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"TWO O TEN" 1000 Miglia Ltd. 120/2000 limitiert 18 k Anhänger Be Happy Limited Be Happy Ltd. Chopard Superfast Chrono Classic Classic H Classic Racing Superfast Automatic Classic Racing Superfast Chrono Split Second Ltd Classic Racing Superfast Split Second Classique Diamonds Geneve GPMH 2016 Gran Turismo XL Gran Turismo XL Mille Miglia Ltd. Grand Prix de Monaco Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2012 Ltd Grand Prix De Monaco Historique Time Attack MF GSTAAD Happy Happy Diamonds Happy Fish Happy Snowflakes Happy Spirit Happy Sport Happy Sport Chronograph Happy Sport Classic Round 7 Floating Diamonds Happy Sport II Round Happy Sport II Square Medium Happy Sport II Square Small Happy Sport Ltd. Happy Sport Mickey Mouse Happy Sport Square XL HMI White Ice Cube Imperiale Jacky ICKX ltd. Steel L.U.C L.U.C Chrono One L.U.C Classic L.U.C Lunar Big Date L.U.C Lunar One L.U.C Perpetual T L.U.C Quattro L.U.C Xp L.U.C Xp Urushi L.U.C XPS L.U.C. 1937 Classic La Strada La Strada XL Ladies LADY Les Classique LUC Time Traveler One Luna Mille Miglia Mille Miglia Chronograph Mille Miglia Gran Turismo Automatic Chronograph Mille Miglia Gran Turismo Chrono Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL GMT Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL Power Reserve Mille Miglia GT XL ''Rosso Corsa'' Ltd. Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2011 Ltd Mille Miglia GT XL Ltd. Mille Miglia GT XL Power Control Mille Miglia Race Ltd. Monte Carlo Ohrringe Ring St. Moritz Tank Taschenuhr Two O Ten Tycoon Chronograph Tycoon Two o Ten Rose Gold With Diamonds Typ Happy Sport Vintage Your Hour Your Hour Yellow Gold



