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1884 Chronomat 1884 perpetual sirius Aeromarine Aerospace Aerospace Evo Aerospace Evo Night Mission Airwolf Antares Army Chronograph Astromat Avenger Avenger Bandit Avenger Blackbird Avenger GMT 2 Avenger II Avenger II Automatic Chrono Avenger II Automatic Chronograph Avenger II GMT Caliber 32 Avenger II Seawolf Avenger Seawolf Chrono Avenger Skyland Blacksteel Ltd. B-1 B-2 B-Class B1 B1 Chrono Bentley Bentley B04 GMT Automatic Chronograph Bentley B05 Unitime Automatic Chronograph Bentley B06 Automatic Chronograph Bentley Barnato 42 Automatic Chronograph Bentley Barnato 42 Caliber 41B Automatic Chronograph Bentley Barnato 42B Automatic Chronograph Bentley Barnato Racing Bentley Barnato Racing Chronograph Bentley GMT Automatic Chronograph Bentley GMT Black Ltd. Bentley GMT Chronograph Ltd. Bentley GT II B Automatic Chronograph Bentley Light Body Ltd. Bentley Motors Bentley Motors GMT Midnight Ltd. Bentley Motors Ltd. Blackbird Blackbird "Serie Speciale" Breitling Colt 36 Breitling for Bentley GMT Chronograph Breitling Galactic 36 Breitling Galactic 36 Caliber 37 Automatic Cadette Callistino Callisto Chrono Chrono Callisto Bullet Chrono Colt Ocean Chrono-Matic Chrono-Matic "Red Bull Air Race" Chrono-Matic 49 Chrono-Matic Bullhead Chrono-Matic Ltd. Chronograph Chronograph Colt Chronoliner Chronomat Chronomat 41 Chronomat 41 Automatic Chronograph Chronomat 44 Chronomat 44 Automatic Chronograph Chronomat 44 Blacksteel Chronomat 44 Flying Fish Chronomat 44 Flying Fish Chronograph Chronomat 44 GMT Chronomat 44 GMT Automatic Chronograph Chronomat 44 P.A.N. Frecce Tricolori Ltd. Chronomat 47 Chronomat Automatic Chronomat Frecce Tricolori Ltd. Chronomat GMT Chronomat GMT Caliber 04 Automatic Chronomat GT Chronomat Vitesse Chronometer chronometre Chronoracer Chronospace Chronospace Automatic Chronograph Chronospace Military Automatic Chrono Chrosswind Cockpit Cockpit B50 Quartz Chronograph Cockpit Chronograph Colt Colt 33 Colt 33 Lady Caliber 77 Quartz Colt 36 Colt 36 Quartz Colt 41 Colt 41 Automatic Caliber 17 Colt 44 Automatic Caliber 17 Colt 44 Quartz Caliber 74 Colt Chronograph Colt Chronograph Automatic Colt Chronograph Caliber 73 Colt Chronograph Caliber 73 Quartz Colt GMT Colt Lady Colt Stratus Cosmonaute Cronomat "50 th Anniversary US Airforce" nur 500 Exemplare Crosswind Datora Emergency Emergency Orbiter 3 Ltd. Evolution Exospace B55 Connected Exospace B55 Connected Chronograph Flyback Flying Flying Fish Football Chronograph for Bentley Flying B For Bentley GMT British Racing Green Limited Edition Frecce Tricolore Frecce Trikolori Ltd. Galactic Galactic 29 Galactic 32 Galactic 32 Caliber 71 Quartz Galactic 36 Galactic 36 Caliber 37 Galactic 36 Caliber 37 Automatic Galactic 41 Galactic 41 (Steel) Caliber 49 Automatic Galactic 41 Caliber 49 Automatic Galactic 44 Galactic Unitime SleekT Hercules Intruder J-Class Lady Model Montbrillant Montbrillant 01 Montbrillant 01 Automatic Chronograph Navitimer Navitimer 01 Navitimer 01 (46mm) Navitimer 01 (46mm) Automatic Chronograph Navitimer 01 46mm Chronograph Navitimer 01 Automatic Chronograph Navitimer 1461 Automatic Chronograph Navitimer 1884 Ltd Navitimer 50th Anniversary Ltd. Navitimer 92 Top Gun Ltd. Navitimer Chronomat Navitimer Cosmonaute Navitimer Cosmonaute Chronograph Navitimer GMT Navitimer Ltd. Navitimer Montbrillant Légende Navitimer World Navitimer World Automatic Chronograph New Pluton Old Navitimer Old Navitimer II Perpetuel Sirius Premier Professional Airwolf Red Arrows Schadow Flyback SeaWolf Sextant Shark Sirius Skyracer Spatiograph Sprint SPRINT 2010 Starliner Lady Super Avenger Super Avenger Blacksteel Ltd. Super Avenger II Super Avenger II Automatic Chronograph SuperOcean Superocean 42 Abyss Black Superocean Chronograph SuperOcean Chronograph Heritage Superocean Chronograph II Superocean Chronograph M2000 Superocean Chronograph Steelfish Superocean Deepsea Ltd. SuperOcean Heritage Superocean Heritage 42 Superocean Heritage 46 Superocean Heritage 46 Chronograph Superocean Heritage Chrono Superocean Heritage Chronograph Superocean II Superocean II 36 Superocean II 42 Superocean II 44 Superocean Steelfish Top Time Top Time Chronograph Transocean Transocean 38 Transocean 38 Automatic Transocean Chrono-Matic Transocean Chronograph Transocean Chronograph 1461 Transocean Chronograph 1915 Ltd. Transocean Chronograph 38 Transocean Chronograph Automatic Transocean Chronograph GMT Transocean Chronograph GMT Automatic Transocean Chronograph Unitime Transocean Chronograph Unitime Automatic Transocean Chronograph Unitime Pilot Transocean Day & Date Transocean Day Date Transocean Day Date Caliber 45 Automatic Vintage Windrider Windrider Cockpit Windrider Cockpit Ltd. Windrider Starliner Wings



