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The winged B logo has always served as a symbol for first-class quality. Generations of pilots have been relying on robust Breitling watches. In water or on land - Breitling is the first choice for admirers of chronometric precision. Founded in 1884, the independent company is one of the most successful brands in the history of the Swiss watch industry.
Breitling: History, Models and Prices. New & Vintage.


Discover the world of the Breitling watches online.

The winged B logo has always served as a symbol for first-class quality. Generations of pilots have been relying on robust Breitling watches. In water or on land - Breitling is the first choice for admirers of chronometric precision. Founded in 1884, the independent company is one of the most successful brands in the history of the Swiss watch industry.

Breitling is one of the few independent but also one of the most successful companies in the Swiss watch industry.The models Chronomat and Navitimer can be counted among the most famous pilot watches in history. The latest Breitling models are COSC-certified, guaranteeing high-quality watch movements. The Breitling Jet Team is the second largest civilian aerobatic display team in Europe.

Watch manufactory with a tradition

Precision and first-class performance since 1884


Robust, precise, and charismatic: Breitling watches pride themselves on their legendary designs and excellent quality. Popular among pilots, top athletes, and the stars of the silver screen - Breitling watches enjoy a high recognition value. The Breitling business logo - the winged B-initial - clearly shows the connection of the watch manufacturer with aviation. Breitling was established soon after the first successful flight in world history: in 1884, Léon Breitling founded his watch workshop in the Swiss Jura Mountains.

Like many of his generation, Léon Breitling was fascinated by racing and speed, and he, therefore, devoted himself to creating the best stopwatch on the market. Since then, Breitling has specialized in the production of high-quality chronographs and has been able to make major contributions to further the development of short-term measurement. In 1923, Breitling presented the first watch with independent chronograph pushers; until then it was common practice to operate a stopwatch through its winding crown. In 1934, with the introduction of a second pusher that could reset the stopwatch to zero, Breitling created the face of the modern Chronograph. Two pushers and a crown - what every watch enthusiasts takes for granted today goes back to the ground-breaking innovation by Breitling.

Chronomat, Navitimer, and Cosmonaute

The sky is not the limit for Breitling

Combining tradition and innovation: as a family-run company, Breitling rose to fame to become one of the most important watch manufacturers worldwide. Under the leadership of the founder’s grandson, Willy Breitling, the manufacturer aimed for the sky. It is no surprise that Breitling’s chronographs have made a name for themselves in aviation. Launched in 1936 was a chronograph that was manufactured for aircraft cockpits and was used by numerous aircraft manufacturers. This chronograph earned Breitling a contract with the Royal Air Force as well as the United States Air Force. The Chronomat presented in 1947, as well as its sophisticated successor, the Navitimer, helped Breitling become firmly established on the wrists of pilots. The circular slide rule has been a main feature of the Navitimer to this.

Launched in 1936 was a chronograph that was manufactured for aircraft cockpits and was used by numerous aircraft manufacturers. This chronograph earned Breitling a contract with the Royal Air Force as well as the United States Air Force. The Chronomat presented in 1947, as well as its sophisticated successor, the Navitimer, helped Breitling become firmly established on the wrists of pilots. The circular slide rule has been a main feature of the Navitimer and helps carry out calculations with the simple rotation of the bezel. Time, speed, distance, and fuel consumption - the Navitimer became an indispensable tool that accompanied generations of pilots.

But the Navitimer did not only attract attention in aviation: in 1962, the special model Cosmonaute accompanied Scott Carpenter, one of the seven astronauts of the legendary Project Mercury, to outer space. Carpenter asked Breitling to develop a special edition of the Navitimer with a 24-hour display for his mission so that he could read the exact time and distinguish between night and day in outer space. The sky was no longer the limit - Breitling was now reaching for the stars.


