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Rolex Deepsea

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Rolex Deepsea – Revolutionary diving watch

The focused research conducted by Rolex in the field of professional diving watches culminates in the revolutionary Deepsea. Impressively robust and waterproof up to 3,900 metres, the Rolex Deepsea fascinates deep-sea explorers, divers, and diving enthusiasts worldwide as it stays reliable under extreme circumstances.

Rolex Deepsea

A top-class diving watch


Massive, robust, and resistant: the Rolex Deepsea is a professional diving watch that easily stands up to any competition. Just like its sister model, the Rolex Sea-Dweller, this watch offers unrivalled functionality for long dives and impresses with extraordinary water-resistance to a depth of 3,900 metres.

The watch face makes the connection to legendary Rolex diving watches evident: right next to the writing “Deepsea”, the name “Sea-Dweller” is written. The large-format Deepsea impresses with its outstanding robustness as well as its solid 44-millimetre case. The Rolex Deepsea can withstand the depths of the ocean and can easily adapt to ascending changes in pressure, thanks to the helium escape valve that was patented in 1967. The innovative mechanism is popular with both professional divers and admirers of intricate watch technologies. The outstanding design of the timepiece, however, calls out to all watch lovers alike.

The Rolex Deepsea helium escape valve

Ideal for professional divers

The Rolex Deepsea (Ref. 116660) was presented in 2008 as the biggest steel-sports-watch by Rolex. It is equipped with a series of ingenious technical features that highlight the first-class quality of the robust wristwatch. The helium escape valve was patented by Rolex as early as 1967, and ensures a safe decompression phase for all divers. Following deep saturation dives, divers must proceed to a decompression chamber where they breathe a gas mixture of oxygen, hydrogen, and helium. During this process, tiny molecules of helium can penetrate the wristwatch. When the helium cannot escape the waterproof case quickly enough, a difference in pressure is created. The ingenious helium escape valve by Rolex ensures that the sapphire crystal does not burst. When the pressure ratio between the inside of the watch and its environment amounts to more than three bars, the valve opens automatically and helium can escape while ensuring that the waterproof function of the watch is not affected.

Rolex Deepsea

Power and performance for the perfect diving experience

The Rolex Deepsea is resistant to water and pressure. These traits can be attributed to the Ringlock System, which is a patented case architecture.

Thanks to the Ringlock System, the wristwatch can withstand pressure at a depth of 3,900 metres, equivalent to the weight of three tonnes. The steel central ring, the 5-millimetre domed sapphire crystal, and the grade 5 titanium case back, are the central elements of the Ringlock System. The ring made of nitrogen-alloyed steel is the heart of the watch. Water pressure compresses the three elements of the Ringlock System together and further reinforces the seal of the case. Guaranteeing a uniquely comfortable fit for divers, the Rolex Deepsea is attached to a special bracelet. Uncharted comfort wearability is provided thanks to the reliable

Guaranteeing a uniquely comfortable fit for divers, the Rolex Deepsea is attached to a special bracelet. Uncharted comfort wearability is provided thanks to the reliable Glidelock fine adjustment system. This system allows for easy bracelet length adjustment - thus, the watch can be worn over a diving suit. The strap is adjustable in 2-millimetre increments and guarantees an unparalleled diving experience.

Rolex Deepsea D-Blue

The 1960’s mission experiences a revival


Presented in 2014, the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue (Ref. 116660) honours James Cameron and his historic solo dive to the deepest and most mysterious place on earth: the Mariana Trench.

Aboard the Deepsea Challenger submersible in 2012, and accompanied by the experimental Rolex Deepsea Challenge, the second dive to the Mariana Trench, and the first solo dive to the Challenger Deep - the deepest known point of the Trench at the extreme depth of 10,994 metres - was a great success. The Rolex Deepsea Challenge was attached to the gripper of the deep-sea submersible during the entire expedition. The timepiece worked perfectly under the most extreme of pressure, testifying to the mastery of Rolex in the field of diving watches.

In 2014, the captivating film about the expedition of James Cameron was released. The film titled, “Deepsea Challenge 3D”, presented the intriguing and diverse world of the deep sea to its audience. Achieving the impossible - the deep sea expedition is a perfect example of the Rolex philosophy.

Rolex Deepsea D-Blue

Honouring the adventure of James Cameron

Launched in 2014, the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue (Ref. 116660) is equipped with the same sophisticated features as its predecessor, the Rolex Deepsea (Ref. 116660). Nonetheless, the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue (Ref. 116660) delights with a new design and fascinates with a two-toned watch face. With a diameter of 44 millimetres and a thickness of 17.7 millimetres, this men’s watch can be classified as a true giant. However, compared to the experimental Rolex Deepsea Challenge with a diameter of 51.4 millimetres, a thickness of 28.5 millimetres, and a water-resistance of up to 3,900 metres, the Deepsea D-Blue seems small and practical. Highlighting factors of the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue include its outstanding size and beautiful design.The subtle, two-toned colour gradient of the watch face is a complimenting feature. A brilliant blue fades slowly into a mysterious deep black: this aesthetic colour gradient symbolises the light that slowly slipped away during James Cameron’s journey to the deepest part of the world. The watch dial offers a beautiful interaction between the delicate colour gradient and the refreshing green “Deepsea” signature. The blue glow of the Chromalight display ensures exceptional visibility. Chromalight is visible twice as long as conventional luminescent materials and guarantees excellent readability in the dark.

Rolex Deepsea

Inventiveness and boldness are displayed through all Rolex diving watches. The destination of these watches aims relentlessly at a fascinating yet terrifying location: the dark depths of the ocean. The Rolex-Deepsea (Ref. 116660) is a top-class professional diving watch with its exhilarating waterproofness of up to 3,900 metres. The spectacular men’s watch is the result of diligent innovation in combination with unique design and telling historic success. Parallel to the Rolex-Deepsea, the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue (Ref. 116660 D-Blue) is a source of inspiration for seemingly unattainable dreams. It is a continuous reminder of the adventurous journey carried out by James Cameron. The price for a Deepsea (Ref. 116660, Ref. 116660 D-Blue) lies above the price of the Rolex Sea-Dweller, but the robustness and power of this diving watch justify the investment.

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