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Spring Deals – don’t miss out on our top 5 offers of the season from Rolex, TAG Heuer, Nomos and more!

Author: - April 27. 2017

In celebration of the spring season, we here at CHRONEXT have gathered five of our favourite watches currently on offer. Precise, robust, luxurious, and exceptionally priced – don’t miss on our Spring deals from Rolex, TAG Heuer, IWC and more. continue reading  


The micro-rotor – History and functionality

Author: - April 26. 2017

The micro-rotor is a particularly elegant component in the movement of a mechanical wristwatch. The small rotor allows the wearer of the watch to take a look at the movement, thanks to the small amount of space it utilises within the watch case. Here, we delve into the history and the functionality of the innovative micro-rotor, as well as list some renowned brands that are known to incorporate this mechanism today. continue reading  


Baselworld 2017 highlights – part II

Author: - April 04. 2017

We’ve already presented you with some of our top highlights from Baselworld 2017 in Part I of our review of the watch and jewellery show. Now we are excited to present you with Part II of our review, where we delve deeper into 2017 novelties from Rolex, Breitling, and Tudor. continue reading  


A look back at Baselworld 2017: Novelty highlights from the 100th watch and jewellery show – Part I

Author: - March 28. 2017

Although Baselworld 2017 is still in full swing, our favourite novelties of the year have already been revealed. Ranging from TAG Heuer to Nomos to Junghans, discover the most influential pieces from this year’s show. continue reading  


Baselworld 2017: Discover the limited edition Omega 1957 Trilogy, including a Railmaster, Speedmaster, and Seamaster which appear exactly as they were 60 years ago

Author: - March 24. 2017

Today marks the second official opening day of Baselworld 2017 and we are happily covering one of the most exciting releases at this year’s watch and jewellery show: the limited edition Omega 1957 Trilogy. This exclusive package contains the Seamaster 300, the Railmaster and the Speedmaster, all of which pay tribute and appear exactly the same as the original models that we introduced to the market in 1957. Read on to discover more about this extremely limited novelty package. continue reading  


Baselworld 2017: Breitling presents the exquisite Navitimer Rattrapante in steel and red gold

Author: - March 23. 2017

Breitling is the inventor of the modern chronograph. The brand has stated: “Here at Breitling, we invented the modern chronograph, and we reinvent it daily”. Indeed, that statement could not stand to be more true with the Baselworld 2017 launched Navitimer Rattrapante. The novelty is available in steel and red gold and is an exquisite timepiece to behold on the wrist. continue reading  


Baselworld 2017: Introducing the highly customisable and innovative TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45

Author: - March 23. 2017

TAG Heuer has released its first Swiss Made Smartwatch which may convince smartwatch critics otherwise. Customisable to an extent that it permits up to 4000 combinations, this new model by TAG Heuer is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially considering it is powered by Intel and also now supported by Android. In addition, the watch allows the possibility for wearers to switch to a mechanical watch thanks to the interchangeable watch head, subsequently creating a bridge between traditional Swiss horology and modern technology. Read ahead as we unravel the fetching details of the TAG Heuer Connection Modular 45. continue reading  


Baselworld 2017: Introducing the 50th anniversary Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref:126600 with red lettering

Author: - March 23. 2017

Following 50 years since the release of the first Sea-Dweller in 1967, Rolex has launched the anniversary edition of the professional diver watch that revolutionised the world of fine timepieces, due to its ability to withstand extreme pressures deep underwater. Already one of the most photographed watches of Basel world 2017 – the new Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller offers a unique look and has some exciting features. continue reading  


Introducing the Baselworld 2017 Heritage Black Bay Chrono: Tudor welcomes its first in-house manufacture movement for the Heritage Black Bay collection with a little help from Breitling

