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Nomos watches

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by 30.06. 
Nomos Club Neomatik "Baselworld 2017" - 740NomosClub Neomatik "Baselworld 2017"740NEW£ 1,840
by 30.06. 
Nomos Club Neomatik "Baselworld 2017" - 743NomosClub Neomatik "Baselworld 2017"743NEW£ 1,900
by 30.06. 
Nomos Club "Baselworld 2017" - 777NomosClub "Baselworld 2017"777NEW£ 2,160
Nomos Club - 701NomosClub701NEW£ 790 Nomos Club Campus "Baselworld 2017" - 736NomosClub Campus "Baselworld 2017"736NEW£ 860
by 30.06. 
Nomos Tangente Glasboden - 139NomosTangente Glasboden139NEW£ 1,260
Nomos Zürich Weltzeit Nachtblau - 807NomosZürich Weltzeit Nachtblau807NEW£ 3,350
by 30.06. 
Nomos Tangomat GMT - 635NomosTangomat GMT635NEW£ 2,720
by 30.06. 
Nomos Tangomat Date - 602NomosTangomat Date602NEW£ 2,170
Nomos Orion - 306NomosOrion306NEW£ 1,260 Nomos Zürich - 806NomosZürich806NEW£ 2,180 Nomos Orion - 301NomosOrion301NEW£ 1,180
by 30.06. 
Nomos Ludwig - 201NomosLudwig201NEW£ 1,020
Nomos Ludwig - 243NomosLudwig243NEW£ 950 Nomos Ludwig Neomatik - 282NomosLudwig Neomatik282NEW£ 2,300 Nomos Orion - 326NomosOrion326NEW£ 1,250
by 30.06. 
Nomos Minimatik - 1203NomosMinimatik1203NEW£ 2,090
by 30.06. 
Nomos Metro - 1101NomosMetro1101NEW£ 2,370
Nomos Metro Neomatik Champagner - 1107NomosMetro Neomatik Champagner1107NEW£ 2,510 Nomos Lux Sable - 942NomosLux Sable942NEW£ 9,530 Nomos Orion Neomatik - 392NomosOrion Neomatik392NEW£ 2,050
by 30.06. 
Nomos Tangente Date - 131NomosTangente Date131NEW£ 2,090
by 30.06. 
Nomos Orion rosé - 352NomosOrion rosé352NEW£ 1,260
Nomos Ahoi Atlantic - 552NomosAhoi Atlantic552NEW£ 2,280
by 30.06. 
Nomos Ahoi Atlantic Date - 553NomosAhoi Atlantic Date553NEW£ 2,920
Nomos Ahoi "Baselworld 2017" - 554NomosAhoi "Baselworld 2017"554NEW£ 2,840 Nomos Tangente - 172NomosTangente172NEW£ 1,560
by 30.06. 
Nomos Ahoi Neomatik "Baselworld 2017" - 562NomosAhoi Neomatik "Baselworld 2017"562NEW£ 2,480
by 30.06. 
Nomos Ahoi Neomatic "Baselworld 2017" - 563NomosAhoi Neomatic "Baselworld 2017"563NEW£ 2,480
Nomos Ahoi Neomatik "Baselworld 2017" - 560NomosAhoi Neomatik "Baselworld 2017"560NEW£ 2,420 Nomos Tangente - 101NomosTangente101NEW£ 1,040 Nomos Lambda - 935NomosLambda935NEW£ 11,160 Nomos Tangente 33 Karat - 126NomosTangente 33 Karat126NEW£ 1,170 Nomos Tangente - 130NomosTangente130NEW£ 1,470
by 30.06. 
Nomos Tetra Kleene - 492NomosTetra Kleene492NEW£ 1,680
by 30.06. 
Nomos Tetra Goldelse - 491NomosTetra Goldelse491NEW£ 1,380
Nomos Tetra Neomatik Nachtblau - 422NomosTetra Neomatik Nachtblau422NEW£ 2,510
by 30.06. 
Nomos Tetra Karat - 472NomosTetra Karat472NEW£ 1,170
by 30.06. 
Nomos Tangente - 123NomosTangente123NEW£ 1,150
Nomos Orion - 331NomosOrion331NEW£ 1,250
by 30.06. 
Nomos Orion - 309NomosOrion309NEW£ 1,260
by 30.06. 
Nomos Orion 33 - 321NomosOrion 33321NEW£ 1,070
by 30.06. 
Nomos Tangomat Ruthenium - 603NomosTangomat Ruthenium603NEW£ 1,780
Nomos Club Date - 731NomosClub Date731NEW£ 1,140
by 30.06. 
Nomos Club - 753NomosClub753NEW£ 1,500
Nomos Lambda - 931NomosLambda931NEW£ 10,870 Nomos Metro Stadtschwarz - 1103NomosMetro Stadtschwarz1103NEW£ 2,020 Nomos Tetra Nachtijall - 490NomosTetra Nachtijall490NEW£ 1,430 Nomos Lux - 921NomosLux921NEW£ 10,910 Nomos Tetra Clärchen - 489NomosTetra Clärchen489NEW£ 1,230 Nomos Tangomat - 604NomosTangomat604NEW£ 2,240 Nomos Metro - 1102NomosMetro1102NEW£ 1,910 Nomos Ludwig - 244NomosLudwig244NEW£ 1,120
by 30.06. 
Nomos Ludwig - 205NomosLudwig205NEW£ 1,180
by 30.06. 
Nomos Tangente - 164NomosTangente164NEW£ 1,320
Nomos Tetra - 406NomosTetra406NEW£ 1,260 Nomos Tangente - 125NomosTangente125NEW£ 1,180 Nomos Orion Anthrazit - 307NomosOrion Anthrazit307NEW£ 1,330 Nomos Tangente - 122NomosTangente122NEW£ 990 Nomos Orion - 381NomosOrion381NEW£ 1,740 Nomos Club - 703NomosClub703NEW£ 1,000
by 30.06. 
Nomos Ludwig - 251NomosLudwig251NEW£ 1,760
Nomos Club - 751NomosClub751NEW£ 1,460
by 30.06. 
Nomos Club Atlantik "Baselworld 2017" - 776NomosClub Atlantik "Baselworld 2017"776NEW£ 2,150
by 30.06. 
Nomos Orion - 383NomosOrion383NEW£ 1,360
Nomos Ludwig - 234NomosLudwig234NEW£ 1,300 Nomos Orion - 385NomosOrion385NEW£ 1,450
by 30.06. 
Nomos Orion - 384NomosOrion384NEW£ 1,410
Nomos Ahoi - 555NomosAhoi555NEW£ 2,000
by 30.06. 
Nomos Orion - 324NomosOrion324NEW£ 1,250
by 30.06. 
Nomos Orion - 322NomosOrion322NEW£ 1,171
£ 1,250
Nomos Metro Neomatik - 1106NomosMetro Neomatik1106NEW£ 2,430


