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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying at CHRONEXT

Which card payments do you accept?

You can pay conveniently and easily by credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express). In order to guarantee you the greatest possible security, we offer the following two services: Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code. Your credit card details are protected by a password.

How does your financing plan work?

We currently offer financing plans in the UK, Austria and Germany. Further information regarding our plans will be available to you at the checkout page.

Klarna (UK)

Together with our partner, Klarna Bank AB (publ), we offer you a hassle-free way to receive your watch now and spread payments over a chosen period of time.

With the calculator in the checkout you can easily find an installment plan that suits you.

CreditPlus (Germany)

Together with our partner, CreditPlus Bank AG, we offer a simple and fast to purchase your watch and pay in installments with fair conditions. The effective interest rate is 2,99%.

In order to apply for the financing process with Credit Plus, proceed to the checkout and enter your personal details. When you click on “apply for finance” you will be forwarded to CreditPlus where you can complete your application. After a successful credit assessment and following credit release we will confirm your order confirmation.

*2,99% effective annual rate, 120 months period, credit standing assumed, credit mediation only carried out for CreditPlus Bank AG, Augustenstraße 7, 70178 Stuttgart. These details constitute the 2/3-example according to § 6a Abs. 4 PAngV.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

You may be asked to pay a fully refundable down payment of 30% on a watch, should you decide not to go ahead with your purchase, the entire amount is refunded to you.

Which bank transfer methods do you accept?

We have the following options for a bank transfer:

With a direct bank transfer (Sofortüberweisung), you can pay simply and directly. Pay for your purchase directly after completing your order with your usual online banking data. Please have your online banking data (PIN/TAN) ready.

Bank Wire: With this option, the bank details will be sent to you via email so that you can carry out the wire transfer.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Of course. PayPal offers you optimal protection when buying online. Your bank details are protected with a PayPal account using the latest encryption techniques, because they are not transmitted directly. In addition, PayPal offers you additional buyer protection. After authorised payment, you will automatically return to our site and can then complete the order process.

Is it possible to pay upon collection?

Definitely! In our Pickup Locations and boutiques you can pay on the spot. We accept cash, credit cards and debit cards. You can also split the outstanding amount and make use of cash and credit card payments. Please note the daily limit for your electronic cards. You can increase the limit at your bank if necessary.

*Please note that only card payments are possible in our Paris location at this moment in time.

Information regarding COVID-19 (updated 20.03.2020)

Changes for our Pick-Up Locations

In order to protect you, your family and all CHRONEXT employees, we have taken the necessary protective measures. Our pick-up locations will be equipped with respiratory masks and gloves for employees and customers.

Is it possible to pay upon delivery?

New Option: Payment on Delivery

Do you feel more comfortable trying on a watch at home? No problem. We have developed a special concierge service for you. If you choose payment on delivery, one of our dedicated CHRONEXT employees will deliver the timepiece to your home where you can try it on for size and pay with cash or card upon delivery should you decide to keep it. Needless to say our member of staff will wear gloves and a respiratory masks. Please note that we can only accept cash, debit or credit card for this delivery method.

This option is available for customers living in the UK, Germany and Switzerland and is subject to an additional fee.

Selling at CHRONEXT

Here you find answers to your questions about the selling process. There is relevant information about selling options at CHRONEXT and trade-ins.
Can I sell my watch to you?

Of course, we have a dedicated team that specialises in valuation and buying watches. Simply send in your request here and our pre-owned team will be in touch with a quote.

Which selling options do I have?

You can choose to sell your watch to us directly, through a commission sale or part exchange it against another watch.

Direct: With this option, we will provide you with a non-binding quote for an immediate sale. If you choose to accept, your watch will be collected from you by our insured courier within 2 working days. After successful verification by one of our in-house watchmakers, we will transfer the agreed amount to you within 48 hours.

Commission: A commission sale generally allows you to achieve a higher price for your watch. If you decide to sell on commission, CHRONEXT will take care of the entire process for you.

With this option, we will provide you with a personalised offer with a commission rate starting from 10%. Your watch will be collected by our courier and will be fully insured in transit, checked by the certified watchmakers in our workshop, then photographed and offered for sale in our online shop. If necessary, your watch will be serviced prior to be being placed online, we would, however, keep you updated throughout each step. We highly recommend a service of your watch as it contributes to a considerable increase in the value of the watch.

Your watch is stored in our high security vault until it is sold. If successfully sold, we charge the agreed commission rate of the fixed selling price and the service and pay you the amount via bank transfer.