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Chopard watches

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Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL GMT - 168514-3001ChopardMille Miglia Gran Turismo XL GMT168514-3001NEW£ 4,640
by 26.09. 
Chopard Mille Miglia GTS - 158566-3001ChopardMille Miglia GTS158566-3001NEW£ 4,720
£ 5,750
Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo Chrono - 168459-3037ChopardMille Miglia Gran Turismo Chrono168459-3037NEW£ 5,270
by 26.09. 
Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL Power Reserve - 158457-3001ChopardMille Miglia Gran Turismo XL Power Reserve158457-3001NEW£ 5,170
Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono - 158459-3001ChopardMille Miglia GT XL Chrono158459-3001NEW£ 6,030 Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo Automatic Chronograph - 158459-3002ChopardMille Miglia Gran Turismo Automatic Chronograph158459-3002NEW£ 5,180 Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo Chrono - 168459-3041ChopardMille Miglia Gran Turismo Chrono168459-3041NEW£ 5,640 Chopard L.U.C Lunar One - 171927-1001ChopardL.U.C Lunar One171927-1001NEW£ 59,600 Chopard Grand Prix De Monaco Historique - 168992-3031ChopardGrand Prix De Monaco Historique168992-3031NEW£ 3,920 Chopard L.U.C Chrono One - 161928-1001ChopardL.U.C Chrono One161928-1001NEW£ 24,330 Chopard Classic Racing Superfast Split Second - 168542-3001ChopardClassic Racing Superfast Split Second168542-3001NEW£ 9,760 Chopard Mille Miglia - 178511-3001ChopardMille Miglia178511-3001NEW£ 8,820 Chopard L.U.C Lunar One - 171927-5001ChopardL.U.C Lunar One171927-5001NEW£ 59,600 Chopard L.U.C Perpetual T - 161940-5001ChopardL.U.C Perpetual T161940-5001NEW£ 100,690 Chopard Mille Miglia Chronograph - 161274-5005ChopardMille Miglia Chronograph161274-5005NEW£ 11,250 Chopard Mille Miglia Chronograph - 151274-5002ChopardMille Miglia Chronograph151274-5002NEW£ 24,710 Chopard Happy Sport II Square Medium - 278495-3001ChopardHappy Sport II Square Medium278495-3001NEW£ 4,650 Chopard Happy Sport II Square Medium - 278496-3001ChopardHappy Sport II Square Medium278496-3001NEW£ 5,370 Chopard Happy Sport - 278477-3013ChopardHappy Sport278477-3013NEW£ 4,190 Chopard Imperiale - 388549-3002ChopardImperiale388549-3002NEW£ 6,050 Chopard Imperiale - 388531-3005ChopardImperiale388531-3005NEW£ 3,910 Chopard Imperiale - 388531-3011ChopardImperiale388531-3011NEW£ 5,180 Chopard Imperiale - 388531-6005ChopardImperiale388531-6005NEW£ 4,740 Chopard Imperiale - 384241-5003ChopardImperiale384241-5003NEW£ 28,220 Chopard Imperiale - 388549-3006ChopardImperiale388549-3006NEW£ 16,210 Chopard Imperiale - 388549-3008ChopardImperiale388549-3008NEW£ 14,770 Chopard Imperiale - 388531-6003ChopardImperiale388531-6003NEW£ 14,760 Chopard Imperiale - 384211-5001ChopardImperiale384211-5001NEW£ 14,820 Chopard Imperiale - 384211-5004ChopardImperiale384211-5004NEW£ 40,020 Chopard Imperiale - 388531-3012ChopardImperiale388531-3012NEW£ 15,040 Chopard Imperiale - 384241-5002ChopardImperiale384241-5002NEW£ 20,480 Chopard Imperiale - 384241-5004ChopardImperiale384241-5004NEW£ 36,540 Chopard Imperiale - 388549-3005ChopardImperiale388549-3005NEW£ 7,100 Chopard Imperiale - 388549-3007ChopardImperiale388549-3007NEW£ 5,680 Chopard Imperiale - 384239-1015ChopardImperiale384239-1015NEW£ 130,090 Chopard Imperiale - 388549-3003ChopardImperiale388549-3003NEW£ 13,970 Chopard Imperiale - 388531-6008ChopardImperiale388531-6008NEW£ 16,420 Chopard Imperiale - 388531-6006ChopardImperiale388531-6006NEW£ 14,760 Chopard Imperiale - 384211-5003ChopardImperiale384211-5003NEW£ 31,360 Chopard Imperiale - 384221-0004ChopardImperiale384221-0004NEW£ 26,090 Chopard Imperiale - 384241-5008ChopardImperiale384241-5008NEW£ 36,540 Chopard Imperiale - 384221-5010ChopardImperiale384221-5010NEW£ 16,950 Chopard Imperiale - 384241-5005ChopardImperiale384241-5005NEW£ 12,170 Chopard Imperiale - 384221-5003ChopardImperiale384221-5003NEW£ 16,950 Chopard Imperiale - 384221-0002ChopardImperiale384221-0002NEW£ 16,390 Chopard Imperiale - 384238-5008ChopardImperiale384238-5008NEW£ 17,890 Chopard Imperiale - 384238-5006ChopardImperiale384238-5006NEW£ 12,970 Chopard Imperiale - 384238-1001ChopardImperiale384238-1001NEW£ 10,800 Chopard Happy Sport II Square Small - 278516-6002ChopardHappy Sport II Square Small278516-6002NEW£ 7,270 Chopard Happy Sport II Round - 277472-5001ChopardHappy Sport II Round277472-5001NEW£ 16,910 Chopard Happy Sport II Round - 277473-5001ChopardHappy Sport II Round277473-5001NEW£ 15,250 Chopard Happy Snowflakes - 288948-3001ChopardHappy Snowflakes288948-3001NEW£ 5,570
by 26.09. 
Chopard Happy Sport - 278559-3002ChopardHappy Sport278559-3002NEW£ 5,510
£ 6,590
Chopard Happy Sport - 278551-3003ChopardHappy Sport278551-3003NEW£ 8,920
by 26.09. 
Chopard Happy Sport - 278509-3010ChopardHappy Sport278509-3010NEW£ 8,770
£ 10,650
Chopard Happy Sport - 278509-3008ChopardHappy Sport278509-3008NEW£ 8,850 Chopard Happy Sport - 278509-6002ChopardHappy Sport278509-6002NEW£ 4,110
by 26.09. 
Chopard Happy Sport - 277471-5002ChopardHappy Sport277471-5002AAA£ 6,160
Chopard Happy Sport II Round - 277472-5002ChopardHappy Sport II Round277472-5002NEW£ 17,160 Chopard Happy Fish - 288499-3016ChopardHappy Fish288499-3016NEW£ 5,350 Chopard Happy Sport - 277473-5009ChopardHappy Sport277473-5009NEW£ 15,700 Chopard Happy Sport - 278551-3004ChopardHappy Sport278551-3004NEW£ 8,920 Chopard Happy Sport - 278509-3007ChopardHappy Sport278509-3007NEW£ 7,630 Chopard Happy Sport II Round - 278477-3008ChopardHappy Sport II Round278477-3008NEW£ 12,690 Chopard Happy Sport - 278509-3050ChopardHappy Sport278509-3050NEW£ 7,600 Chopard Happy Sport - 275349-5002ChopardHappy Sport275349-5002NEW£ 17,730 Chopard Happy Sport Chronograph - 283581-5001ChopardHappy Sport Chronograph283581-5001NEW£ 11,450 Chopard Happy Sport Chronograph - 283581-5011ChopardHappy Sport Chronograph283581-5011NEW£ 15,010 Chopard Happy Sport Chronograph - 283582-5015ChopardHappy Sport Chronograph283582-5015NEW£ 46,370 Chopard Happy Sport Chronograph - 288506-6002ChopardHappy Sport Chronograph288506-6002NEW£ 22,500 Chopard Happy Sport Chronograph - 288499-3001ChopardHappy Sport Chronograph288499-3001NEW£ 5,460 Chopard Happy Sport Chronograph - 288499-6002ChopardHappy Sport Chronograph288499-6002NEW£ 12,720


