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Patek Philippe Elipse d'Or: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Patek Philippe Ellipse d’Or

The first Ellipse d´Or (Ref. 3548) was presented in 1968. Thanks to its unconventional shape, bold simplicity, and harmonious dial, the timepiece quickly won over the hearts of watch aficionados and Cartier watch enthusiasts. The current Patek Philippe Ellipse d´Or collection includes two basic men's models. Today, Ladies’ Ellipse d´Or watches can only be found on the second-hand market since they were launched as parts of previous collections that are no longer in production today.

Ellipse d’Or by Patek Philippe

A watch of divine proportions

A watch of divine proportions

The Ellipse d'Or (French for "Golden Ellipse") impresses with a unique design and, as a result, is one of the most highly recognised collections established by Patek Philippe. The distinctive elliptical shape of the watch is based on the Golden Section, which is a ratio that has been studied by mathematicians and artists for at least 2,400 years. The Golden Section is utilised to yield harmonious proportions that are perceived as perfectly balanced by the human eye. In the case of the Ellipse d'Or, the shape of the watch can easily quicken the heartbeat of any watch collector or enthusiast.

Evidently, Patek Philippe gained inspiration for the Ellipse d’Or collection from the Golden Ratio and successfully created a watch with "heavenly proportions” that is undoubtedly a work of art in itself. The unique collection is brought to life with a golden ellipse shape and a dial comprised of striking colours including a deep blue and chocolate brown. A Patek Philippe Ellipse d'Or on the wrist turns heads and simply calls for attention. The exclusive design of the watch is complemented with a manual winding movement. At the heart of every Ellipse d'Or beats a powerful Patek Philippe caliber, demonstrating the Geneva watchmaker's claim to perfection.

Patek Philippe Ellipse d´Or

All models belonging to the Patek Philippe Ellipse d´Or are comprised of a distinctive elliptical shape that is based on the Golden Section. Dating as far back as ancient times, artists have been inspired by the Golden Section and utilised the ratio in order to achieve well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing results in their works. However, the Golden Section is not only practiced in pieces of art. The Golden Section is also applied in mathematics, physics, astrophysics, and biology. It appears everywhere in nature as can be seen in the spiral arrangements of plant leaves and flower structures.

During the Renaissance, the Golden Section was interpreted as the "divine proportion" as it was witnessed in forms of nature and the human body. The human form itself is believed to be based on the Golden Section, as demonstrate by Leonardo da Vinci in "The Vitruvian Man".

Patek Philippe Ellipse d´Or Ref. 3738

Men´s watches in exquisite designs

The current Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse collection is comprised of two exceptional men's watches that are distinguished by individual design, exceptional quality, and innovative technology. The somewhat smaller Ellipse d´Or men´s watch (Ref. 3738) measures 31.1 × 35.6 mm and is available in three different versions. At the heart of each model beats the caliber 24 – an extremely flat and impressive mechanical movement.

The Ellipse d´Or variants offer the lovers of Patek Philippe timepieces a choice between three individual designs. The Reference 3738/1000G-012 is equipped with a classic sunburst dial in a grey-brown, which is complemented with white gold elements and a brown alligator leather bracelet. The Reference 3738/100R-001 is comprised of a blue sunburst dial and is balanced with rose gold indices and a brown leather strap.

The Reference 3738/100J-012 convinces with a deep blue sunburst dial and is paired with gold indices, an 18K gold dial plate, and a matching shiny blue alligator leather strap. Another Ellipse d´Or model that is worth noting is the Reference 3548. The model, which was produced in many different versions, is no longer in production today and not surprisingly, it is in high-demand on the second-hand market today.

The prominent men´s model in platinum

Patek Philippe Ellipse d´ Or Ref. 5738

Of the two current Ellipse d´Or models that are available from Patek Philipe today, the larger is the Reference 5738 with dimensions measuring 34.5 × 39.5 mm. It is a dream watch comprised of platinum that impresses with a sharp sunburst dial in blue gold. Additionally, the luxurious timepiece is complimented with indices in 18K white gold, producing a stylish contrast to the deep blue hue of the dial. A highlighting factor also consists of the shiny blue alligator strap, which is fastened with an Ellipse prong buckle in platinum. The timepiece is powered by the Caliber 240, a self-winding movement that incorporates a smaller rotor and, as a result, allows for a thin dial design.

The Ellipse d´Or is one of the most coveted collections from Patek Philippe. In fact, the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Reference 5738 is the most expensive model of the line.

Delicate and luxurious

Patek Philippe offers an exquisite selection of watches with a harmonious elliptical dial when it comes to its female clientele. Although the watches are not available in the current Patek Philippe collection, earlier watch models continue to entice enthusiasts of the brand worldwide. The second-hand luxury watch market supplies an excellent selection of the Ellipse d’Or collection that are usually accompanied by interesting prices.

Among the most popular Golden Ellipse models for women is the Ellipse Lady Reference 4832, which is comprised of noticeable diamond applications, a light blue dial, and a matching leather strap. The Ellipse Lady Reference 4225 is a classic model that resembles the current Reference 3738 for gentlemen. It is comprised of a blue dial, gold case and indices, and a blue crocodile leather strap.

Patek Philippe watches

Artful companions for every occasion

In the world of watches, it is matter offact that the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse collection is unique from any other watch. Watch aficionados and collectors of luxury timepieces appreciate the immense history and tradition behind an Ellipse d´Or model. The timepiece convinces with a simple aesthetic and a form that references historical art.

Along with its superior craftsmanship, the refined design of the watch compliments nearly any environment and partners perfectly with a sleek suit or an elegant gown. Therefore, the Ellipse d´Or models are the perfect companions for everyday life as they combine an aesthetically pleasing design with technical finesse.

Patek Philippe

Tradition and innovation combined

For over 150 years, Patek Philippe has continuously stood for the undying pursuit of fine watchmaking and innovation. The family owned company owes its high ranks in the watchmaking world not only to the sophisticated designs of its timepieces but to the consistent compliance to the highest quality standards set out by the company itself. Furthermore, the elegant and timeless designs of Patek Philippe watches along with the distinguished exclusivity of the brand has set apart the manufacturers from other players in the watchmaking sector.

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe has been passed on from one generation to the next and has always been lead with a passion for the art of watchmaking. Each Patek Philipp timepiece carries a unique story of its own and remains highly sought after by watch enthusiasts and lovers of exquisite timepieces.