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Breitling watches

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Breitling Colt Skyracer - X74320E4.BF87.293S.X20S.1BreitlingColt SkyracerX74320E4.BF87.293S.X20S.1NEW£ 1,410 Breitling Avenger Blackbird - V1731010.BD12.100W.M20BASA.1BreitlingAvenger BlackbirdV1731010.BD12.100W.M20BASA.1NEW£ 3,010
by 01.12. 
Breitling Avenger Blackbird 44 - V1731110.BD74.109W.M20BASA.1BreitlingAvenger Blackbird 44V1731110.BD74.109W.M20BASA.1NEW£ 2,970
Breitling Superocean II 42 - A17365C9.BD67.161ABreitlingSuperocean II 42A17365C9.BD67.161ANEW£ 2,440
£ 3,125
Breitling Super Avenger II - A1337111.BC28.168ABreitlingSuper Avenger IIA1337111.BC28.168ANEW£ 3,530
£ 4,290
Breitling Transocean Day & Date - A4531012.G751.438X.A20D.1BreitlingTransocean Day & DateA4531012.G751.438X.A20D.1NEW£ 3,290 Breitling Colt Chronograph - A7338811.BD43.173ABreitlingColt ChronographA7338811.BD43.173ANEW£ 2,300
£ 2,910
Breitling Colt - A7438811.BD45.435X.A20BA.1BreitlingColtA7438811.BD45.435X.A20BA.1NEW£ 1,620 Breitling Super Avenger II - A1337111.BC29.168ABreitlingSuper Avenger IIA1337111.BC29.168ANEW£ 3,520
£ 4,290
Breitling Superocean II 42 - A17365C9.BD67.150S.A18S.1BreitlingSuperocean II 42A17365C9.BD67.150S.A18S.1NEW£ 2,260 Breitling Chronomat 44 Blacksteel - MB0111C3.BE35.253SBreitlingChronomat 44 BlacksteelMB0111C3.BE35.253SNEW£ 6,300 Breitling Navitimer World - A2432212.B726.760P.A20BA.1BreitlingNavitimer WorldA2432212.B726.760P.A20BA.1NEW£ 4,350 Breitling Colt - A7438811.BD45.173ABreitlingColtA7438811.BD45.173ANEW£ 1,970
£ 2,380
by 01.12. 
Breitling Avenger II - A1338111.BC33.170ABreitlingAvenger IIA1338111.BC33.170ANEW£ 3,690
£ 4,565
Breitling Colt - A7438811.BD45.438X.A20D.1BreitlingColtA7438811.BD45.438X.A20D.1NEW£ 1,860 Breitling Navitimer 01 - AB012721.C889.746P.A20BA.1BreitlingNavitimer 01AB012721.C889.746P.A20BA.1NEW£ 5,400 Breitling Navitimer World - A2432212.C651.453ABreitlingNavitimer WorldA2432212.C651.453ANEW£ 4,960 Breitling Aerospace Evo - E7936310.F562.152EBreitlingAerospace EvoE7936310.F562.152ENEW£ 2,780
£ 3,150
Breitling Avenger II GMT - A3239011.G778.170ABreitlingAvenger II GMTA3239011.G778.170ANEW£ 2,740
£ 3,230
Breitling Navitimer World - A2432212.G571.453ABreitlingNavitimer WorldA2432212.G571.453ANEW£ 4,960
£ 5,720
Breitling Colt Lady - A7738811.BD46.175ABreitlingColt LadyA7738811.BD46.175ANEW£ 1,800 Breitling Avenger II GMT - A3239011.BC34.170ABreitlingAvenger II GMTA3239011.BC34.170ANEW£ 2,620
£ 3,230
Breitling Colt 36 Quartz - A7438911.C913.194XBreitlingColt 36 QuartzA7438911.C913.194XNEW£ 1,800 Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime - AB0510U4.BB62.441X.A20BA.1BreitlingTransocean Chronograph UnitimeAB0510U4.BB62.441X.A20BA.1NEW£ 7,040
£ 8,660
Breitling Galactic 32 - A71356L2.A708.367ABreitlingGalactic 32A71356L2.A708.367ANEW£ 3,200
£ 4,240