How long is the commission selling process?

With a commission sale, your watch will be marketed in our international online shop. The sales period is very individual for each watch. Our purchasing experts will be happy to advise you regarding this.

How do I know my watch is secure when I hand it over to you?

The watch is insured at all times by CHRONEXT and a contract defines the conditions stipulated transparently for both parties. Additional security for both parties is the email correspondence and the signature of the courier when picking up your watch.

Do I receive a contract?

If you decide on a direct or commission sale with us, a bound contractual relationship arises for both parties. We will be happy to put this down for you in writing upon request.

What happens if I want my watch back? Will this incur any costs for me?

If you decide to have your watch returned to you, it will be shipped back free of charge with no additional costs. However, if the costs were incurred due to polishing, servicing or other cosmetic procedures, we will require the payment to be made prior to shipping. This service maintains the value of the watch and also comes with a two year warranty. You could also explore the possibility of opting for a trade-in or a direct sale.

Is my watch insured?

When your watch is purchased, it is fully insured from the time of collection and for the period of storage in our high security safe.

What are the costs for a revision/refurbishment?

The costs for a revision or reconditioning arise depending on the effort and material costs and will be communicated to you in detail after the inspection by one of our in-house watchmakers. Only a commission offer includes a previously estimated service fee.

Will I be informed about the current status of the sales process?

If your watch has been sold by CHRONEXT on commission, we will inform you immediately. If your watch has not been sold after an agreed period, we will contact you to discuss further action and any adjustments (e.g. to the selling price).

How do you suggest sales prices?

Due to our experience on the market and past sales, we are able to give you a market-driven sales price for your model.

How does the collection of my watch take place?

After the offer has been finalised, the insured collection of your watch takes place. This usually takes place within two working days of making an appointment with our logistics partner "Parcelbroker".

Which courier collects my watch and who bears the costs?

The insured collection of your watch is carried out by our logistics partner "Parcelbroker". CHRONEXT bears the shipping costs.

How will I be kept informed about the status of my watch?

As soon as we receive your watch, we will inform you about each of the following steps by email.

Is it mandatory to have the box and papers?

Although they are desired, it is not mandatory for you to have the box and papers in order to sell your watch to us, however, they do increase the value of your timepiece. Please note, we only accept original paperwork and no photocopies.

What does CPO mean?

CPO means Certified Pre-Owned.

Every single watch is checked for quality and authenticity in our own master workshop. This ensures that it complies with the strict internal guidelines. In the CPO process, we hold each watch in our hands up to 20 times and check all details before it reaches the customer. All watches on our website come with a CHRONEXT certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of the watch and a 24-month warranty.

What is a vintage watch?

A vintage watch is 20 years or older, worn and in an age-appropriate condition.

The movement is fully functional, but there is no guarantee that the watch is water resistant. In the course of their (long) "life", vintage watches were not just worn. The previous owners also gave their watches for regular reconditioning (e.g. polishing, revision, etc.). Almost unchanged cases and dials are a rare exception. Collectors and experts appreciate the individuality of vintage watches, which is increasingly reflected in high auction and selling prices.

All vintage watches at CHRONEXT have been tested for authenticity and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Personal Pick-up

How do I arrange an appointment at a pickup-location?

As soon as your watch is ready for collection in one of our pick up lounges, you will receive an e-mail with a link to arrange your desired pick-up date. Your watch will be kept for up to 7 days from that time.

You can then pick up your watch at our pick-up locations and boutiques at the agreed time.

You can walk-in to our boutiques in Berlin and London at any time during business hours and receive a spontaneous personal consultation. We also always have a selection of popular watches for you to buy directly.

Please note that for collection in Paris, please contact our Sales Team to arrange an appointment.

Can the bracelet be adjusted for my purchase?

Yes, when you collect your timepiece we are happy to adjust the bracelet for you. Alternatively, you can inform us about your wrist size when ordering online. Our watchmakers will adjust the bracelet of your watch before shipping.

*The bracelet adjustment is currently not available in Paris. Please provide us with measurements beforehand if you wish to have it adjusted. For more information, please contact our Sales Team.

Is a Tax Free Process possible at CHRONEXT?

A refund of the VAT is possible for many of the models offered. This is dependent on the taxation of the watch. To find out if your model qualifies for a refund, please contact our sales agents.

If you pick up your watch in person at one of our German boutiques or in Switzerland, you will receive the necessary documents for a refund, which you can present on departure.

In which German cities can I collect my watch personally?

Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.

In which European cities can I collect my watch personally?

