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From Germany with Love – why you should care about German watches

Author: John Wallis - September 07. 2017

Quality watches are made in Switzerland, right? Well, yes, but that's not the only place. Other parts of the world have made and are continuing to make some of the finest, most prestigious watches on the market – and one of the most important hubs outside the Swiss Jura can be found in Germany. continue reading  

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Cartier – over a century of worldwide success

Author: John Wallis - September 05. 2017

For decades, the name Cartier has been synonymous with style, elegance and quality. The Parisian jeweller has long been one of the most prestigious maisons in Europe, sought by all who desire true luxury and distinction in their timepieces. Today its stellar reputation continues to be earned in every model it makes. continue reading  


Watches for the summer: The most beautiful models where the accent is on colour

Author: Rick Smee - August 28. 2017

As the seasons change, and your winter wardrobe has been put away, the hues of winter have given way to more colourful shades. We know, summer is upon us. This changing of the seasons is reflected in the watch industry, as the preference becomes one of wearing watches where the accent is on colour. Some watch aficionados choose to add to their collection with a summer timepiece, watches with coloured faces or some other colour-intensive detail. continue reading  

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The TAG Heuer Formula 1: All you need to know

Author: John Wallis - August 22. 2017

Since the earliest age of motorsports, there has been a close connection between watches and racing. Few manufactures have been as involved with driving than Heuer – think of the many icons of racing horology it has created: the Monaco, the Carrera, the Silverstone and more. But perhaps the purest expression of the brand's identification with the sport is the Formula 1 series. continue reading  

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The Rolex GMT-Master: Should you choose vintage or modern?

Author: John Wallis - August 09. 2017

Originally built for pilots in partnership with the groundbreaking airline Pan Am (now defunct), the Rolex GMT Master is one of the company's most iconic creations and perhaps the best-known family of travellers' watches in the world. With its instantly recognisable two-tone rotating 24-hour bezel, the watch has been popular throughout its long history, but it has undergone a number of changes that can make all the difference for those hunting for the perfect model. continue reading  

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The Rolex Datejust: Making of an Icon

Author: John Wallis - August 03. 2017

There are watches that are more famous, expensive or glamorous. There are watches that are trendier or more popular for a year or two. But when it comes down to finding the absolute classic, the true icon of haute horlogerie, it's hard to think of a better showcase for Swiss watchmaking than the Rolex Datejust. continue reading  

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Introducing a new 007 timepiece: Discover the limited Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-axial 41 MM Commander's Watch

Author: Agustin Nielsen - August 03. 2017

From Rolex to Omega, James Bond has always had an eye for fine timepieces. This watch is no different, as its versatility allows for it to be worn in all situations – be it a high-speed chase or high-stakes poker game. Here, we review the latest limited edition 007 timepiece from Omega and let you in on why this watch is worth adding to your collection. continue reading  

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Are hand wound watches a good investment?

Author: John Wallis - July 19. 2017

Mechanical movements come in two main flavours: manually wound, and self-winding (or “automatic”). It's not always easy to know which is the right choice for you. While automatic watches may seem to have some obvious advantages, there's a good case to be made that manual watches represent a more authentic, more desirable option. continue reading  

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Brand in focus: Why you should consider buying a Tudor watch

Author: Rick Smee - July 13. 2017

For decades Tudor has stood in the shadow of its big sister, Rolex. With the relaunch of the brand and the release of its Heritage line, the little sister has found itself firmly in the spotlight of the horological world. The rebirth of Tudor Heritage is perhaps best representative of what Tudor does best - incredible, forward-thinking design. Today, Tudor is enjoying a surge in popularity for both its current collection, as well as vintage models. Find out more in our brand special. continue reading  


5 minimalist watches that you should know

Author: Rick Smee - July 05. 2017

If there's one style of timepiece that appeals to watch lovers the world over it is that of the minimalist wristwatch, a watch whose allure is one of extraordinary simplicity. It has become apparent in the last few months, especially following Baselworld 2017, that minimalistic watches are making an impact on the watch market. Here, we have selected the top 5 luxury watches with an understated aesthetic that you should know about. continue reading  


Who is Nomos Glashütte? A watchmaking brand that should be on your radar

Author: Rick Smee - June 29. 2017

The Glashütte Manufacturer, NOMOS can claim a unique and impressive history. Originally founded in 1906 it was re-established in 1990 following the fall of the Berlin wall. The company has succeeded in establishing itself between the old-established Haute Horlogerie in Glashütte in less than two decades, developing manufacturing 'calibers' with new, innovative complications and even achieving a production depth of 95 percent. Read on to find out more about the Nomos models as we get to know this exceptional brand. continue reading  


Do watches follow a dress code? Discover the best watches to wear to the office

Author: Rick Smee - June 22. 2017

Finding the right outfit for the office can be a challenge. Choosing a timepiece that complements both one's personality and the office environment can be even more of a challenge. First, and foremost, when choosing a watch for a work environment, any industry or company's internal practices must be observed. By the same token, one wants to feel comfortable in one's own clothing, whilst saying something about your personality and style. Taking into consideration environment and dress code, discover the best models for the office below. continue reading  


Developments in the watch industry in the coming years

Author: Rick Smee - June 16. 2017

In the Swiss watch industry as well as in the luxury watch industry in general, there is currently a lot of movement to be observed: the reasons include social media, the increasing digitisation of the industry as well as the still delicate topic of Smartwatches. The question of what is going to happen in the near future is speculative at best. In this article, we examine the developments the industry has witnessed in recent years and what we are likely to see in the coming years. continue reading  


What are the five most expensive complications for luxury watches?

Author: Nils Rau - June 02. 2017

The term “complication” in relation to luxury watches simply means any function of a watch that does more than tell the time. For many watch lovers and enthusiasts, complications in luxury watches are the icing on the cake, since they usually fuse every day benefits with the art of watchmaking. Some complications are so exclusive and sophisticated that only a few luxury watch manufacturers are able to develop and build them. Here, we let you in on the five most expensive complications in the world of fine timepieces. continue reading  

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What is the perfect gift for Father’s Day?

Author: Nour Abraham - May 19. 2017

With Father’s Day fast approaching, you may have begun to think about the perfect present to show your dad just how much you appreciate him. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with the perfect guide for Father’s Day gifts. Whether your dad is sporty and adventurous, classy and academic, or contemporary and modern – we’ve compiled the perfect watches that will suit these tastes and preferences! continue reading  

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5 Reasons You Should Consider a GMT Watch

Author: Nour Abraham - May 11. 2017

GMT timepieces are fine mechanical instruments that are vastly popular around the globe. And that’s no wonder considering there are countless arguments that speak for a GMT watch, including but not limited to a classic and timeless aesthetic in addition to an incredibly functional and practical design. Read on to find out more about the top 5 reasons you should consider a GMT watch continue reading  


Spring Deals – don’t miss out on our top 5 offers of the season from Rolex, TAG Heuer, Nomos and more!

Author: CHRONEXT - April 27. 2017

In celebration of the spring season, we here at CHRONEXT have gathered five of our favourite watches currently on offer. Precise, robust, luxurious, and exceptionally priced – don’t miss on our Spring deals from Rolex, TAG Heuer, IWC and more. continue reading  


The micro-rotor – History and functionality

Author: CHRONEXT - April 26. 2017

The micro-rotor is a particularly elegant component in the movement of a mechanical wristwatch. The small rotor allows the wearer of the watch to take a look at the movement, thanks to the small amount of space it utilises within the watch case. Here, we delve into the history and the functionality of the innovative micro-rotor, as well as list some renowned brands that are known to incorporate this mechanism today. continue reading  

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