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Admiral Admiral 5 Stars Admiral Automatic Chronograph Admiral GMT Second Time Zone Avigation Avigation Watch Type A-7 Caliber 12,68 Z Chrono Chrono Macau Ltd. Chronograph Classic Column-Wheel Single Push Column-Wheel Single Push-Piece Comet Conquest Conquest Automatic Chronograph Conquest Chronograph Conquest Classic Conquest Classic Automatic Date Conquest Classic Chronograph Conquest Classic Gents Conquest Classic Moonphase Conquest Gents Conquest Gents Automatic Conquest Gents Automatik Conquest Heritage Conquest Heritage Chronograph Damenuhr Dolce Vita DolceVita DolceVita Medium DolceVita Mini DolceVita Quartz Ladies Mid-Size Elegance Elegant Elegant Collection Equestrian Equestrian Collection Equestrian Collection Stirrup Equestrian Pocket Watch Evidenza Evidenza Automatic Chronograph Evidenza Ladies Automatic Evidenza Ladies Mini Flagship Grande Classique Grande Vitesse GrandeVitesse Speed Heritage Heritage 180th Anniversary Watches Heritage 1935 Heritage 1942 Heritage 1951 Heritage 1954 Heritage 1968 Heritage 1973 Heritage Avigation Heritage Avigation Oversize Crown Heritage Avigation Watch Type A-7 Heritage Collection Heritage Collection Chrono Heritage Collection Military 1938 Heritage Collection Military COSD Heritage Column Wheel Heritage Column Wheel Chronograph Heritage Column Wheel Single Push-Piece Chronograph Heritage Diver Heritage Diver 1967 Heritage Legend Diver Heritage Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch Heritage Lindbergh's Atlantic Voyage Watch Heritage Military 1938 Heritage Railroad Heritage Retrograde Heritage Twenty-Four Hours Heritage Weems Second-Setting Hydro Conquest HydroConquest Automatic Chronograph HydroConquest Column Wheel Automatic HydroConquest Column Wheel Gents Large HydroConquest Gents Large La Grande Classique La Grande Classique - PVD La Grande Classique Flagship Heritage La Grande Classique Ladies Legend Diver Les Grandes Classiques Automatic Presence Les Grandes Classiques Flagship Les Grandes Classiques Flagship Automatic Date LINDBERGH Lindbergh's Master Master Automatic Big Date Master Automatic Chronograph Master Automatic GMT Master Collection Master Collection Automatic Daydate Master Collection Chronograph Master Collection Gents Master Collection Gents Large Master Collection Gents XL Master Collection Gents XL GMT Master Collection Gents XL Retrograde Master Collection Ladies Master Collection Pulsometer Chronograph Master Collection Retrograde Master Collection Retrograde Auto Power Reserve Master Collection Retrograde Mondphase Master Complications Master Power Reserve Master Retrograde Midsize Os Lusiados Oversize Présence Prima Luna Saint-Imier Saint-Imier Automatic Chronograph Saint-Imier Chronograph Saint-Imier Collection Saint-Imier Gents Saint-Imier Ladies Saint-Imier Moonphase Spirit Symphonette Taschenuhr Telemeter Chronograph Vatikan Vintage Vintage Oversize Weems Weems Chronograph ltd. Weems Second-Setting World Timer Aviation



