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Cartier Tortue

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Cartier Tortue: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Cartier Tortue

The Cartier Tortue product line provides a wide selection of fine men's and ladies' watches and is highly distinguished thanks to its unmistakable style. The Tortue – French for turtle – was inspired by the shell of a tortoise and stands contrast to other watch models from Cartier thanks to the creative design of its case. The classic timepiece complements the wrist and adds the finishing touch to any elegant ensemble.

Cartier Tortue

A Cartier tortoise


As a creative designer and a pioneer in Horology, Louis Cartier designed a watch that was inspired by the shape of a turtle – the 1912 Cartier Tortue. The design of the Cartier Tortue has a high recognition value with a watch case that is slightly oblong and concave shaped.

During a time when the watch industry knew nothing but round timepieces, Cartier broke free of tradition, defined new design standards, and laid down the foundation for a design that would quickly prove itself to be a classic.

The classic timepiece does not only prove itself through means of design, however, as innovative mechanisms and precise horological skills are utilised in the creation of the Cartier Tortue. The significance of the Cartier Tortue increased in 1928 when Cartier then equipped the watches with complications including a minute repeater and a Mono Poussoir chronograph.

The diversity of the Cartier Tortue models

Unconventional yet traditional timepieces

The beautiful thing about the Cartier Tortue is the diversity of the series: for women and men alike, the Tortue is presented in different sizes, colours, and styles. Whether comprised of gold or steel or donned in a completely plain or diamond finish: every Cartier enthusiast can find a Tortue model that will suitably fit their tastes and preferences.

A model that enjoys great popularity is the Cartier Tortue Ref. 2496C – a watch with a strikingly elegant watch face. The timepiece is equipped with a manually wound caliber, an 18-carat gold case, and a silver guilloche dial. The classic timepiece impresses further with sophisticated models that incorporate complications such as the Tortue Perpetual Calendar (Ref. W1580048) and the Tortue Multiple Time Zone (Ref. W1580050). The Cartier Tortue with a striking outsize date and a small seconds is presented in an elegant white gold (Ref. W1556233). A true classic with a twist – the Cartier Tortue is a fine example of watchmaking that simply knows how to convince. With its delicate curves and masterful shape, the Cartier Tortue remains a true classic among watch lovers of the world.