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Tag Heuer Silverstone

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TAG Heuer Silverstone: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

TAG Heuer Silverstone

A strikingly shaped dial is the Hallmark feature of the TAG Heuer Silverstone. The model is a TAG Heuer classic that repeatedly demonstrates the close connection of the brand to the world of motorsports. Named after the famous racetrack, the Silverstone combines the charm of vintage racecars with premium watch technology

TAG Heuer Silverstone

A distinctive watch classic

A wristwatch with a history: the TAG Heuer Silverstone is a centrepiece among the watches of the renowned manufacturer. The distinctive shape of the model corresponds to the fashion tendencies of the 1970s, which was the time period in which the original Silverstone model was presented. The retro feel of the watch is not so playful however that it comes across as old-fashioned. Quite contrarily, the timepiece is sleek, masculine, and timelessly elegant. Evidently, the famous British Formula One circuit – Silverstone Circuit – inspired the name of the watch model.

The original 1974 Silverstone was heavily inspired by the design of the distinctive TAG Heuer Monaco and was presented in three colours: red, blue, and smoke. The colour “smoke” is comprised of a grey-brown hue and enhanced with a metallic sheen. During the 1970s, the model comprised in the exceptional smoke colour could be described as a rare variant since the popular colour scheme of the time was simple and unobtrusive. The timepiece surprised with technical innovation as well: The original Silverstone was equipped with an automatic chronograph with 1/5th of a second accuracy.

A limited special edition

A reinvention of the cult classic: The TAG Heuer Silverstone

Thanks to the widespread popularity of the 1970s TAG Heuer Formula 1 Silverstone, the timepiece has now discovered cult status. The latest edition of the Silverstone was launched in 2010 and marked the 150th anniversary of the watch. The model was released as a special edition. It is only the watch experts who can easily distinguish the differences of the new model compared to that of the original.

At the heart of the new Silverstone beats the Calibre 11. The crown of the watch sits on the left side of the watch, consistent with the original model from the 1970s. The height of the timepiece differs slightly from the original model and the 12-hour counter chronograph has been omitted from the dial of the watch. The distinctive designs and basic features of the watch have been preserved however and pay tribute to the esteemed original Silverstone. The original Tag Heuer logo was kept and adorns the dial of the watch under the 12-hour marker.

TAG Heuer Silverstone

A treasure for lovers of vintage

The TAG Heuer Silverstone is a widely celebrated special edition watch that is based on the original Silverstone classic from the 1970s. The vintage Silverstone is a coveted collector’s item, which is highly sought-after on the second-hand market.

The new special edition is limited to 1860 pieces per colour. Instead of the original three colours that the Silverstone was comprised of, the revived model is available in two colours: a brown (Ref. CAM 2111) and a blue (Ref. CAM 2110). Today’s TAG Heuer Silverstone stands out with an armband comprised of dyed leather. Round perforations complement the design of the strap and aside from visual appeal; add to the wearing comfort of the watch. The limited number of watches available only intensifies the already exclusive status of the classic men’s watch with a retro charm.