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Longines watches

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Longines Master Collection Retrograde - L2.739.4.71.3LonginesMaster Collection RetrogradeL2.739.4.71.3NEW£ 2,250
£ 2,410
Longines Master Collection Gents Large - L2.673.4.78.3LonginesMaster Collection Gents LargeL2.673.4.78.3NEW£ 1,940
£ 2,070
by 30.06. 
Longines Heritage Military 1938 - L2.790.4.53.0LonginesHeritage Military 1938L2.790.4.53.0NEW£ 1,390
£ 1,620
Longines Heritage Legend Diver - L3.674.4.50.9LonginesHeritage Legend DiverL3.674.4.50.9NEW£ 1,450 Longines Conquest Gents Automatik - L2.744.4.56.7LonginesConquest Gents AutomatikL2.744.4.56.7NEW£ 2,180
£ 2,210
Longines Evidenza Ladies Automatic - L2. Ladies AutomaticL2.£ 1,170
£ 1,180
Longines Flagship Heritage - L4.795.4.78.2LonginesFlagship HeritageL4.795.4.78.2NEW£ 970
£ 1,040
Longines Master Collection - L2. CollectionL2.£ 1,550 Longines Grande Classique - L4.512.4.87.6LonginesGrande ClassiqueL4.512.4.87.6NEW£ 890
£ 950
Longines Elegant - L4.309.5.87.7LonginesElegantL4.309.5.87.7NEW£ 1,520 Longines Conquest - L2.£ 3,120 Longines Dolce Vita - L5. VitaL5.£ 2,020
£ 2,130
Longines Dolce Vita - L5.512.4.71.3LonginesDolce VitaL5.512.4.71.3NEW£ 830 Longines Dolce Vita - L5.755.0.71.6LonginesDolce VitaL5.755.0.71.6NEW£ 3,140 Longines Prima Luna - L8. LunaL8.£ 1,800 Longines Prima Luna - L8. LunaL8.£ 2,280 Longines Prima Luna - L8. LunaL8.£ 2,280 Longines Prima Luna - L8. LunaL8.£ 2,030 Longines Prima Luna - L8. LunaL8.£ 3,160 Longines Prima Luna - L8. LunaL8.£ 2,430 Longines Symphonette - L2.306.0.87.6LonginesSymphonetteL2.306.0.87.6NEW£ 2,510 Longines Symphonette - L2.304.0.83.6LonginesSymphonetteL2.304.0.83.6NEW£ 1,680 Longines Symphonette - L2.307.0.83.0LonginesSymphonetteL2.307.0.83.0NEW£ 2,770 Longines Symphonette - L2.305.9.87.0LonginesSymphonetteL2.305.9.87.0NEW£ 2,650 Longines Symphonette - L2.305.8.81.0LonginesSymphonetteL2.305.8.81.0NEW£ 2,070 Longines Symphonette - L2.305.0.71.0LonginesSymphonetteL2.305.0.71.0NEW£ 2,020 Longines Symphonette - L2.307.4.57.0LonginesSymphonetteL2.307.4.57.0NEW£ 1,130 Longines La Grande Classique - L4. Grande ClassiqueL4.£ 2,130 Longines La Grande Classique - L4. Grande ClassiqueL4.£ 2,400 Longines La Grande Classique - L4.708.4.72.6LonginesLa Grande ClassiqueL4.708.4.72.6NEW£ 940 Longines La Grande Classique - L4.515.0.87.6LonginesLa Grande ClassiqueL4.515.0.87.6NEW£ 3,350 Longines La Grande Classique - L4.778.6.11.0LonginesLa Grande ClassiqueL4.778.6.11.0NEW£ 1,830 Longines La Grande Classique - L4.908.2.11.8LonginesLa Grande ClassiqueL4.908.2.11.8NEW£ 1,040 Longines La Grande Classique - L4. Grande ClassiqueL4.£ 1,680 Longines La Grande Classique - L4.691.8.11.0LonginesLa Grande ClassiqueL4.691.8.11.0NEW£ 2,260 Longines La Grande Classique - L4.809.5.11.7LonginesLa Grande ClassiqueL4.809.5.11.7NEW£ 1,320 Longines La Grande Classique - L4. Grande ClassiqueL4.£ 3,780 Longines Présence - L4.ésenceL4.£ 1,440 Longines Les Grandes Classiques Flagship - L4.774.3.27.7LonginesLes Grandes Classiques FlagshipL4.774.3.27.7NEW£ 1,090 Longines Master Complications - L2.673.8.78.3LonginesMaster ComplicationsL2.673.8.78.3NEW£ 5,460 Longines Master Collection Gents XL - L2.773.4.51.6LonginesMaster Collection Gents XLL2.773.4.51.6NEW£ 2,060
£ 2,250
by 30.06. 
Longines Master Collection Gents XL - L2.759.4.78.3LonginesMaster Collection Gents XLL2.759.4.78.3NEW£ 1,800
£ 1,930
by 30.06. 
Longines Master - L2.629.4.78.3LonginesMasterL2.629.4.78.3NEW£ 1,610
£ 1,730
Longines Master Collection Retrograde - L2.738.4.51.6LonginesMaster Collection RetrogradeL2.738.4.51.6NEW£ 2,250
£ 2,410
Longines Master Power Reserve - L2.666.4.78.3LonginesMaster Power ReserveL2.666.4.78.3NEW£ 1,420
by 30.06. 
Longines Master - L2.628.4.78.6LonginesMasterL2.628.4.78.6NEW£ 1,050
Longines Master Collection - L2.628.5.77.7LonginesMaster CollectionL2.628.5.77.7NEW£ 1,940 Longines Master Collection - L2.518.8.77.3LonginesMaster CollectionL2.518.8.77.3NEW£ 3,620 Longines Master Collection - L2. CollectionL2.£ 2,310 Longines Master Collection - L2.893.5.79.7LonginesMaster CollectionL2.893.5.79.7NEW£ 2,160 Longines Conquest Automatic Chronograph - L2.786.5.76.7LonginesConquest Automatic ChronographL2.786.5.76.7NEW£ 2,700 Longines Conquest Automatic Chronograph - L2.786.5.56.7LonginesConquest Automatic ChronographL2.786.5.56.7NEW£ 2,700 Longines Conquest Automatic Chronograph - L2.786.8.76.3LonginesConquest Automatic ChronographL2.786.8.76.3NEW£ 5,850 Longines Conquest Classic - L2. ClassicL2.£ 1,820 Longines Conquest Classic - L2.799.4.56.6LonginesConquest ClassicL2.799.4.56.6NEW£ 1,420 Longines Saint-Imier - L2.766.4.79.6LonginesSaint-ImierL2.766.4.79.6NEW£ 1,140 Longines Saint-Imier Moonphase - L2.764.4.73.0LonginesSaint-Imier MoonphaseL2.764.4.73.0NEW£ 2,350
£ 2,510
Longines Conquest Classic - L2. ClassicL2.£ 2,890 Longines Saint-Imier Moonphase - L2.764.4.53.6LonginesSaint-Imier MoonphaseL2.764.4.53.6NEW£ 2,350 Longines Saint-Imier Automatic Chronograph - L2.753.8.72.3LonginesSaint-Imier Automatic ChronographL2.753.8.72.3NEW£ 5,020 Longines Saint-Imier - L2.752.4.52.6LonginesSaint-ImierL2.752.4.52.6NEW£ 1,740 Longines Saint-Imier - L2.£ 1,290 Longines Saint-Imier - L2.563.8.88.3LonginesSaint-ImierL2.563.8.88.3NEW£ 3,390 Longines Elegant Collection - L4.810.5.11.7LonginesElegant CollectionL4.810.5.11.7NEW£ 1,470 Longines Elegant - L4.309.5.57.7LonginesElegantL4.309.5.57.7NEW£ 1,520 Longines Elegant - L4.309.0.87.6LonginesElegantL4.309.0.87.6NEW£ 2,220
£ 2,380
Longines Saint-Imier - L2.766.5.79.7LonginesSaint-ImierL2.766.5.79.7NEW£ 1,860 Longines Elegant - L4.310.4.11.6LonginesElegantL4.310.4.11.6NEW£ 970
£ 1,095
Longines Saint-Imier - L2.766.8.79.3LonginesSaint-ImierL2.766.8.79.3NEW£ 3,660 Longines Evidenza - L2.642.4.51.4LonginesEvidenzaL2.642.4.51.4NEW£ 1,330 Longines Evidenza - L2.£ 1,890 Longines Equestrian - L6.£ 1,460
£ 2,050


