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Sinn U1

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Sinn Diving Watches

Just like other special brand watches, Sinn diving watches combine first-class technology with outstanding robustness. The watches comply with the DIN standard for both diving watches and diving equipment and are therefore reliable wrist watch companions – both in water and on land.

Diving watches from Sinn

Diving watches from Sinn

Founded by Helmut Sinn, the Sinn Spezialuhren company is based in Frankfurt on the Main. For decades, the brand has stood for watches that are characterised by high-quality workmanship, durability and a timeless design that focuses on functionality. After initially concentrating on pilot's watches and chronographs, Sinn decided to launch a series of diving watches. These wristwatches aim to meet the high demands of professional divers and ambitious hobby divers alike. Robust and reliable, all Sinn diving watches are tested according to the European diving standard and thoroughly checked for pressure resistance, water-resistance and fog resistance.

Your options at CHRONEXT

If you want a successful combination of a functional diving watch and fine chronograph, you’ll find what you’re looking for among Sinn’s diving watches at CHRONEXT. Perhaps you prefer a robust chronograph; take a closer look at the Sinn Taucheuhr Chronograph. This watch captivates with its comprehensive technical finesse, which is reflected in its first-class stopwatch function. The Sinn Chronograph EZM 13 is pressure-resistant up to a diving depth of 500 metres, functionally reliable from -45 ° C to + 80 ° C and low-pressure safe. The Ar Dehumidifying Technology developed by Sinn ensures that it is almost completely functional and resistant to fogging.

Mechanical diving watches from Sinn

Submarine steel is used for the case of Sinn U1 Sinn U1, Sinn U2 and EZM 3. Its extreme hardness not only makes the watch waterproof but also robust and resistant. Functionality is also a key element of all Sinn Spezialuhren special watches. This means that watches are perfectly tailored to the needs of divers and that design follows function. Sinn diving watches are sporty and elegant making them perfect style-conscious wrist companions whether diving or not. Regardless of which model and which version of the Sinn U1, Sinn U2 (EZMS) or EZM 3 you choose, you will always get a watch with an excellent price-performance ratio and a stylish partner for diving and everyday life.

Sinn watches: models for adventurers

Sinn watches are aimed at pilots, athletes and adventurers. Wristwatches from Sinn are extremely robust, and they can go almost anywhere. In 1985, for example, the German-Austrian astronaut Reinhard Furrer had a Sinn watch on his wrist when he ventured into space. He was the first person to go into space wearing an automatic watch, and he appreciated the reliability, robustness and characterful appearance of these exceptional timepieces from Frankfurt. Meaningful watches are very popular among adventurous athletes; rally legends Walter Röhrl and Hans-Joachim Stuck are fans, and they are often seen with Sinn watches on their wrists.

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