Author: - March 23. 2017

CXT Magazine is currently reporting live from the first official opening day of Baselworld 2017. Today, we have visited our friends over at Tudor in order to have a first-hand glance at the Baselworld 2017 Heritage Black Bay Chrono. The model boasts many firsts for the Heritage Black Bay family, including an in-house manufacture chronograph with a self-winding movement. Indeed, the Heritage Black Bay Chrono fuses the aquatic world with that of racing. Read on to discover more about this exquisite Baselworld 2017 novelty. continue reading  


Updates from Rolex to TAG Heuer – CHRONEXT covers day 1 at Baselworld 2017

Author: - March 22. 2017

The time has finally come: discover the first releases of Baselworld 2017! continue reading  


A first glance at the new Baselworld 2017 TAG Heuer Autavia and other exceptional pieces inspired by the brand’s heritage

Author: - March 22. 2017

CHRONEXT is reporting live from Baselworld 2017. Today, we had the honour of meeting with some exclusive TAG Heuer representatives and had the opportunity to discover more about this year’s novelties. Our favourites include the Autavia Special Edition “Jack Heuer 85th Birthday”, the Carrera Calibre 16 automatic, and much more. continue reading  

Buyer's Guide

Replicas & fakes: How to identify inauthentic luxury watches

Author: - March 16. 2017

It is probably the worst surprise when buying a fine timepiece and realising that it is a replica. Unfortunately, today’s luxury watch market is riddled with fake models, including Frankenstein watches that fuse both real and fake components, which makes it a bit trickier to determine validity. But rest assured – as long as you are purchasing from a trusted seller that guarantees authenticity by skilled watchmakers, such as CHRONEXT, you have nothing to worry about. Below, we provide you with some easy tips that you may want to refer back to, just in case you ever come across a luxury timepiece that you suspect of being a replica. But don’t forget – these guidelines will only help you should you find a poorly composed fake watch. In most cases, you should leave it up to the experts to help you determine the legitimacy of a timepiece. continue reading  

Buyer's Guide

The perfect service for your luxury watch

Author: - March 09. 2017

Inherited from previous generations, it is not uncommon for a luxury watch to be an investment for life. Take a look behind the scenes at CHRONEXT, into our own, certified workshop where we specialise in the service of your luxury watch to preserve the longevity and the value of your jewellery. continue reading  


Baselworld Part III: The five most impressive releases of the last five years

Author: - March 08. 2017

These are the most important releases of the past years continue reading  


The History of Aviation Watches & the top 5 Pilot’s watches at CHRONEXT

Author: - March 02. 2017

Admittedly, aviation watches have a certain charm to them, they are not just portrayed as simple ornaments, rather as instrumental timepieces which were specially designed to meet the demands of pilots whilst also being able to reliably function in adverse conditions. Aviation watches have now been in existence for more than a hundred years. Read ahead to discover more about the history of these watches as well as the intriguing models that were produced as a result of the aviation industry. continue reading  


Spotted: The watches of the stars during the 2017 Oscars

Author: - February 28. 2017

It is that time of year again: The 89th Annual Academy Awards took place on the 26th of February, 2017. The award ceremony is one of the most important events in the field of international film, and attracts countless celebrities to the red carpet each year. A highlight, of course, are the watches worn on the wrists of the stars. Time and again, numerous luxury pieces are spotted on the wrists of glamourous guests. We took a closer look and are excited to present our top 5 discoveries. continue reading  


Baselworld 2017 Update Part II: History & rumoured novelties

Author: - February 23. 2017

Our first Baselworld update of the year brought the forecasted watch trends of 2017 – in combination with the already announced novelties that will be presented to us in March. Today, we bring you the history of one of the most renowned trade fairs in the watch industry together with the introduction of 4 pre-releases. continue reading  


Breitling – A traditional brand in detail

Author: - February 16. 2017

It is without a doubt that Breitling is one of the most renowned luxury watch brands worldwide. The luxury watchmakers can look back on an impressive history that dates back to the 19th century and continues to make a mark in the field of aviation today. Learn more about the unique history of the Swiss watch company and discover the 5 most popular Breitling models at CHRONEXT. continue reading  

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