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Longines Conquest

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Longines Conquest: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Longines Conquest

The Longines Conquest collection presents a sleek combination of sporty yet elegant timepieces that emphasize the close ties of the company with the world of sports. All versions of the Conquest convince with a timeless design and a practical functionality that are highly valued not only by demanding athletes but the general watch-loving population as well.

A favourite among the Longines collection

Sporty yet elegant – the Longines Conquest

The Conquest collection from Longines can look back on a long history. The first watch under the Longines name was presented in the year 1954. Over time, the company has launched several, quite diverse models under the Conquest name, all of which hold one particular element in common – the characteristic Longines elegance.

The current Longines collection holds three separate Conquest lines: the Longines Conquest, the Longines Conquest Classic, and the Longines Conquest Heritage. All three models from the series offer timeless pieces that seem to perfectly fit any personal style or occasion. While the Longines Conquest Series presents universal watches in a sporty-elegant style, the Longines Conquest Classic pieces are mainly distinguished by their traditional mechanical movement. Furthermore, the Conquest and Conquest classic pieces are classified by an exciting symbiosis of sporty grandeur and a touch of avant-garde design elements.

Unique designs

Watches from the Longines Conquest Classic Collection

More than half a century following the launch of the original Longines Conquest, the company introduced a modern and athletic version of the popular classic. The watch is not a reinterpretation, however, as the two models have very little in common as opposed to their reliable mechanics and exceptional quality.

The watches from the Conquest series pair exceptional performance, precision, and durability with a universal design, making them the perfect timepiece for the everyday. The collection is symbolic with overcoming daily challenges in order to rise to the best version of ones-self. The Conquest line is aimed towards watch lovers who appreciate a fusion of sportiness and elegance. Furthermore, the collection is presented with several different faces including a chronograph, GMT, three-hand, women’s, and men’s watches. An especially ingenious element is the ceramic bezel, which is robust and scratch-resistant.

The classical wristwatch

The models of the Longines Conquest Classic

The watches that comprise the Longines Conquest Classic line feature an elegant aesthetic and are processed in a traditionally conscious manner. Ticking inside the watches are high-class mechanical movements, which set the price range for these timepieces a tad higher. Depending on the preferences or the wrist sizes of clients, Longines offers the Conquest Classic pieces in three different dimensions. For delicate arms, the filigree model is recommended with a case diameter that measures a small 29.5-millimeters. Furthermore, the faces of these watches are optionally available with silver-plated or blackened dials.

The Conquest Classic pieces are also presented with 40-millimeters casings, which are optionally fitted with a mother-of-pearl dial with individually set diamonds and indices that make the masterpiece a true statement on the wrist. Especially luxurious is the variant with a diamond-set bezel, which instantaneously catches eyes and turns heads.

The Longines Conquest Classic Chronograph convinces with a considerable case size of 41-millimeters. Longines offers the Classic Chronograph in three variations, the first of which is comprised of a sleek and sporty stainless steel. Furthermore, the watch is available in an elegant rose gold, or a combination of stainless steel and rose gold materials. On a technical note, the movement of the Conquest Classic Chronograph is specially developed by ETA – a sister company of Longines – and is specially equipped with a characteristic Longines column-wheel – an element that has come to be known of the impressive watch manufacturer.

The anniversary watch from Longines

A 60-year conquest

The traditional company has been enlivening watch enthusiasts around the world since its establishment in 1832. The watches from the Longines Conquest Collection embody the sporty elegance that has come to be known of the company. In 2014, Longines celebrated the 60th anniversary of the conquest series. In order to celebrate, they launched a new edition to the series that was reminiscent of the 1950s.

The Conquest Heritage 1954-2014 convinces with an appealing vintage aesthetic. Depending on the preference of the wearer, the watch is available in stainless steel, gold, or rose gold. The watch is presented with a silvered sunburst dial, which remembers the 1954 Conquest model. The watch is also optionally available with a gold-plated dial. All of the anniversary models are adorned with the brand lettering of the original Conquest and contain a special engraving on the delicate 35-millimeter case back. At the heart of the watch beats an automatic movement that is of course also reminiscent of the original. The models that are comprised of yellow gold are limited to 60 pieces while the stainless steel models have 600 pieces circulating. Truly reflective of its vintage flair, the Conquest Heritage is completed with a classic leather strap.

Kate Winslet & more

Actors and athletes with Longines timepieces

The Longines company logo has been around since 1889. Both the brand name and the Logo of the company have been filed with the United International Bureaux for the Protection of Intellectual Property, ensuring that both are protected internationally.

The Longines Conquest timepieces bear witness to the rich history of the brand. The refined and prestigious models can be suitably adorned in various situations and paired with countless ensembles.

Longines brand ambassadors include the sophisticated Kate Winslet, who enjoys adoring the Longines Conquest Classic around her wrist. Furthermore, on the wrist of the famous Indian actress and former Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, often dons the Longines Conquest Classic as well.