France: Paris

UK: London

Switzerland: Zug

Shipping & Returns

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we offer free international shipping. Your watch is fully insured in transit and all prices are inclusive of VAT.

What if I am not at home when the watch is delivered?

If a delivery attempt is not successful, then the courier simply reattempts delivery the next working day. You can keep track of your parcel using the tracking link provided. You can get further details regarding this from our sales agents.

What is your returns policy?

To provide you with complete assurance, we offer a 14 day return policy on all our purchases made online. Should you not be satisfied with your watch, you can either drop the watch off at a pick up location or we can arrange for it to be collected from your address by our insured couriers. Once the watch is returned and inspected by our watchmakers, the refund is issued. Please note that you will have to pay for cost of returns.

Do I have to pay for shipping to return?

Please be aware that you will have to pay for the return shipping.

Will the watch be insured in transit?

Of course, your watch is fully insured in transit and when it is with us.

How are local tax rates determined?

Please note that shipping outside the EU is subject to local tax fees. With regards to the US, here’s what you can expect:

- Customs Fee: You will have to pay a customs fee, the rate is determined by the value of your watch. Generally, this can range between 2-5%. We provide each shipment to the US with a watch worksheet which details all the necessary specifications required for the customs office. The final value is then decided based on this by the customs agent.

- Federal State Tax: A Federal State Tax is determined by a Tax ID or Social Security Number; therefore, it’s important that a telephone number and email address is provided with the order so that the local customs agency can reach out to you to collect this information.

For all other countries: As the local rate varies according to country as well as state, we would advise you to contact your local customs agency for further information.

Warranty, Servicing & Workshop

What services are covered by the CHRONEXT warranty?

All repairs of the movement of the watch and the repairs of water resistant watches with water damage are covered by our CHRONEXT warranty.

The following services are excluded from the warranty:

  • Damage to straps of any kind
  • Damage to closures
  • Damage caused by external influences (impact or fall damage, improper handling)
  • Water damage due to improper handling
How long does it take to service my watch at CHRONEXT?

Since a remote diagnosis is not possible, we can only provide you with this information after the watch has been examined by our watchmakers. Checking your watch usually takes two to seven days.

What is the difference between automatic and manual movements?

With an automatic movement, the watch must be wound by an oscillating weight. This is set in motion by sufficient movement of the watch when worn on the wrist. Therefore, it’s also possible that if a watch with an automatic movement is not worn for too long, the watch will stop. Whether your watch is equipped with an automatic movement is indicated by a note on the case of the watch (on the dial or back).

A hand-wound movement (manual movement) must be wound daily by hand, clockwise via the crown until resistance is felt.

How do I wind my watch correctly?

To wind your watch, move the crown of your watch to the winding position. If the crown is locked, you can loosen it by turning it counterclockwise. Then turn the crown without pressure approx. 20-40 times clockwise to wind up your watch. You will not notice any resistance in an automatic movement. The manual movement must be wound until resistance is felt.

If the crown is screwed together, make sure that it is locked again by applying light pressure and turning it clockwise at the same time.

How often do I have to wind my watch?

A hand-wound watch must be wound daily.

With an automatic movement you can follow the following rules: With daily but limited movement at the wrist: watch must be wound daily. With daily and sufficient movement at the wrist: no manual pulling up is necessary.

If the watch has not been worn for a long time (and has most likely stopped): the watch must be wound.

What deviations are acceptable for a watch?

The following deviations are acceptable for different models:

Chronometer: -4 or +6 seconds / day

Others: -1 or +2 minutes / week

Vintage watches have to be considered separately due to their high age and individual condition.

What do I need to know about the water resistance of my watch?

Check in advance whether your watch is water-resistant or waterproof. Water-repellent models are only protected against light splashing water and are not suitable for use under water. A water-repellent watch will not withstand heavy rain or showers. When washing your hands, be careful with a water-repellent watch.

With a water-resistant model, it is essential that the crown is firmly closed before use under water. In addition, you should never operate the pushers under water. In addition, have your watch checked for water-resistance regularly, at least once a year, at a specialist shop.

Vintage models should not be brought into contact with water, as these watches are very sensitive.

What do I have to consider when setting the date?

Make sure that you never operate the date quick switching between 20:00pm - 04:00am o'clock. Otherwise there is a risk of damage to the movement, which is not covered by the warranty. When setting the time, make sure that the set time is day or night.

Further FAQs

Is the country code of the watch visible?

As we work with a network of over 400 international dealers, we ask for your understanding that we cannot provide any information about the country code in advance.