Breitling Chronomat - AB011012.G684.375ABreitlingChronomatAB011012.G684.375ANEW£ 5,830
£ 6,760
Breitling Colt 44 - A7438811.C907.158S.A20S.1BreitlingColt 44A7438811.C907.158S.A20S.1NEW£ 1,550 Breitling Avenger II Seawolf - A1733110.I519.152S.A20SS.1BreitlingAvenger II SeawolfA1733110.I519.152S.A20SS.1NEW£ 2,300
by 01.12. 
Breitling B-1 - A78362BreitlingB-1A78362AAA£ 1,996
£ 2,330
by 01.12. 
Breitling Bentley Flying B - A28362BreitlingBentley Flying BA28362AAA£ 3,960
Breitling Chronospace Ltd. - M23360BreitlingChronospace Ltd.M23360AAA£ 4,410 Breitling Bentley B05 Unitime Automatic Chronograph - AB0521U4.BC65.478XBreitlingBentley B05 Unitime Automatic ChronographAB0521U4.BC65.478XNEW£ 8,510 Breitling Bentley B05 Unitime Automatic Chronograph - AB0521U4.BC65.441XBreitlingBentley B05 Unitime Automatic ChronographAB0521U4.BC65.441XNEW£ 8,490
by 01.12. 
Breitling SuperOcean 42 Ltd. - A1736467.C868.161ABreitlingSuperOcean 42 Ltd.A1736467.C868.161ANEW£ 4,226
£ 4,440
Breitling Transocean Day Date Caliber 45 Automatic - R4531012.G752.737PBreitlingTransocean Day Date Caliber 45 AutomaticR4531012.G752.737PNEW£ 11,480
by 01.12. 
Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime - RB0510U4.BB63.441X.R20BA.1BreitlingTransocean Chronograph UnitimeRB0510U4.BB63.441X.R20BA.1NEW£ 15,480
£ 23,170
Breitling Transocean Day Date Caliber 45 Automatic - R4531012.BB70.743PBreitlingTransocean Day Date Caliber 45 AutomaticR4531012.BB70.743PNEW£ 11,480 Breitling Transocean Day Date - R4531012.G752.743PBreitlingTransocean Day DateR4531012.G752.743PNEW£ 11,370 Breitling Bentley Barnato Racing Chronograph - A2536621.G732.990ABreitlingBentley Barnato Racing ChronographA2536621.G732.990ANEW£ 8,090
by 01.12. 
Breitling Chronomat - 9108BreitlingChronomat9108VINT£ 1,769
£ 2,660
Breitling Bentley B06 Automatic Chronograph - AB061112.G768.990ABreitlingBentley B06 Automatic ChronographAB061112.G768.990ANEW£ 7,830 Breitling Navitimer 01 (46mm) Automatic Chronograph - UB012721.BE18.453ABreitlingNavitimer 01 (46mm) Automatic ChronographUB012721.BE18.453ANEW£ 7,710 Breitling Bentley GMT Automatic Chronograph - A4736212.B919.998ABreitlingBentley GMT Automatic ChronographA4736212.B919.998ANEW£ 7,540 Breitling Bentley GMT Automatic Chronograph - A4736212.Q554.998ABreitlingBentley GMT Automatic ChronographA4736212.Q554.998ANEW£ 7,530 Breitling Bentley B04 GMT Automatic Chronograph - AB043112.BC69.760PBreitlingBentley B04 GMT Automatic ChronographAB043112.BC69.760PNEW£ 7,400
by 01.12. 
Breitling Chrono-Matic Ltd. - A1936003BreitlingChrono-Matic Ltd.A1936003AAA£ 3,779
£ 5,330
