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Glashütte Original Pre-Owned Watches


Buy Glashütte Original pre-owned watches at CHRONEXT

Glashütte Original is a brand with a long and distinguished history. This company is one of Germany's most prestigious watchmakers, offering a range of charming heritage models and classic timepieces such as the Senator and Pano series. At CHRONEXT you'll find Glashütte Original pre-owned watches at extremely attractive prices available right now.

Glashüte Original pre-owned watches: superb craftsmanship and great value Since it was privatised after the fall of the Berlin wall in the early 1990s, Glashütte Original has established itself in the upper echelons of the luxury watch market. It's managed this by exercising an impressive level of vertical integration and efficiency, with even its dials made in-house.

Why you should buy used Glashütte Original timepieces

When you purchase one of our pre-owned Glashütte Original watches, you can enjoy all of the company's renowned craftsmanship at surprisingly affordable prices. This is particularly the case when it comes to used Glashütte Original watches for men, with pieces from the Pano and Senator collections regularly appearing in our online store. If you're seeking out an elegant dress watch from a well established German manufacturer, you should certainly consider a Glashütte Original. And if you're looking for good value for money and a watch that will be a sound long term investment, then opting for a Glashütte used model makes especially good sense.

Glashütte Original pre-owned watches at CHRONEXT

CHRONEXT offers a huge range of watches, comprising over 7,000 models from more than 80 renowned brands. If you decide to go for a second hand Glashütte Original, the saving compared to ordering the same model brand new is particularly noteworthy. And you won't lose out in terms of quality either, as every watch that we sell is carefully vetted by our master workshop in Cologne. We ensure the authenticity of all our timepieces and provide a 24 month CHRONEXT guarantee as part of our services.

The most famous models from Glashütte Original

The best known are the Senator, Pano and vintage collections.

Glashütte models in detail

While the Senator series is all about classical elegance, the Pano collection with its asymmetrical dial is the contemporary face of Glashütte Original. Meanwhile the "Sixties" and "Seventies" Vintage models draw on looks from the 1960s and '70s respectively for a welcome touch of retro. Examples of these lines are already available second hand even though some of them have only been recently released.

Pre-owned Glashütte watches for women

Although you'll mostly see men's Glashütte watches on the pre-owned market, there are some excellent options for women available too from the company's Ladies collection, such as the mechanical PanoMatic Luna. Used Glashütte watches for women are also attractively priced. Shop Glashütte Original women's watches at CHRONEXT.

Historical factories united

Timepieces from the watchmaking centre of Glashütte were already highly sought after by 1916, when the term Glashütte Original was first coined as a designation of origin and guarantee of authenticity. After the Second World War, all the different factories in Glashütte were nationalised and merged into one giant firm, the VEB Glashütte watch company. Post reunification, VEB GUB was transferred to a trust company before being sold and privatised four years later. From then on, it would be known as Glashütte Original.

Even 30 years after reunification, numerous vintage Glashütte watches from the GDR era are still on the market. Some of these models have the classic Glashütte Original logo on the dial, while others bear the GUB logo. Models such as this are a good option if you'd like to pick up a Glashüte Original pre-owned watch for a low three digit price.