A watch revolution

Anticipating the client's every need: in the 1960s, the demand for a chronograph with a self-winding mechanism became increasingly clear. Driven by their innovative spirit, Breitling and three other manufacturers initiated the top-secret “Project 99”. The result achieved unprecedented success in 1969: the automatic chronograph movement was presented at the same time in Geneva, New York, Hong Kong, and Beirut and caused a sensation all over the world. The watchmaking creation was named Chronomatic, emphasising the ground-breaking combination of chronograph and automatic movement. The range of the Chronomatic included several calibres: Calibre 11, Calibre 12, Calibre 14, and Calibre 15. Breitling installed the movements in numerous new models: Chronomatic, Co-Pilot Automatic, Chronomat Automatic, and Automatic Navitimer. As a result of this brilliant achievement, Breitling manifested as the master of chronographs.

Price overview

How much does a Breitling watch cost?

Breitling watches are stable in value and worth every penny. The cost of a Breitling is roughly between 2,000 and 8,000 euros. Prices between 2,000 and 3,000 euros are the starting point with classic models such as the Colt or the Navitimer 8. Sometimes, however, Breitling watches can be found at prices of around 1,000 euros. These models are not only an inexpensive start into the world of fine timepieces but also reliable and perfect companions for experienced enthusiasts and collectors at quite fair prices.

Chronographs, Worldtimers or watches with the innovative Breitlight case are usually priced between 3,000 and 6,000 euros. The classic Breitling Navitimer is also in this range, and its cost depends on the respective reference. On the other hand, prices become higher for the exclusive Bentley models or precious metal references.

The costs of vintage Breitling watches, however, are hardly definable: while Colt references from the 1990s or the Aerospace are available at high three-digit or low four-digit prices, coveted vintage models now command high four-digit prices. At the same time, historic Breitling watches such as the Navitimer, the SuperOcean or the Chronomat are still considered insider tips: Since Breitling has only recently begun to focus on re-editions, collectors have not yet turned their attention to the corresponding vintage models. However, due to Breitling's new heritage models since the Kern era, it is foreseeable that the demand for vintage watches from the brand will increase. Rolex and Omega have already impressively demonstrated the prices that sought-after vintage references can achieve.

At CHRONEXT, you can buy not only new watches but also used timepieces and vintage references from Breitling at fair prices. Thanks to our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty, you are always in safe hands.

New headquarters, new watch, new era

Breitling with Ernest Schneider

Not even a giant player in the watch industry such as Breitling could elude the Quartz Crisis: Willy Breitling had to close the company in 1979.

Rescue came only a few years later when skilful engineer and ardent amateur pilot, Ernest Scheider, acquired the trademark rights and moved the company to Grenchen. Under his confident leadership, Breitling achieved fame once again and was able to steer clear of the Quartz Crisis by incorporating the best of both hemispheres in the world of watches. A new Chronomat was presented in 1984, which would soon achieve cult status thanks to its famous rider tabs, bold design, and outstanding functionality.

In 1995, Breitling once again proved its innovative spirit with the Emergency. This new electronic watch was equipped with a dual frequency Personal Locator Beacon, which allowed its wearer to communicate their location via the dual frequency transmitter, if and when the need to do so arose. The decade-long cooperation between Breitling and aviation achieved a new, joint success with the addition of the Emergency.

In the year 2000, Breitling devoted itself to unprecedented precision: all wristwatches produced since then have been awarded the COSC-certificate (, which officially guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the movements. Another long-expected step was followed through in 2009: Breitling’s own chronograph calibre B01 was successfully launched. Today, numerous Breitling models are equipped with manufacture movements, demonstrating the great skill of the manufacturer whose current headquarters have found their way back to La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Today, Breitling is one of the few independent and successful watch manufacturers worldwide. Due to their reliability and functionality, Breitling watches have established an unrivalled fan base around the world.

The Kern era and Breitling's extensive heritage

Kern, who had already been running the brand integration of A. Lange & Söhne, Jaeger-LeCoultre and IWC since 2000, brought a wealth of experience with him when he became CEO of Breitling in 2017. For the Grenchen-based company, which despite its long history, had until then paid little attention to the topic of heritage, the arrival of Georges Kern was a profitable turning point. Since then, heritage lovers have been getting their money's worth. At Baselworld 2018, Breitling presented the Navitimer 8, a heritage watch inspired by vintage pilot's watches. Just one year later, Kern launched the holy grail of heritage models at Baselworld 2019 with the Breitling Navitimer Ref. 806 1959 Limited Edition: the re-edition is based on the original Ref. 806 and is a hand-wound chronograph that is true to the original. It picks up on all the charming details of the model of that time. These include the AOPA logo on the dial, a perfectly measured vintage luminous material and the pearl bezel - which, like the original model, has 94 pearls.

