How do I find the perfect watch for me?

by Nils Rau


November 16. 2017 - by Nils Rau

It’s not always easy to find the perfect watch for you. And it is not every day that you have to make a decision on such an expensive investment. With the selection of watch models and styles as diverse as the people who wear them, it pays to think about which watch is right for you before you buy it. Putting time and thought into your purchase can help you save a lot of money, but even greater than that is the joy you will feel once you’ve found the perfect watch for you.

Step One: Stake out the frame

If this is your first time buying a luxury watch, you should start by answering a few basic questions. For starters, it is essential to know your budget - it isn’t very effective if your dream watch is simply unattainable. Once your budget is set, it is important to avoid one of the most common mistakes that novices tend to make: compromise. If possible, do not make any compromises! Too often, watches are bought, not because they are a person’s dream watch, but because they are cheaper and it is simply convenient to not have to save for a few more months. While compromises may create short-term pleasure, they make no sense in the long run.

Once your budget is set, it’s time to get down to business: which watch will it be? If a few models have already made their way to the top of your list, two tips will help you decide. First: is there a certain style you are looking for? Should the watch be about function like a diver’s watch or are you looking for an elegant chronograph? Anyone looking for something for everyday work will find what they are looking for in a fine dress watch, ideally something as simple as possible. The queen of all dress watches is the Patek Philippe Calatrava. Try taking a look at their current collection for inspiration. Anyone who has already mastered their everyday life with a Rolex Submariner, may want to consider their second watch to be something a little simpler, such as a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Date or a Nomos Tangente. With this watch combination, you will have the perfect timepiece for virtually every situation imaginable.

The design often determines the function

The question of finding the perfect style for you is accompanied by another important aspect: function. Not only can your desired style help you decide on the functions, but also vice versa: The desired or required functions can be used to help you narrow down the respective watch style. If you are planning to swim or dive a lot with the watch or you’re simply looking for a robust watch, one that will defy all of the adversities of everyday life with the best readability, a great option would be a waterproof diver’s watch. There may even be personal hobbies that can help you decide on a watch: Anyone who has read the James Bond novels knows that 007 wore a Rolex Explorer. Hobby pilots or aviation enthusiasts may find what they are looking for with the Breitling Navitimer, and for racing enthusiasts the TAG Heuer Monaco could be a great choice.

Of course, there are also in-between models for those looking for something with both robust function and polished style. An example, among other watches, are the so-called Dress-Divers, diver watches with a touch of elegance, such as the Longines Legend Diver or the Blancpain Sport Fifty Fathoms Bathyscape. These watches have the appeal of function and style. A Dress-Diver is robust enough to withstand water (undoubtedly the most dangerous element for watches), while maintaining an elegant appearance.

What is important to you?

Everyone has different priorities. This means that finding the perfect watch requires you to know what matters to you. For many watch enthusiasts it is clear that only watches with a manufactory movement are of interest. I am particularly interested in the fine mechanical craftsmanship, which are often only found in self-produced works. Other enthusiasts may pay close attention to the visual highlights, such as colorful accents. A good example is the GMT hands of the Rolex Explorer II (Ref. 16570). Over time, most watch aficionados develop small but significant priorities that they look for in a watch. If you know your preferences, you’ll know what to look for. If you are still unsure about which features and styles are most important to you, you can start by looking at which watches seem appealing upon first impression, then you can examine why this is the case.


A watch shows the character of it’s wearer

Lastly, it should be noted that a watch can showcase the character of a person. This means that you ideally want to choose a watch that fits to your character and you feel comfortable wearing. If possible, it is important to hold the the watch in your hands so that you are able to examine it in person. For example, a 40 millimeter watch does not always look the same on a wrist as it does in photos. For this reason, a fitting before purchasing a watch is in many cases essential. At CHRONEXT, this is of course an option at one of our VIP lounges or boutiques.

Speaking of character: Individualists may feel more comfortable with a Rolex Yachtmaster over a Datejust. Those with a classic style are likely to find their dream timepiece through watch icons like the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch or an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Ultimately, when it comes to finding your dream watch it is solely up to you: your style, your use and your character.

Nils Rau

by Nils Rau

Nils is a guest author for the CHRONEXT Journal. He currently dedicates most of his free time to wristwatches – be that talking with friends, browsing through blogs and online magazines, or keeping an eye on the timepiece stock exchange. When he is not contributing to the CHRONEXT Journal, he works as a junior lawyer in Northern Germany. His articles focus on brands, trends, as well as the philosophical questions within the world of fine watches.

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