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Patek Philippe watches

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by 2018-02-26  
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 5000
Patek PhilippeCalatrava5000VINT£ 14,070
by 2018-02-26  
Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar - 3940R
Patek PhilippePerpetual Calendar3940RAAA£ 25,907£ 27,230
Patek Philippe Wempe Annual Calendar W125 Ltd. - 5125J-001
Patek PhilippeWempe Annual Calendar W125 Ltd.5125J-001AAA£ 30,470
Patek Philippe Grand Complication Perpetual Calendar - 5139G-001
Patek PhilippeGrand Complication Perpetual Calendar5139G-001AAA£ 40,910
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5712G
Patek PhilippeNautilus5712GNEW£ 33,510
Patek Philippe Gondolo - 5098P-001
Patek PhilippeGondolo5098P-001AAA£ 34,510
Patek Philippe Twenty 4 - 4910/11R-010
Patek PhilippeTwenty 44910/11R-010AAA£ 18,110
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5711/1A-011
Patek PhilippeNautilus5711/1A-011NEW£ 29,880
Patek Philippe Calatrava - -
Patek PhilippeCalatrava-VINT£ 6,400
Patek Philippe Ellipse - 3848
Patek PhilippeEllipse3848VINT£ 5,940
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 2452
Patek PhilippeCalatrava2452VINT£ 9,490
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5711/1R-001
Patek PhilippeNautilus5711/1R-001NEW£ 43,500
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5980/1R
Patek PhilippeNautilus5980/1RNEW£ 68,020
Patek Philippe Gondolo 8 Days - 5200G-010
Patek PhilippeGondolo 8 Days5200G-010AAA£ 30,420
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 570
Patek PhilippeCalatrava570VINT£ 17,710
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 3445J
Patek PhilippeCalatrava3445JVINT£ 12,620
Patek Philippe Aquanaut - 5164A-001
Patek PhilippeAquanaut5164A-001NEW£ 28,600
Patek Philippe Klassik - 3319/7
Patek PhilippeKlassik3319/7VINT£ 3,330
by 2018-02-26  
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 3520D
Patek PhilippeCalatrava3520DAAA£ 11,684£ 13,580
Patek Philippe Annual Calendar - 4936J-001
Patek PhilippeAnnual Calendar4936J-001AAA£ 25,650
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 3802/205
Patek PhilippeCalatrava3802/205VINT£ 12,300
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 5053J-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava5053J-001AAA£ 14,210
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5712R-001
Patek PhilippeNautilus5712R-001NEW£ 41,500
Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator - 5235G
Patek PhilippeAnnual Calendar Regulator5235GNEW£ 39,870
Patek Philippe Aquanaut Jumbo - 5167A-001
Patek PhilippeAquanaut Jumbo5167A-001NEW£ 20,790
by 2018-02-26  
Patek Philippe Ellipse - 3584
Patek PhilippeEllipse3584VINT£ 5,160
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 4897/300G-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava4897/300G-001NEW£ 29,880
Patek Philippe Retrogade Perpetual Calendar - 5496R
Patek PhilippeRetrogade Perpetual Calendar5496RAAA£ 57,210
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5712G
Patek PhilippeNautilus5712GAAA£ 32,330
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5711G
Patek PhilippeNautilus5711GAAA£ 28,610
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5711/1A-010
Patek PhilippeNautilus5711/1A-010NEW£ 33,590
Patek Philippe Ewiger Kalender - 5270G-013
Patek PhilippeEwiger Kalender5270G-013AAA£ 95,350
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5712/1A-001
Patek PhilippeNautilus5712/1A-001NEW£ 35,330
Patek Philippe World Time Dubai Edition Ltd. - 5130P-014
Patek PhilippeWorld Time Dubai Edition Ltd.5130P-014NEW£ 108,530
Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot - 5524G-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava Pilot5524G-001NEW£ 49,770
Patek Philippe Ellipse - 3848
Patek PhilippeEllipse3848AAA£ 4,800
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 96
Patek PhilippeCalatrava96VINT£ 16,240
by 2018-02-26  
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 3590
Patek PhilippeCalatrava3590VINT£ 7,972£ 9,030
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 6000R-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava6000R-001NEW£ 26,240
by 2018-02-26  
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 4820
Patek PhilippeCalatrava4820AAA£ 7,030
by 2018-02-26  
Patek Philippe Ellipse - 3738/100J
Patek PhilippeEllipse3738/100JAAA£ 9,030
by 2018-02-26  
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 3700/1
Patek PhilippeNautilus3700/1VINT£ 68,020
by 2018-02-26  
Patek Philippe Travel Time - 4934G-001
Patek PhilippeTravel Time4934G-001AAA£ 18,070
Patek Philippe Complications Chronograph - 5170P-001
Patek PhilippeComplications Chronograph5170P-001NEW£ 76,110
Patek Philippe Aquanaut - 5168G-001
Patek PhilippeAquanaut5168G-001NEW£ 42,590
Patek Philippe Complications - 5235G-001
Patek PhilippeComplications5235G-001NEW£ 39,870
Patek Philippe Complications Perpetual Calendar - 5940J-001
Patek PhilippeComplications Perpetual Calendar5940J-001NEW£ 62,210
Patek Philippe Complications - 5205G-001
Patek PhilippeComplications5205G-001NEW£ 33,690
Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph - 5980/1AR-001
Patek PhilippeNautilus Chronograph5980/1AR-001NEW£ 58,030
Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar - 5146R-001
Patek PhilippeComplications Annual Calendar5146R-001NEW£ 32,240
Patek Philippe Complications - 5146P-001
Patek PhilippeComplications5146P-001NEW£ 49,950
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 5119J-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava5119J-001NEW£ 15,660
Patek Philippe Twenty 4 - 4910/10A-010
Patek PhilippeTwenty 44910/10A-010NEW£ 9,430
Patek Philippe Twenty 4 - 4910/10A-001
Patek PhilippeTwenty 44910/10A-001NEW£ 9,430
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 4897G-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava4897G-001NEW£ 28,970
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 5119R-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava5119R-001NEW£ 16,980
Patek Philippe Grand Complication Perpetual Calendar Split Seconds Chronograph - 5204R-001
Patek PhilippeGrand Complication Perpetual Calendar Split Seconds Chronograph5204R-001NEW£ 206,170
Patek Philippe Twenty 4 - 4910/10A-011
Patek PhilippeTwenty 44910/10A-011NEW£ 9,260
Patek Philippe Nautilus - 7010R-012
Patek PhilippeNautilus7010R-012NEW£ 24,430
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 5296G-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava5296G-001NEW£ 21,610
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 5227J-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava5227J-001NEW£ 26,060
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 5196R-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava5196R-001NEW£ 17,520
Patek Philippe Calatrava - 7200R-001
Patek PhilippeCalatrava7200R-001NEW£ 22,610
Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar - 5396G-011
Patek PhilippeComplications Annual Calendar5396G-011NEW£ 38,050
Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar - 5146G-001
Patek PhilippeComplications Annual Calendar5146G-001NEW£ 32,240
Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar - 5205G-010
Patek PhilippeComplications Annual Calendar5205G-010NEW£ 34,780
Patek Philippe Gondolo - 5200G-001
Patek PhilippeGondolo5200G-001NEW£ 44,140
Patek Philippe Grand Complication Perpetual Calendar - 5159G-001
Patek PhilippeGrand Complication Perpetual Calendar5159G-001NEW£ 64,660
Patek Philippe Grand Complication Perpetual Calendar - 5140P-013
Patek PhilippeGrand Complication Perpetual Calendar5140P-013NEW£ 82,830
Patek Philippe Ellipse D'OR - 3738/100G-012
Patek PhilippeEllipse D'OR3738/100G-012NEW£ 20,980
Patek Philippe Complications - 7121/1J-001
Patek PhilippeComplications7121/1J-001NEW£ 39,780
Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar - 5960/1A-001
Patek PhilippeComplications Annual Calendar5960/1A-001NEW£ 36,230