Used, new, and vintage

Watches from Chopard can be considered the exquisite jewels of the watchmaking world. Clients from around the globe are simply delighted with the refined and the elegant aesthetics of the brand. Discover the exquisite variety of Chopard in the CHRONEXT online shop.

Quality as tradition

The creation of high quality watches is a longstanding tradition of Chopard. The company has been renowned for the highest quality materials, advanced technologies, and timeless aesthetics ever since the brand was founded in 1860. Even after the acquisition of the company by the jeweller and watch manufacturer Karl Scheufele, the core values of Chopard have remained the same. To this date, Chopard stands for outstanding Swiss watchmaking.

The vivacious models of Chopard

The Chopard brand continues to impress with creativity and versatility. Masculine and sporty collections are as easy to find at Chopard as simple, classic, and luxurious women’s models. All of the models from Chopard hold one thing in common – they are all united by passion, quality, and the innovative spirit of the Chopard brand.

Chopard watches for men and women

Whether you are searching for the Chopard La Strada, the Chopard Happy Sport, the Chopard St. Moritz, or the Chopard Mille Miglia – the CHRONEXT online shop offers you with the opportunity to purchase your dream Chopard watch from the comfort of your own home. We offer a wide selection of new watches as well as a variety of used and refined vintage models from the brand, ensuring you find the perfect Chopard watch to suit your ideal tastes and prefereces.

Chopard – price list and models

CHRONEXT offers a wide variety of exquisite Chopard watches – both new and used. Whether you’ve got your heart set on a sporty model like the Chopard Classic Racing men’s watch, a masterpiece of Swiss watchmaking like the Chopard L.U.C, or an elegant ladies watch like the Chopard Happy Diamonds – at CHRONEXT, you will easily discover your favourite Chopard watch. Don't hesitate to check in with CHRONEXT for all things Chopard, including watch models, prices, and the history of the exquisite brand.


Exceptional Service

Providing excellent customer service is one of our top priorities. We deliver your watch fast and with utmost attention to detail. Should you be looking for a specific model which is not in stock, we are happy to source it for you - free of any extra charges. If you would like to sell a watch, our experts will advise you on market developments and the ideal selling price for your timepiece.

Should you have any questions regarding delivery, price or history of a specific model, your personal advisor will be happy to help at any time.
+44 (0)203 588 00 44 (Mo.-Fr. 8am - 8:30pm, Sa. 9am - 5:30pm)

Guaranteed Authenticity

We always guarantee a safe transaction. When you buy or sell a watch on CHRONEXT, your contract of sale is made directly with us. We take legal responsibility for every transaction and provide the highest data security standards, secure payment methods and fully insured shipment. In order to ensure the authenticity and quality of all watches sold through us, every timepiece is thoroughly checked by our watchmakers before it is ever shipped to our customers.

This is guaranteed through our Certificate which you will receive with the purchase of any watch from CHRONEXT - new or pre-owned.

Fair Prices

Only the best is good enough for our customers. This goes for prices just as well as for service and security. Luxury watches are hardly ever cheap but there are still significant differences in price levels depending on where you shop. Thanks to our vast global network of suppliers and our low fixed costs, we are able to provide competitive prices at all times.

We scan the market daily for the best offers and always keep our prices up to date. Most important however is that our competitive prices will never lead us to compromise security and quality.