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Rolex Batgirl

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Buy Rolex Batgirl Ref. 126710BLNR from CHRONEXT

After Batman comes Batgirl: With the Rolex GMT-Master 2 Batgirl, the Swiss manufacturer has succeeded in reworking the blue and black GMT Master 2, which is in demand worldwide. The success of the Batgirl is so great that the watch is unavailable from concessionaires or requires years of waiting. At CHRONEXT you can get a Rolex Batgirl at a great price without waiting!

BLNR: Bleu et noir

In 2013, Rolex released a new colour combination for the GMT Master 2 for the first time in decades. The reference number was 116710BLNR, the BLNR stands for the French designation of the new colours: bleu et noir. After several consecutive years of speculation about the discontinuation of the ref. 116710BLNR known as Rolex Batman, the speculations became truth. But instead of discontinuing the blue and black GMT Master 2, Rolex presented its successor at Baselworld 2019: the Rolex Batgirl (Ref. 126710BLNR).

Rolex Batgirl: Continuation of a success story

With the Rolex Batgirl watch, Rolex continues its success story. In doing so, the manufacturer does what it does best: careful evolution instead of storm and stress. The following changes distinguish the Batgirl from its predecessor:

  • Instead of the Oyster strap, Rolex has given the Batgirl the more elegant Jubilée bracelet with all stainless steel GMT Masters now having such a bracelet. This means that the Batgirl has Rolex DNA through and through, because the GMT-Master is the most famous model for the Jubilée bracelet, along with the Datejust.

  • With the new band, the horns of the case have been minimally slimmed down.

  • The Rolex Batgirl is equipped with the latest Rolex caliber generation. While the Batman uses caliber 3185, the Batgirl uses the new caliber 3285. It has a power reserve of 70 hours and a new chrongy escapement that is particularly insensitive to magnetic fields.

  • Whether the colour of the bezel has changed can hardly be said, as Rolex uses different batches and therefore the bezels within a model can also differ to some extent.

Buy the Rolex Batgirl

No waiting list at CHRONEXT

The Rolex Batgirl watch has long been a much sought-after classic. The waiting lists at the concessionaires are full, the market price is now almost double the list price. Experience shows that Rolex prices only go one way. Those who get in early save money. If you want a reasonable Rolex Batgirl price, we offer available watches with short delivery times. Thanks to our two-year CHRONEXT warranty and the possibility to pick up your watch at one of our pickup locations, buying a Batgirl made by Rolex is especially safe and comfortable.

From PanAm to Rolex Batgirl

The Rolex Batgirl is the latest model in a long history associated with professional flying. At the request of the US airline PanAm, Rolex developed a watch in the early 1950s that enabled pilots to keep track of multiple time zones when jetting across the globe. The GMT Master has been a huge success since its introduction in 1954. After the first models with black, brownish and blue-red bezels were available, the Rolex Coke was added in 1982.

The Rolex GMT-Master 2 Batgirl and its predecessor, the Batman, are the latest colour variation in the GMT-Master family. Nevertheless, the GMT-Master is more up-to-date today than ever. Whether you travel for business or pleasure: With a GMT watch you keep an eye on your home anywhere in the world.