Patek Philippe

New, used, and vintage

Patek Philippe watches are impressive works of art that testify to the precise craftsmanship and tradition of Haute Horlogerie. From the Calatrava to the Nautilus – watches from Patek Philippe exemplify the refined art of watchmaking.

The watch brand of the influential and the famous

Watches created by Patek Philippe are coveted for their sleek design and technical sophistication. In 1851, the British Queen Victoria adorned a Patek Philippe pendant watch, showcasing the enthusiasm of royals and influential for the luxurious watch company. Since then, the list of prominent Patek Philippe clientele continues to impress and includes Tsar Nicholas II, Prince Albert of Monaco, Walt Disney, Pablo Picasso, and Paul McCartney, just to name a few.

Patek Philippe and the unrelenting pursuit of perfection

Evidently, the masterpieces by Patek Philippe are characterised by horological perfection. The history of Patek Philippe is beaming with innovation. In 1868, the watch company produced one of the very first wristwatches and patented the Perpetual Calendar mechanism in 1889. In 1902, Patek Philippe patented the double chronograph with a fly-back hand. In 1976, the watch brand revolutionised the watchmaking world with the introduction of the iconic Nautilus. The Nautilus – which was designed by the legendary Gérald Genta – was inspired by the shape of maritime portholes. Today, the model has become a cult object in the world of watches.

Patek Philippe – price list, models, history

Are you thinking about adorning a Patek Philippe watch and would like to know more about the fascinating history of this traditional Swiss brand? Then you've come to the right place with CHRONEXT, where we delve into the moving story behind the world renowned brand. In addition to a luxurious selection of new watches from Patek Philippe, we also offer a wide variety of used and refined vintage models from the brand. Easily discover the prices of Patek Philippe models, including the iconic Nautilus, and find the perfect model to suit your individual tastes and preferences with CHRONEXT.


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