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Breitling Aerospace

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Breitling Aerospace

The Breitling Aerospace is equipped with an impressive range of functions specifically designed for use in aviation, that are nevertheless straightforward to use — characteristic signs for a high-end tool watch. The features of this titanium watch include a chronograph, two time zone display, minute repeater, and a calendar, rendering it a true all-rounder and invaluable companion in any imaginable situation.

Breitling Aerospace

Breitling Aerospace
A pioneer in the world of aviation chronographs

Breitling has maintained a close relationship with the world of aviation for decades – a cooperation exemplified by the creation of the legendary aviator watches Chronomat and Navitimer. The company maintained this very tradition when, in 1985, it launched the Aerospace and introduced a modern line of high-precision chronographs equipped with quartz movements.

The model paved the way for a series of professional electronic aviation watches, like the famous Emergency. At its initial presentation, the Breitling Aerospace created a stir with its very modern, almost futuristic design. Its titanium case - both lightweight and extremely durable - ensured that it quickly became one of the stars among professional Breitling watches. The Aerospace became widely famous beyond the world of aviation: watch lovers, aviation enthusiasts and many celebrities, among them Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford, hold this model in high regard.

Today, the Aerospace is part of Breitling’s Professional Collection – deservedly so, as it lives up to the label ‘tool watch’.

Breitling Aerospace

Lightweight, durable, and highly functional

The Breitling Aerospace is more than just a simple timepiece: it goes above and beyond the limitations of any traditional wristwatch. Due to its lightweight and sturdy titanium case, it is impervious to everyday wear-and-tear and can be worn at any time and in any situation. One of its signature features is the hybrid dial: it comprises both the classic clock hands and a digital LCD screen.

Of course the Aerospace also boasts all the classic functions of a typical Breitling chronograph, which can be easily accessed via the single crown: countdown timer (1/100th of a second), two time zones, alarm, minute repeater, and calendar. While the first generations of the Aerospace were already powered by a thermo-compensated quartz movement, the model has been equipped with the unparalleled SuperQuartz movement from 2001 onwards. This type of movement is more than ten times more accurate than regular quartz movements and thus, allows for extraordinary precision.

The Breitling Aerospace fulfils even the highest requirements that one can have of a designated tool watch. As such, it not only stylistically exhibits the down-to-earth character of a professional watch, but has also rightfully earned its place among the ranks of Breitling’s Professional line-up.

Aerospace – a Breitling success story

Originally, the Aerospace model was a part of Breitling’s Navitimer line: It was tailored to the specific needs of pilots and aeronautical missions and, therefore, designed to be a durable and accurate professional tool.

When the first Aerospace (Ref. 80360) was launched in 1985, its cutting-edge, almost futuristic design perfectly reflected the spirit of the time. Throughout the years, this design was updated multiple times. For example, while the dials of the first editions bore the inscription “Navitimer”, this was later replaced with “Aerospace”. In other respects, the first generation of the Aerospace (Ref. E56059 and Ref. E56062) remained largely unchanged for many years, until, in 1996, Breitling launched a new version (Ref. E65062 and Ref. E65362).

From 1999 onward, the Aerospace watches have been certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (C.O.S.C.), thus officially entering the ranks of Breitling’s high-precision chronometers. The Aerospace models released since 2001 (Ref. E75362) are equipped with SuperQuartz movements, which guarantee outstanding accuracy. In 2005, the Aerospace Advantage (Ref. E79362) was released, which now sported the inscription “Chronometre Certifie”, directly referring to the C.O.S.C. certification.

But at their heart, every generation of the Aerospace remains true to the spirit of the very first model. To reflect this, the line was once again called Aerospace (Ref. E79362) in 2007, with the inscription “Chronometre Aerospace” now adorning the dial.

The latest generation

The Breitling Aerospace Evo

2013 saw the release of the line’s latest model: the Aerospace Evo (Ref. E79363). The watch received a slight facelift, now sporting smaller, thinner hands, bolder and more dynamic looking numerals, and a slightly larger case, which now comes up to a solid 43mm, all of which help create an updated, more modern feel.

Just like its predecessors, the Aerospace Evo is a multifunctional electronic chronograph that satisfies the highest demands. Its SuperQuartz movement has been C.O.S.C. certified and attains the highest standards of precision. The Evo’s dial is available in a variety of styles: timeless Volcano Black, classic Mariner Blue, and modern Tungsten Gray. There is a selection of wristbands as well, such as the latest Professional III titanium bracelet, the sturdy rubber straps, or the sportive and elegant leather straps. In addition, the Aerospace Evo comes with the option of an add-on module that can be integrated into any metal bracelet: the “Co-Pilot”. This module offers a range of additional functions, like an extra time zone, a second chronograph, and a flight-time feature and is available in titanium and stainless steel.

No matter which of the many options you choose: every Aerospace Evo is a testament to Breitling’s spirit of innovation and remains a trusty companion under the toughest conditions.