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Sinn 103 St Sa

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Sinn 103 pilot watch

The German brand Sinn is known for making specialist timepieces suitable for use in areas such as aviation. But their appeal goes far beyond that, touching anyone who appreciates their pioneering use of technology. Sinn 103 pilot chronographs are more than just everyday wristwatches, they're companions you can count on though every adventure.

Pilot's watches made to the highest technical standards.

The Sinn 103: resilience and functionality

The Sinn 103: resilience and functionality

Sinn has a long track record when it comes to making pilot's chronographs. In fact, these were the first types of watches that company founder Helmut Sinn introduced in the 1960s, along with navigation clocks for shipping. Sinn himself was a pilot, with first hand experience of the difficult conditions that exist on board aircraft. At his insistence, the company's new watches had to be anti-magnetic, shockproof and pressure resistant.

Roll on to 2012, and the company actually helped to establish an international technical standard for pilot's watches for the first time in history. Together with the aerospace technology department at Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Sinn presented the “Technical Standard for pilot's watches” (TESTAF). TESTAF defines a number of criteria that analogue watches must meet before they can be be considered a true pilot's watch. Along with several key functions, this includes resistance of the movement to pressure changes and vibrations.

Two models from the Sinn pilot series shone in the tests, becoming the first watches to be TESTAF-certified. These were the 103 Ti UTC TESTAF and the 103 Ti TESTAF. Following on from the TESTAF guidelines, the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) developed the new DIN standard 8330 for pilot's watches. Like the diving watch standard DIN 8306, this should ensure the reliability and functionality of wristwatches for this vital specialist area. In the meantime, the TESTAF certificate remains an invaluable international standard.

Popular models

The pilot watch Sinn 103 collection

The Sinn pilot watch series comprises six different models, each of which is equally impressive in terms of its technical properties and design features. With their sophisticated technology and robust construction, these watches are purpose built to be used on board modern aircraft. This makes them the ideal companion for professional pilots. All six watches are chronographs – that's to say, wristwatches with a stopwatch function, which enables precise short-term measurement. Furthermore, the groundbreaking movements of the 103 range are without exception water-resistant and pressure-resistant up to 20 bar – that's the equivalent of depths of 200 metres. They're also vacuum proof, shockproof and anti-magnetic. In addition, each has a pilot's ring with a minute clicker function, useful during carefully timed manoeuvres.

Groundbreaking and one of a kind

The six exceptional timepieces in the Sinn pilot watch collection range from classic chronographs to robust models with second zone displays. Whether it has a case of stainless steel or titanium, a strap of leather or silicone, the design always embodies professionalism, strength of purpose and love of technology. With a Sinn 103 pilot watch on your wrist, everything suddenly seems possible, be if flying an aeroplane or facing any other of life's challenges. And with these watches, reliability comes in a stylish package. But that's not all. Because each customer has their own unique requirements, you can also have your Sinn 103 pilot's watch specially customised, making it an even better daily companion.

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