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Rolex Submariner Pre-Owned Watches

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The best deal? Buy Rolex Submariner on the pre-owned market!

Looking for the best watch deal? Consider buying a Rolex Submariner pre-owned watch. A traditional diving watch, the Submariner has been on the market since 1954 and is probably the most famous luxury watch in the world. If you look at the price development over recent years, the value of this legendary Rolex is steadily increasing. Unlike many other brands, the value of Rolex watches remains stable. That’s why even a used Rolex Submariner promises to be a lucrative investment opportunity.

CHRONEXT tip: If you wish to buy a used model, we recommend that you wait for the right moment to make your purchase. Supply and demand determine the Submariner price. It is worth being patient and studying the watch market in order to secure the most attractive deal. Our experts will be happy to advise you. Rolex watches always have the potential to increase in value, and it is almost an unwritten law that you will benefit from price stability.

CHRONEXT price index: The development of the Rolex Submariner

The Rolex effect: the Geneva-based manufacturer is one of the most respected and prestigious in the world. The Rolex seal of quality is held in such high esteem that the price of individual models rises every year, contrary to the regular laws of economics. A Rolex Submariner watch is one of the few that practically guarantees an attractive return on investment. See for yourself as we look back on the price development of leading reference 16610:

Reference 16610 (Pre-owned and new)

In 2015 you would have paid between £4,010 and £5,795 for a pre-owned reference 16610 with CHRONEXT. Three years later, the price increased by around £890 so that a used Rolex Submariner Ref. 16610 2018 cost between £4,900 and £6,240. This shows that the second-hand market is subject to some fluctuation. Just a few years ago, demand was so great that the Rolex Submariner pre-owned price was in the region of £8,870.

From Hulk to Smurf: The Submariner's most coveted references

Reference 114060 (Pre-owned and new)

The Rolex Submariner No Date is one of the classic models in the Submariner range. The bezel and dial are in noble black, while the bracelet and case are made of robust Oystersteel. For a used Rolex Submariner No Date you might pay upwards of £,8,025 depending on the condition.

Reference 116610LN (Pre-owned and new)

The Rolex Submariner Date is particularly popular, and another of the series’ classics. In addition to the black dial and black bezel, the model is enhanced by a sporty Oyster bracelet made of Oystersteel. For a model with this reference number, you can expect the Rolex Submariner Date pre-owned price to range from £8,025 to £8,915.

Reference 116610LV (Pre-owned and new)

This unique reference is famous around the world and is affectionately known as the "Hulk" thanks to its green bezel and dial. The watch is one of the most coveted Submariner models and therefore one of the most expensive. For this variant, you can expect to pay up to £13,340. At CHRONEXT, the Rolex Submariner pre-owned price is around £13,180 for this edition.

Reference 116613LB (Pre-owned and new)

This reference refers to a Rolesor model, i.e. a bi-coloured watch. The bracelet is made of a stylish combination of stainless steel and yellow gold, while the dial and bezel shine in navy blue with golden highlights. You can get these Submariner watches from CHRONEXT for the attractive pre-owned price around £8,735.

Reference 16613 and 116613LN (Pre-owned and new)

These references are also Rolesor models. In these variants, the dial gleams in noble black, while the bracelet is made of high-quality stainless steel and yellow gold. You could pay up to £12,500 for this watch. At CHRONEXT you can get the Rolex Submariner used from as little as £8,425.

Reference 116619LB (Pre-owned and new)

This Submariner Date is known all over the world by its nickname of “Smurf” thanks to its blue dial. The case and bracelet are made of the finest white gold, which brings the model into the higher price range. While you might pay other Rolex dealers up to £31,195 you can get a Rolex Submariner Date used from CHRONEXT for the unbeatable price of £27,720

In demand, hunted: Rolex Submariner models from James Bond films

The watches from the James Bond series are particularly in demand as collector's items across the luxury watch market. Check our online shop – occasionally highly desirable used Rolex Submariner watches arrive. Sold out too quickly? If you are interested in these or other Rolex Sub mariner pre-owned watches, please subscribe to our newsletter. You will then be among the first to know when new products or popular classics are available.