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Rolex Day-Date Vintage Watches

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Rolex Day-Date Vintage References with ribbed bezel

Known as the President's watch, it is presented exclusively in 18-carat gold or platinum: the Day-Date is considered one of the most beautiful and also one of the most popular luxury watches of all time. With a Rolex Day-Date vintage watch, you can make a smart deal and save money. What makes the collection so special can be seen in its official name: It is the first watch to feature the day of the week and the date on its dial.

Characteristic for the Day-Date vintage model is the fluted bezel, which was replaced by a cambered bezel in some models from 2001 onwards. The vintage models are especially popular among collectors. At CHRONEXT you will find a wide selection of vintage watches from Rolex. We offer you a comprehensive service and make it possible for you to buy your dream watch easily and conveniently online. Of course, our experts check every watch in our in-house master workshop for authenticity and quality.

Vintage Day-Date References at a glance

Although the Day-Date was actually designed as a men's watch, it adorns just as many female wrists and consequently, the smaller 36mm version is recommended for women. As the watch is one of the brand's classics, it has been re-released in many different editions over the years. Prices vary depending on condition and year of publication. At CHRONEXT you will find a large selection of Rolex Day-Date vintage at fair prices and available for immediate delivery.

Reference 1803

The Rolex Day-Date vintage is available in a variety of styles. One of the most famous models is the Reference 1803, which made its debut in the early 1960s. Typical features of this reference are the yellow gold case and the champagne-coloured dial. The fluted bezel is decorated with Roman numerals.

Reference 18038

The 18038 reference, on the other hand, was launched in 1977 as the fifth generation of the Rolex Day-Date and was equipped with sapphire crystal and Calibre 3055. For collectors who are looking for an unusual object, there are the exclusive models 118238 and 118235. Since the condition of vintage watches can vary greatly, there are always considerable price fluctuations. Especially rare and well-preserved watches in their original condition make for lucrative investments.

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Buy a Rolex Day-Date vintage at CHRONEXT

When you buy a Day-Date vintage from CHRONEXT, you get a piece of important watch history. You will find a huge range of certified vintage watches like the Rolex Day-Date – with the 24-month CHRONEXT warranty and available for immediate delivery!

Thanks to our in-house master workshop, we can guarantee the authenticity and quality of every watch sold. As specialists with many years of experience in the trade of luxury watches, we are happy to answer your questions and advise you when buying a new watch. Even if you want to sell a high-quality model, we are there for you. Simply contact us and we will do the rest.