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Swiss Watches


Swiss watches: luxury and craftsmanship

If there's one country that's instantly associated with high quality wristwatches, it's Switzerland. The label "Swiss Made" is a synonym for luxury and craftsmanship all around the world. This enviable status is due above all to the history of Swiss watch brands – in many cases dating back centuries – along with the superior workmanship and sound investment potential that Swiss watches represent. CHRONEXT offers a glittering selection of Swiss watches at attractive prices, available for immediate purchase.

Swiss watches for men and women at CHRONEXT

The best known Swiss watches companies are Rolex, Omega and Breitling. But behind those big names are an almost uncountable number of other Swiss firms. Thanks to this breadth of talent, there are fantastic Swiss watches for women and men in every price range and to suit every taste.

Buying Swiss watches from CHRONEXT has many advantages: The instant availability of models and the option of buying pre-owned Swiss watches – these are just two of the factors that make our offer particularly attractive. In addition, every pre-owned watch is thoroughly inspected in our specialist master workshop, and every sale comes with a cast iron 24 month CHRONEXT guarantee.

Swiss watches: 500 years of tradition

Switzerland has been known all over the world for its mechanical timepieces since the 15th century. When the reformer Johannes Calvin banned the wearing of jewellery in the 16th century, Swiss goldsmiths were forced to look for a new field of activity. They decided to use their skills to turn the primitive timepieces of that era into beautiful works of art. Already by the end of the 15th century, the old Swiss Confederation's reputation in this exciting new industry was so great that numerous watchmakers settled in Switzerland and founded factories.

The variety of Swiss watches

These days there's a wide range of Swiss watches for men and women designed for different settings and activities. These include:

Classic dress watches in precious metal, for example the Patek Philippe Calatrava or the Cartier Tank.

Contemporary sports watches, such as the Rolex Submariner or the Breitling Colt.

Heritage watches that draw upon vintage styles of previous decades such as the Tudor Black Bay or the Breitling Navitimer 8.

Small independent manufacturers such as Laurent Ferrier, F.P. Journe or Cvstos Entry level Swiss watches.

Of course, Switzerland isn't all about luxury watches. There are also a great many inexpensive Swiss watch brands that offer an excellent starting point for potential customers, for example: Oris, Longines, Maurice Lacroix and Tissot.

And there are many other brands that provide Swiss watches for women and men at three digit prices, while being in no way inferior to the big luxury brands in terms of history and longevity. These models are available from CHRONEXT at affordable prices.

When are Swiss watches "Swiss Made"?

Not all Swiss watch brands are allowed to use the label "Swiss Made". In order for the designation to apply, strict legal requirements must be met: the movement must come from Switzerland, it must be set into its housing and switched on in Switzerland, and the final inspection must be carried out in Switzerland too. And in order for a watch's movement to count as “Swiss Made”, 60 percent (before February 1, 2017: 50 percent) of the individual parts must come from Switzerland. It also has to be assembled and checked within the country.