-up

How do I arrange an appointment at a CHRONEXT lounge?
Can the bracelet be adjusted for my purchase?
Is a Tax Free Process possible at CHRONEXT?
In which German cities can I collect my watch personally?
In which European cities can I collect my watch personally?

Shipping & Returns

Do you offer international shipping?
What if I am not at home when the watch is delivered?
What is your returns policy?
Do I have to pay for shipping to return?
Will the watch be insured in transit?
How are local tax rates determined?

Warranty, Servicing & Service Center

What services are covered by the CHRONEXT warranty?
Who can use the services at the Service Center?
Can I also repair watches that I did not buy at CHRONEXT?
Can I service several watches at the same time at the Service Center?
Service Center: Is my watch insured?
How does the handover service in a CHRONEXT Lounge work?
How do I get my watch back?
When do I have to pay for the service(s)?
What payment methods are available to me at the Service Center?
How long does it take to service my watch at CHRONEXT?
What do I have to consider when buying a vintage watch?
How do I wind my watch correctly?
How often do I have to wind my watch?
What deviations are acceptable for a watch?
What is the difference between automatic and manual movements?
What do I need to know about the water resistance of my watch?
What do I have to consider when setting the date?

App Frequently Asked Questions

What devices are compatible with the CHRONEXT App?
How do I activate the alerts?
How do I create an account?
How do I sync my Cart across different devices?
How do I sync my Wishlist across different devices?
I already created a CHRONEXT account on the website. Can I log in the App, too?
How can I delete my account?
Which features does the CHRONEXT App offer?

Further FAQs

Is the country code of the watch visible?
I have received a CHRONEXT invoice from an external trader. How do I know that this is genuine?