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These are the Top Rolex Models You Should be Investing In

These are the Top Rolex Models You Should be Investing In

Nils Rau

Whether your savings take the form of Bitcoins, gold bars or real estate: Luxury watches are always a clever addition to other forms of investment. You can’t go wrong with Rolex models, which are characterised by a continuous growth in value and unparalleled popularity. When choosing watches, there is a lot to consider in order for you to get the most out of your investment. Learn more about the most promising Rolex models.

Why Investing in Luxury Watches is a Great Idea

Luxury watches have become more and more expensive over the years. Apart from the quartz crisis in the 1970s and 1980s, prices continue to be on the rise. Considering watches for investment purposes, however, is a relatively recent phenomenon. It is partly caused by the historically low interest rates on deposits and savings.

Rolex watches are by far the best option when investing in fine timepieces. Their value has been extremely stable over the years, for which there are several reasons: a history of tradition and excellence, a brand strategy aimed at innovation and the extremely high reputation of Rolex worldwide, both among connoisseurs and beginners.

Of course, some models are more suitable for investment than others: some references – such as the Rolex Daytona – are hardly available at concessionaires, which is why the free market now pays double the list price. In the case of other watches, such as the Explorer II, the potential for an increase in value lies in the fact that it will probably soon be replaced by a successor model.

Rolex Submariner Date ("Hulk"), Ref. 116610LV

The first green Rolex Submariner ("Kermit") was released in 2003 on the 50th anniversary of the original Submariner. In 2010, its successor known as the "Hulk" burst onto the scene. Since then, the watch has been sporting a green bezel and a green dial. The reference 116610LV is difficult to obtain from jewellers. In addition, there are rumours that the green Submariner, which was actually launched as a special model, could be discontinued. Ahead of the previous Baselworld fairs, there were large price jumps due to a fear of discontinuation. If you are considering buying the 116610LV reference, don't wait too long – Baselworld is less than six months away.

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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, Ref. 116500LN

It is no secret that the Rolex Daytona is the perfect model to invest in. It is the only chronograph from Rolex and known for its high value and prestige. Anyone in possession of a Daytona can count themselves lucky: The market value is now easily double the current list price of 11,300 euros. Considering that the Daytona, which was only released in 2016, used to be valued at around 15,000 Euros not too long ago, the increase in value is immense. The reference 116500LN is still the most difficult to obtain watch of the Swiss luxury brand – and its popularity has never been greater.

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Rolex Explorer II, Ref. 216570

The times when the Explorer II was regarded an inexpensive insider tip are a thing of the past. Both the five-digit predecessor reference and the current reference 216570 have become the focus of watch collectors in recent months. It has become difficult to obtain the Explorer II at list price. In addition, the release of a new model in the near future is very likely, as Rolex is gradually equipping the collection with ceramic bezels. The version with a white dial promises a greater increase in value than the black dial model, since black is the much more common dial colour at Rolex.

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Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi & Batman, Ref. 126710BLRO and 116710BLNR

In recent years, the GMT-Master has evolved into one of the top models of the Geneva manufactory. The release of steel watches with a bi-colored bezel plays a significant role in this. The Pepsi-GMT is about as difficult to obtain as the Daytona; the blue and black Batman with an Oyster bracelet was discontinued in 2019 and replaced by the reference 126710BLNR with a Jubilée bracelet. Due to the large demand, the availability of the BLRO is unlikely to improve, whereas it is only a matter of time until there are no more pre-owned models of the discontinued BLNR.

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