Vintage inspiration, which has been a persistent trend in the watch industry for more than a decade, comes in more than handy for Breitling: The tradition-rich manufacturer has presented numerous exciting timepieces in recent decades. In addition to classic toolwatches such as the Navitimer of the 1950s or the Chronomat of the 1980s, these also include elegant dresswatches that were practically irrelevant before the Kern era. In 2021, for example, the Breitling Premier collection celebrated its comeback. The elegant dress watches enrich the collection, which, true to the motto "Instruments for Professionals, " focuses on uncompromising tool watches such as pilot's watches and diving watches. Nevertheless, the Premier collection shows two things: on the one hand, the Premier models prove that Breitling can produce elegant dress watches. On the other hand, the potential of Breitling's impressive model history becomes clear.

Diving watches from Breitling

From aviation to ocean exploration

Breitling focuses not only on aviation watches but just as much on durable and reliable diving watches. With the dawn of the golden 1950s, the spirit of exploration and pioneering took off: military aviation was replaced by civil aviation, giving rise to timepieces such as the Breitling Navitimer. However, the conquest and exploration of the world's oceans also played an increasingly important role. As a result, Breitling presented the first diving watches in the brand's history by launching two SuperOcean models in 1957: the SuperOcean Ref. 1004 was a three-hand watch, while the SuperOcean Ref. 807 had a chronograph function. These two references offered a water resistance of 200 metres and still impress today with their lightweight design and concave bezel. This is also reflected in the high prices for the now very rare Ref. 1004 and 807. Since the 1950s, the brand has continued to develop its diving watches: in the 1980s - in the middle of the quartz crisis - Breitling presented the SuperOcean Deep Sea (Ref. 81190), a quartz diver with a diving depth of up to 1,000 metres.

Diving Watches and Waterproof Toolwatches

With the SuperOcean and the SuperOcean Heritage, Breitling offers high-quality, proven diving watches that offer uncompromising functionality and readability under water. At the same time, the price for diving watches does not necessarily have to be high, despite the enormous functionality. Breitling itself rightly describes the SuperOcean models as the quintessence of classic diving watches. This is not surprising because the watches are characterised by meticulous compliance with DIN 8306 and ISO 6425, which standardise the requirements for professional diving watches.

In addition, the manufacturer distinguishes itself with highly functional timepieces that have a high degree of water resistance and reliability - without being explicitly considered a diver's watch. This is also demonstrated by the Aeromarine collection, which combines aviation with nautical science. These are watches that cut an excellent figure both in the water and in the air. Models such as the Breitling Colt 41 Automatic or the Breitling Avenger Automatic 43 are water-resistant to 200 or 300 metres, although they do not explicitly belong to the category of diving watches. These are rather considered "multi-purpose watches",, i.e. robust sports watches for various purposes. The Avenger Automatic 45 Seawolf, for example, is a pilot's watch that is also equipped for adventures far below the surface of the sea, thanks to its water-resistance of 300 metres. Numerous Breitling models feature all the characteristics to serve as reliable time instruments during such deep dives.

Breitling watches for women

Toolwatches with a feminine touch

Breitling also offers numerous luxury watches for ladies. Although the manufacturer is known for large diameters, delicate wrists can benefit from all Breitling models: On the one hand, many men's models with diameters of 41 millimetres and more also cut a good figure on feminine wrists: especially in rose gold, supposedly men's watches are an ideal choice for ladies. On the other hand, there are the ladies' watches explicitly produced by Breitling. Those who prefer smaller diameters will hardly be able to get past the impressive selection of ladies' models. The manufacturer offers timepieces for women and slender wrists in almost all collections:

  • Chronomat
  • Navitimer
  • SuperOcean
  • SuperOcean Heritage
  • Professional
  • Premier
  • Galactic
  • Aviator 8

Breitling attaches great importance to sporty elegance and filigree details such as pavé bezels of high-quality diamonds, dials made of precious materials such as mother-of-pearl or bezels with stone trimmings. Models such as the Breitling Chronomat or the Navitimer are not only available in stainless steel or full gold but also in bi-colour. Despite their smaller diameters, Breitling ladies' watches have well-balanced proportions. The price for watches with stone trim or mother-of-pearl dials is absolutely fair.