Breitling Bentley B04 GMT Automatic Chronograph - AB043112.G774.756PBreitlingBentley B04 GMT Automatic ChronographAB043112.G774.756PNEW£ 7,400 Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime Pilot - RB0510U5.BC39.760PBreitlingTransocean Chronograph Unitime PilotRB0510U5.BC39.760PNEW£ 19,220 Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime Pilot - RB0510V1.C880.746PBreitlingTransocean Chronograph Unitime PilotRB0510V1.C880.746PNEW£ 19,220 Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime - RB0510U4.BB63.441X.R20BA.1BreitlingTransocean Chronograph UnitimeRB0510U4.BB63.441X.R20BA.1NEW£ 19,090 Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime - RB0510U0.A733.756PBreitlingTransocean Chronograph UnitimeRB0510U0.A733.756PNEW£ 19,000 Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime Pilot - RB0510V1.C880.101XBreitlingTransocean Chronograph Unitime PilotRB0510V1.C880.101XNEW£ 18,940 Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime - RB0510U0.A733.443XBreitlingTransocean Chronograph UnitimeRB0510U0.A733.443XNEW£ 18,720 Breitling Galactic 36 - H3733012.A725.412XBreitlingGalactic 36H3733012.A725.412XNEW£ 13,140 Breitling Galactic 36 - H3733012.A725.236XBreitlingGalactic 36H3733012.A725.236XNEW£ 13,140 Breitling Galactic 36 - H3733012.A724.416XBreitlingGalactic 36H3733012.A724.416XNEW£ 12,850 Breitling Galactic 36 - H3733012.A724.217XBreitlingGalactic 36H3733012.A724.217XNEW£ 12,850 Breitling Galactic 36 - H3733012.BA54.213XBreitlingGalactic 36H3733012.BA54.213XNEW£ 12,520 Breitling Galactic 36 - H3733012.G714.216XBreitlingGalactic 36H3733012.G714.216XNEW£ 12,520 Breitling Galactic 36 - H3733012.BA54.414XBreitlingGalactic 36H3733012.BA54.414XNEW£ 12,520 Breitling Galactic 36 - H3733012.C831.215XBreitlingGalactic 36H3733012.C831.215XNEW£ 12,520 Breitling Galactic 36 - H3733012.G714.414XBreitlingGalactic 36H3733012.G714.414XNEW£ 12,520 Breitling Galactic 36 - H3733012.Q584.416XBreitlingGalactic 36H3733012.Q584.416XNEW£ 12,520 Breitling Transocean Day Date - R4531012.G752.739PBreitlingTransocean Day DateR4531012.G752.739PNEW£ 11,370 Breitling Bentley B04 GMT Automatic Chronograph - AB043112.G774.990ABreitlingBentley B04 GMT Automatic ChronographAB043112.G774.990ANEW£ 8,130 Breitling Transocean Day Date Caliber 45 Automatic - R4531012.G752.433XBreitlingTransocean Day Date Caliber 45 AutomaticR4531012.G752.433XNEW£ 11,210 Breitling Transocean Day Date Caliber 45 Automatic - R4531012.BB70.435XBreitlingTransocean Day Date Caliber 45 AutomaticR4531012.BB70.435XNEW£ 11,210 Breitling Transocean Day Date - R4531012.G752.437XBreitlingTransocean Day DateR4531012.G752.437XNEW£ 11,100 Breitling Transocean Day Date - R4531012.G752.435XBreitlingTransocean Day DateR4531012.G752.435XNEW£ 11,100 Breitling Bentley B05 Unitime Automatic Chronograph - AB0521U0.A755.990ABreitlingBentley B05 Unitime Automatic ChronographAB0521U0.A755.990ANEW£ 9,510 Breitling Bentley B05 Unitime Automatic Chronograph - AB0521U4.BC65.990ABreitlingBentley B05 Unitime Automatic ChronographAB0521U4.BC65.990ANEW£ 9,500 Breitling Bentley B05 Unitime Automatic Chronograph - AB0521V1.C918.746PBreitlingBentley B05 Unitime Automatic ChronographAB0521V1.C918.746PNEW£ 9,230


