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Sinn 104 St Sa I

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The Sinn 104 St Sa I: the classic pilot watch

Sinn Spezialuhren's success story began in 1961, and ever since they've had a big impact on the performance watch market. The Sinn 104 St Sa I pilot watch is a flagship example of this Frankfurt company's work, a chronograph that's equally reliable in the air or at ground level.

Pilot's timepieces like the Sinn 104 St Sa I watch have always had a prominent place in the brand's product portfolio. When it comes to professional aviator models, the most important things are clear legibility and full functionality, even at high altitudes. Therefore, the Sinn 104 St Sa I is vacuum-proof and pressure-resistant up to 20 bar, which corresponds to an altitude of 12,000 metres.

In order to regulate the requirements for pilot's watches, Sinn Spezialuhren promoted the development of the DIN standard. Similar to the 8306 diving watch standard, DIN 8330 has been in force since March 2016. Needless to say, the Sinn 104 St Sa I is certified according to this exacting standard.

Sinn 104 St Sa I

Made for high performance

White on black and without hour numbers, the minimalist dial is designed to be instantly readable. The polished stainless steel case is equipped with a pilot's bezel with minute clicks. Thanks to a special safety system, this is designed to remain firmly in place even in the event that it suffers a heavy impact.

Sinn uses a special, tough sapphire crystal for the cover glass and the underbody. In this way, the the beauties of the inner mechanism are open to view. Measuring 41 mm in diameter and 11.5 mm in height, the Sinn 104 St Sa I also has a date and weekday display.

When you order the Sinn 104 St Sa I, you can take your pick from a large selection of high quality bracelets attuned to different lifestyle requirements. Options include stainless steel, silicone and leather (alligator, calf and horse-hide).

A traditional company from the heart of Germany

Professional aviator Helmut Sinn established the company in 1961. At the beginning, it specialised in developing navigation clocks and chronographs for pilots. Before long, the company achieved such a dominance in these fields that its chronographs were invited to join the 1985 Spacelab space mission, where they still worked reliably in conditions of complete weightlessness.

In 1994, the engineer Lothar Schmidt took over the company and paved the way for numerous innovations. Under his guidance Sinn developed chronographs that were largely resistant to magnetic interference, as well as pioneering the Ar-drying technology for diving watches. The Sinn 104 St Sa I is a characteristic result of all these efforts.

Sinn Spezialuhren is also known for producing emergency watches such as the Sinn EZM 12 for the German police and armed forces special units. To this end, the firm developed new technology that, for example, makes it possible to record stop times more quickly and precisely. Extreme diving, 24-hour racing, crash tests and polar expeditions – these are just some of the activities in which Sinn watches have successfully participated. Last but not least, the American Alan Eustace wore a Sinn timepiece for his record breaking high altitude free fall jump in 2014.

Buying the Sinn 104 St Sa I from CHRONEXT new or pre-owned

For a wide range of Sinn 104 St Sa I price options, check out our well stocked online store. You can count on us for a fair deal as well as the highest quality. No watch leaves our master workshop until it has been fully vetted by our team of experts. As proof of authenticity, each item comes with a CHRONEXT certificate to go with our 24 month guarantee. And once you've placed your order, your watch will be shipped free of charge straight to your door.