The authentic Breitling style is also retained despite feminine details: the watches for ladies are reliable toolwatches for every situation in life. This is precisely what the Grenchen-based manufacturer intends with the production of ladies' watches: The timepieces aim to impress women with style and sporty flair and are looking for a luxury watch for an active lifestyle. For this reason, diving watches for women, such as the SuperOcean Automatic 36, also offer a water resistance of 200 metres.

The cost of a women's watch can be quite manageable: Popular models such as the Breitling Colt Lady do not have to cost much more than 2,000 euros. This collection, in particular, is an excellent example of Breitling's typical robustness and reliability at fair prices.

In our online shop, you will find more than 2,000 ladies' watches - including Breitling models that look perfect on any wrist. Whether you are looking for a Breitling ladies' watch with stones, in bi-colour or with a mother-of-pearl dial, you are assured of attractive prices and excellent service at CHRONEXT.

The beautiful world of watches

Pilots, race drivers, and world-famous personalities

Breitling does not only produce excellent pilot watches, but also supports aviation with many impressive projects: the company is the main sponsor of the renowned Reno Air Races. Furthermore, Breitling has its very own aerobatics team: the Breitling Jet Team draws thousands of spectators to international shows where they constantly keep them on the edge of their seats. Breitling does not want to limit itself to pilot watches - the anchor in the brand logo symbolizes the close connection with the world of water. With the popular model Superocean, Breitling found its way into the hearts of both professional and amateur divers. Not to mention that the Swiss watch manufacturer also delights on the racetrack: the company has been cooperating with the car manufacturer Bentley, since 2002. The watch collection Breitling for Bentley offers a wide range of solid watches that meet the high demands of both luxury brands. The face of this cooperation is none other than David Beckham. It is not only the football legend that represents the charismatic Breitling men’s watches: the actors John Travolta, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Harrison Ford are among the famous clientele of the company from Grenchen. Reaching for the stars, Breitling climbs the highest peaks of chronometry - always staying true to its impressive history and tradition.

Functional Breitling watches

For air, land and water

Breitling has been focusing on highly functional watches since the 19th century: Just a few years after the company was founded in 1884, it dedicated itself to precise timekeeping. In subsequent years, Breitling concentrated on pilot's and diver's watches as well as reliable toolwatches for almost all purposes. The Navitimer was specially developed for the AOPA - the international pilots' association - and was listed by the AOPA as an official timepiece. Models such as the Colt Military were developed for armed forces and served them as reliable wristwatches during missions.

Navitimer – Slide rule for complex flight calculations

The Navitimer is not only the most famous Breitling model - it also allows the most complex calculations. After Breitling had revolutionised the recording of time intervals with the development of the two-pusher chronograph, Willy Breitling wanted to take timekeeping to a new level in the 1930s. The result of this endeavour was a sophisticated slide rule on the dial that allowed pilots to perform sophisticated and vital calculations direct from the wrist. Although the slide rule premiered on the Chronomat in 1942, as a characteristic feature of the Navitimer, it became a favourite companion of pilots worldwide from 1952 onwards.

The slide rule of the Breitling Navitimer can be used to perform sophisticated arithmetic operations that can be vital during a flight mission and of the greatest use to pilots in the event of a failure of essential on-board instruments. These include, among others, the following calculations:

  • Current or total fuel consumption
  • Flight times
  • Airspeed
  • Fuel consumption
  • Conversion of units (but also currencies)

Breitling Exospace B55 – Analogue watch with smart features

When Breitling presented the Aerospace, an analogue pilot's watch with two digital displays, in 1985, the manufacturer combined the best of both worlds. The advantages that this functional display mix would offer in the era of smartwatches were not foreseeable at the time.