New, used, or vintage

Longines is the oldest registered watch brand in the world, which, not surprisingly, continues to enjoy high popularity among watch lovers. The fine models from the brand feature an elegant design along with reliable precision.

Longines & aviation

Longines is closely connected to the world of aviation, which is not only reflected in the winged hourglass logo of the brand, but also in various other aspects of the traditional company. In cooperation with the aviator Charles Lindbergh, Longines developed the “Hour Angle” in 1932, which allowed pilots to easily determine their longitude position while operating a flight.

Hollywood & sports – prominent Longines brand ambassadors

Watches created by Longines are characterised by their sporty elegance and impressive performance. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Longines models call out to celebrities and influential individuals. Among the prominent brand ambassadors of the company include the two tennis legends Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi. As for the world of film, Kate Winslet and Simon baker are both wearers of Longines watches. The Indian actress and Miss World 1994 winner Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the talented Chinese actress Chi Ling Lin are among the most acclaimed faces of Longines.

Longines - Price & watch models

Whether you are searching for the Longines Hydroconquest, the Longines Master Collection, or the famous models from the Admiral, Evidenza or Dolce Vita collection – the CHRONEXT online shop provides you with the opportunity to purchase Longines watches simply and comfortably from home. We offer you a wide selection of new, used, and vintage models from Longines, ensuring you will find the perfect timepiece to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

Explore the world of Longines online

Are you excited about the unique watches created by Longines? Learn more about the watch company from the Swiss region of Saint-Imier and discover more about the prices of the men’s and ladies’ watches from the brand. And if you are currently searching for the perfect Longines model for your wrist, you have certainly come to the right place at CHRONEXT.


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