New and used

The various watch designs from Nomos Glashütte are modern, purist, and bursting with character. A minimalist design and a timeless aesthetic are features that you should expect when purchasing a luxury watch from Nomos.

Nomos Glashütte – models & prices

Whether you’re searching for the Nomos Tangente, the Nomos Ahoi, the Nomos Metro, or the Nomos Tangomat – the CHRONEXT online shop presents you with the opportunity to purchase your dream Nomos model from the comfort of your home. We offer you a wide selection of new and used watches from Nomos, as well as refined vintage models from the series, ensuring you discover the perfect watch to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

Berlin design fused with Glashütte watchmaking tradition

The roots of the Nomos brand lie in Glashütte watchmaking tradition. The renowned watchmaking company balances horological expertise with Berlin inspired design principles, resulting in modern timepieces that are characterised by a clear design language and an impressive technological precision.

In-house developed movements

Nomos Glashütte does not only stand out in terms of watch design. The watchmaking company began developing their own movements in 2005, including components such as the Nomos Swing System, which is the balance, balance spring, escape wheel and pallet that powers the mechanical watch, ensuring its accuracy. Complex technical developments in research, development and production have allowed Nomos Glashütte to emancipate themselves from suppliers and declare independence in the world of fine watchmaking.

Influential fans of Nomos watches

Not surprisingly, Nomos Glashütte has fans far beyond lovers of fine watches. In fact, many celebrities and influential individuals appreciate the design and accuracy of Nomos Glashütte watches. Among many others, President Clinton wears a Nomos Tangente Millenium and the German Foreign Minister Frank-Wakter Steinmeier has opted for a classic version of the Tangente.

Explore the world of Nomos online

Are you inspired by the contemporary and functional watches from Nomos Glashütte and are looking to own a model of your own? Then you have come to the right place with CHRONEXT. Learn more about the innovative and unique watchmaking tradition from Nomos Glashütte.


Exceptional Service

Providing excellent customer service is one of our top priorities. We deliver your watch fast and with utmost attention to detail. Should you be looking for a specific model which is not in stock, we are happy to source it for you - free of any extra charges. If you would like to sell a watch, our experts will advise you on market developments and the ideal selling price for your timepiece.

Should you have any questions regarding delivery, price or history of a specific model, your personal advisor will be happy to help at any time.
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Guaranteed Authenticity

We always guarantee a safe transaction. When you buy or sell a watch on CHRONEXT, your contract of sale is made directly with us. We take legal responsibility for every transaction and provide the highest data security standards, secure payment methods and fully insured shipment. In order to ensure the authenticity and quality of all watches sold through us, every timepiece is thoroughly checked by our watchmakers before it is ever shipped to our customers.

This is guaranteed through our Certificate which you will receive with the purchase of any watch from CHRONEXT - new or pre-owned.

Fair Prices

Only the best is good enough for our customers. This goes for prices just as well as for service and security. Luxury watches are hardly ever cheap but there are still significant differences in price levels depending on where you shop. Thanks to our vast global network of suppliers and our low fixed costs, we are able to provide competitive prices at all times.

We scan the market daily for the best offers and always keep our prices up to date. Most important however is that our competitive prices will never lead us to compromise security and quality.