Thirty years later, Breitling has finally presented the Exospace B55, an analogue toolwatch with smart features: the 46-millimetre titanium watch is an analogue chronograph with two digital displays at 12 and 6 o'clock and water-resistant to 100 metres. The complex SuperQuartz calibre supports pilots and sailors with practical functions and offers adventurous wearers maximum reliability and functionality. While the displays of the Exospace can show notifications of calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages or e-mails, the Breitling B55 Connected app acts as a kind of remote control for the Exospace B55.

Watches like the Exospace B55 show that Breitling not only masters the production of traditional toolwatches, but also has a high level of innovation in the field of modern technologies.

Breitlight – Lighter and harder than titanium

The Grenchen-based manufacturer is also a pioneer in the field of innovative materials: In 2017, the specially developed Breitlight material made its debut in the Avenger Hurricane 12H. This high-tech case material is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and is 5.8 times lighter than stainless steel. At the same time, Breitlight is characterised by its enormous resistance. The material is even harder than titanium and extremely scratch and tensile-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-magnetic, heat-resistant and anti-allergic. Despite the high functionality of the innovative material, the prices for Breitling models with Breitlight cases are absolutely fair. For watches like the Endurance Pro, prices are quoted at less than 3,000 euros. Prices for traditional models without high-tech materials or functions are sometimes higher.

Robust watches from Breitling

Waterproof, shockproof and scratchproof

The robustness of Breitling watches is one of the most important characteristics when it comes to professional operations in the air, under the sea surface or during military missions on land. Breitling has always placed great emphasis on the reliability of each model. This applies not only to attributes such as water resistance or pressure resistance but also to Breitling's case materials and movements.

Breitling diving watches for professional divers

While most watches in the Breitling collection are water-resistant to at least 100 metres and can be used for swimming, the divers' watches, especially the SuperOcean, SuperOcean Heritage and Avenger, have an even higher pressure resistance: models such as the SuperOcean Automatic 44 offer water-resistance to 1,000 metres and can easily be used for professional scuba diving.

Titanium, Breitlight and Co. for professional users

Breitling also strives for the greatest possible reliability and robustness in the manufacture of its cases. Materials such as titanium or Breitlight are known for their extraordinary lightness and resistance. While Breitling is an innovative high-tech material from Grenchen, the tried and tested titanium offers numerous advantages: The element is hypoallergenic, extremely corrosion-resistant and known for its matt shine, which does not cause any annoying reflections when reading. Breitling toolwatches also usually have a crown protector that protects the crown, the most sensitive part of the watch, from impacts or similar disturbances.

Reliable movements from B01 to B80

The movements used by Breitling are renowned for their precision and reliability. The Breitling B17 is one of the most widely used calibres and is based on the ETA 2824-2. This ETA movement is one of the most robust and proven movements around. It is not only a reliable "tractor" but also a movement that is easy to repair anywhere in the world. With the Breitling B01, the company presented an in-house manufacture movement with column-wheel chronograph in 2009. This movement is also known for its reliability and excellent rate values.

In addition to mechanical movements, Breitling also produces quartz calibres such as the B50 movement. The most sought-after are the SuperQuartz movements, which have incredibly high accuracy thanks to their thermal compensation.

Breitling models

Aviator, Colt, Navitimer and Co.

The close to 150 years of model history have left their mark: the Breitling collection is versatile and highly functional. In addition to universal, elegant sports watches like the Chronomat, pilot's watches, like the Navitimer, and diving watches, like the SuperOcean or SuperOcean Heritage, can be found. Elegant timepieces such as the Premier or the Transocean are also available. You can buy all these models in a wide selection at attractive prices in our online shop.

Breitling Navitimer

The Navitimer is one of the greatest icons in the watch world and one of the most famous Breitling models. The watch with the distinctive slide rule has accompanied professional pilots and aviation enthusiasts since the 1950s. To this day, the appearance of the classic Navitimer has hardly been changed. In addition to the conventional model, numerous exciting variants of the slide rule chronograph are available. These include the still relatively young Navitimer 8 series but also watch such as the Navitimer Montbrillant or the Navitimer Cosmonaute.

