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Omega Vintage Watches


The unique features of Vintage Omega watches

Whether athletes, actors or astronauts: Vintage Omega watches adorn many wrists and stand for the highest quality. Many of the Swiss models are contemporary witnesses of significant world events and have a piece of history in them. This is one of the reasons why Vintage Omega watch is so popular with watch enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Anyone who is the proud owner of a Vintage Omega is a supporter of flawless technology and a lover of historical timepieces. In addition to the nostalgic charm that is inherent in a Vintage Omega quartz, vintage watches from Omega also impress with their potential for increasing value. The original Omega vintage watch stands out due to its timeless design and can be extremely valuable depending on the reference. In any case, you are making a smart investment with an Omega vintage watch.

The most sought-after Vintage Omega watch: The Omega Speedmaster Vintage

On July 20, 1969, the Omega Speedmaster made history and flew into space with the Apollo 11 crew. The hunt for such an Omega Speedmaster Vintage is great: References from the year of the moon landing are extremely popular with collectors around the world and are a real rarity on the used market today. Understandably, anyone who owns one of the historical references of all times seldom reproduces it from his collection. Want to enjoy chic and efficiency in any environment? Purchase a Vintage Omega automatic watch.

Vintage Omega watches at CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT, you can get a large selection of limited and rare Vintage Omega watches. Browse through our online shop and discover coveted Vintage Omega models such as the Omega Speedmaster from 1993 at an affordable price – from just 2,290 euros.

What classifies an Omega as Vintage?

In fact, there is no official definition of when a watch is a Vintage Omega. However, watch specialist and founder of Fratello watches, Robert-Jan Broer, is guided by the year of production when classifying a model: For him, every Omega that was manufactured before 1990 is vintage. Watch enthusiasts derive the rule of thumb from this – that a model must be at least 30 years old before it belongs to the vintage category.

3 things to consider when buying a Vintage Omega

1) Trustworthy dealers

Trading luxury watches online offers many opportunities and advantages, but also some risks. To avoid the risk of replicas and fakes, it is best to contact a trustworthy dealer like CHRONEXT. We are watch enthusiasts and experts at the same time and can assist you with our experienced team and our know-how in the trade with luxury watches. You can get a magnificent Vintage Omega gold watch from our shop.

2) Original condition

From fading to patina: collectors especially appreciate Vintage Omega watches in their original condition. As a rule, the immaculate condition of the Omega brand is less critical. Instead, it is crucial whether individual parts such as the dial, crown or pointer have been replaced over the years. If this is the case, the Omega vintage watch will most likely shine in new splendour, but the use of spare parts has significantly reduced its value. Basically, the more original your Omega vintage is, the more valuable it is.

3) Nice to have: watch boxes and manufacturer's papers

Besides, the presence of the watch box and the manufacturer's papers has a positive effect on the value of Omega vintage. If the original documents are available after several decades, this increases the price of the watch. However, it is wrong to say that you should avoid vintage models with missing documents. Often these have been lost over the years or have been disposed of by the first owner. At CHRONEXT, we still guarantee the authenticity and quality of every Vintage Omega watch sold. Our in-house watchmakers carefully test every single model. Our quality standards are above average.

The best deals at CHRONEXT

We offer sales from time to time: To access Vintage Omega for sale, keep up to date with our newsletter or discover trendy Vintage Omega mens watches now. Our impeccable quality and pocket-friendly prices are satisfactory reasons why you should shop with us. Go stylish with a Vintage Omega watch and visit