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Omega Seamaster Vintage Watches

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The breezy charm of Omega Seamaster vintage watches

Making a splash on the world stage since 1948, the Seamaster is one of the most famous diving watches ever. Today's collection includes both modern , so-called tool styles and classic dress watches in a retro design. And if you particularly enjoy that sense of history, you can't do better than to pick up an Omega Seamaster vintage watch. Given that the company has been a market leader for so long, the good news is that there's no shortage of high quality pieces from the archives available. Whether your tastes run to an Omega Seamaster vintage gold or silver watch or one in stainless steel or titanium, you have decades of options from which to choose.

From dress watch to prized tool watch

A classic dress watch for every occasion with a leather strap and tapering Dauphine hands, the original Seamaster from 1948 doesn't bear a great deal of resemble to the design as we know it today. All the same, the fact that it offered water resistance of up to 60 metres made headlines worldwide and ushered in a new era.

A decade later, the company launched the Omega Seamaster Vintage 300. By contrast, this was a high performing utility watch through and through. Thank to its functional diving bezel and a water resistance of up to 300 metres, the model is suitable for professional divers and easy to read even while you're submerged. In 1970 Omega introduced the Seamaster Ploprof. With a water resistance of 60 bar, this made the hearts of the nautical community beat even faster.

With the arrival of the Seamaster Diver Professional onto the market at the beginning of the 1990s, the template for most subsequent Seamaster watches was established. Features such as skeleton hands appeared from 1993 for the first time and helped to shape the look of future models.

Co-axial calibre or quartz movement?

Omega stands for perfection to the highest degree. This is why the Swiss company mainly equips its watches with mechanical movements with a co-axial escapement. Thanks to this exclusive, signature feature, Omega Vintage watches are less sensitive to vibrations and far more robust than many of their rivals on the luxury market.

The Swiss company also uses quartz movements in some Seamaster models. With a diameter of 28 mm, the ladies Omega Seamaster Vintage quartz watch is an example that draws the eye of many female collectors. A quartz movement also ticks away inside the Aqua Terra 150 series, which comes in sizes for both men and women.

When is an Omega Seamaster considered vintage?

There is no official definition, but the year of production is a handy guide. For most watch specialists, all models that are more than 20 years old fall into the vintage category.

Top tips when buying an Omega Seamaster vintage watch

Tip 1: Contact a trustworthy dealer

While online trading has opened up many new avenues for watch collectors, it also entails certain risks. To avoid being sold a fake or replica, it's best to do business with trusted dealers such as CHRONEXT. We are passionate specialists who know and love our craft.

Tip 2: Seek out vintage watches in original condition

If you're interested in buying a vintage watch, go for one that's in original condition instead of one that has been heavily restored. Sparkling, as-new looks are less important than authenticity. The fewer individual parts such as the crown, hands or dial on, say, an Omega Seamaster Vintage chronograph that have been replaced, the more it's likely to retain its value.

Tip 3: Original watch box and paperwork higher the value for the Vintage models

If you have the option, try to buy Omega Seamaster Vintage watch that has its original box, instructions and/or receipt, as these can offer easy proof of the item's authenticity. But that's not to say you should avoid models with missing documents, since these are often lost over the years. As long as you turn to a trustworthy dealer, there's nothing to fear. At CHRONEXT, every watch goes through a meticulous inspection process in our master workshop. We take it upon ourselves to guarantee the authenticity and quality of every Omega Seamaster vintage model that we sell.