The prices for the Navitimers are extremely stable. Especially for older classics like the Breitling A23322, prices are gradually starting to rise. Vintage models in the collection are still an insider's tip: especially compared to vintage watches like the Rolex Submariner or the Omega Speedmaster, vintage Navitimer prices are still undervalued. However, the prices for vintage Navitimers will likely rise in the next few years. The sooner you buy, the more money you can save!

Breitling Chronomat

The Chronomat is the oldest model of the Grenchen-based company. Originally, the Chronomat was a slide rule chronograph and thus the predecessor of the legendary Navitimer. In 1984, Breitling finally presented a classic of the 1980s with the Ref. 81950: this Chronomat model was characterised by classic 80s elements. These include, above all, the rouleaux bracelet and various bi-colour elements. While the Chronomat of the 2000s took up the 1980s style in a modernised form, Breitling launched a revival of the 80s Chronomat in 2021. This revival also saw the return of the distinctive yet comfortable Rouleaux bracelet.

Both the vintage models from the 1940s and 1980s and the current Chronomat are a bargain. In our online shop, you can buy both the old and the new references at reasonable prices.

Breitling Avenger

With the Avenger, Breitling offers a performance watch for many purposes. It is a toolwatch known for its high level of reliability and functionality in the air, on land or in the water. Thanks to the variety of models, the Avenger is available in different materials and colours as well as with various complications. In addition to stainless steel and DLC-coated titanium, there are models with black, white, blue or green dials. One of the highlights is the Avenger 45 Seawolf with a yellow dial. Avenger models such as the Avenger GMT with a second-time zone or the Avenger Chronograph are also popular.

The prices for the Avenger differ depending on the reference: While some older models are already available from 2,000 euros, high-tech models with innovative materials or sophisticated functions can command prices of 6,000 euros and more.

Breitling Transocean

The Transocean was presented in 1958. Breitling intended the travel chronograph to follow the success story of the Navitimer. The Transocean is one of the few heritage models launched before the Kern era: The Re-Edition was launched in 2010 and was available in 38 and 43 millimetres. This makes the Transocean an ideal watch for both men and women. The model is characterised by a perfect balance of sportiness and elegance and takes up where the historical model left off - without resorting to typical heritage elements such as Fauxtina.

Since the Transocean was discontinued a few years ago, it is now only available from independent dealers - for example, in our online shop. When you buy a Transocean from us, you benefit from low prices and excellent service.

Breitling Colt

The Breitling Colt is one of the best sports watches and a stylish, reliable companion for every day. The watch is suitable both as an entry dose into the world of fine timepieces and as a daily rocker for the office and leisure time. The reference A17035, in particular, is a popular entry-level watch due to its almost unbeatable price-performance ratio. The Colt cuts a fine figure not only on a steel bracelet but also on leather straps or the Breitling rubber straps. The model, which had been an integral part of the Breitling range since the 1980s, was revised in 2018. The discontinuation of the Colt series was later announced at the beginning of 2020.

Although there are still remaining stocks of the popular model, it is only a matter of time before the Colt is no longer available as a new watch. For this reason, prices are expected to rise soon. At CHRONEXT, you will find both the latest Colt models and the earlier references at fair prices - Both variants have their very own charm.

Breitling SuperOcean Heritage

One of the most famous heritage models from Breitling is the SuperOcean Heritage: this homage to the SuperOcean from 1957 was presented for the 50th anniversary of the original model and is characterised by the unique hands and the striking milanaise strap (mesh bracelet). The watch, which is available in 38 and 46 millimetres, was replaced by the Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II in 2017 to mark its 60th anniversary. The design of its successor was carefully revised, with the 38-mm version giving way to a four-millimetre larger version. In the meantime, the SuperOcean Heritage collection has been complemented by fashionable pastel versions and the striking Capsule Collection with concave bezels. This shows that the Breitling SuperOcean Heritage has enormous potential.

Whether it's the Avenger, Colt, Navitimer or SuperOcean, you will find numerous Breitling models with attractive price discounts in our online shop. Vintage lovers will also get their money's worth: in addition to new models, you will find used watches as well as vintage references. Every watch comes with our 24-month CHRONEXT guarantee, which documents our adherence to our strict authenticity and quality standards. For this reason, you can also buy long discontinued or historic watches. With CHRONEXT, you enjoy maximum security.