New, used, and vintage

Pilots and watch connoisseurs have relied on the unique aesthetics and robust qualities of Breitling for generations. The models from the brand are characterised by a sporty aesthetic and precise mechanics. Any watch expert will let you know that it is not difficult to find the right watch to suit your tastes and accompany you throughout the years when it comes to Breitling.

Breitling – price & models

The Breitling Superocean, Chronomat, and Navitimer are among some of the most famous watches in history. Breitling has long intertwined with the field of aerospace and aerial sports. The brand has also maintained a close relationship with the underwater world, as has been reflected in many Breitling models, including the Super Héritage.

Explore the world of Breitling online

Are you interested in the exciting history behind the Breitling brand and the thrilling adventures of the Grenchen based company? Then you have come to the right place with CHRONEXT. Our platform will provide you with all information regarding the Breitling brand – be it models & design, price & price lists, or much more. We do not only provide Breitling watches at friendly prices, but we also provide you with extensive expert knowledge about these luxury pieces. Ranging from the Navitimer to the Colt to the Transocean – learn more about the individual models, their intriguing histories, as well as more about the prices of these watches.

New, used, and vintage Breitling watches in the CHRONEXT online shop

Is your dream watch an elegant and precise model from Breitling? At CHRONEXT, both buying tips and brand history are at your disposal. Explore a variety of Breitling watch models in our online shop where you will certainly find the perfect model to suit your tastes and preferences. We offer a vast selection of new Breitling watches as well as used and fine vintage models, ensuring you will quickly and easily find your dream watch with the simple click of a mouse.


Exceptional Service

Providing excellent customer service is one of our top priorities. We deliver your watch fast and with utmost attention to detail. Should you be looking for a specific model which is not in stock, we are happy to source it for you - free of any extra charges. If you would like to sell a watch, our experts will advise you on market developments and the ideal selling price for your timepiece.

Should you have any questions regarding delivery, price or history of a specific model, your personal advisor will be happy to help at any time.
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We always guarantee a safe transaction. When you buy or sell a watch on CHRONEXT, your contract of sale is made directly with us. We take legal responsibility for every transaction and provide the highest data security standards, secure payment methods and fully insured shipment. In order to ensure the authenticity and quality of all watches sold through us, every timepiece is thoroughly checked by our watchmakers before it is ever shipped to our customers.

This is guaranteed through our Certificate which you will receive with the purchase of any watch from CHRONEXT - new or pre-owned.

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Only the best is good enough for our customers. This goes for prices just as well as for service and security. Luxury watches are hardly ever cheap but there are still significant differences in price levels depending on where you shop. Thanks to our vast global network of suppliers and our low fixed costs, we are able to provide competitive prices at all times.

We scan the market daily for the best offers and always keep our prices up to date. Most important however is that our competitive prices will never lead us to compromise security and quality.