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Cartier Must 21: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Cartier Must 21

The legendary Cartier Must 21 collection has successfully positioned itself against the leaders in luxury jewellery. Strongly influenced by the exceptional style of Louise Cartier, the Must 21 collection is comprised of a lively design that appeals to younger audiences. Stand-out features of the line include a round case that can optionally be equipped with a chronograph, along with sporty and elegant design aspects. Today, the timepieces can still be spotted shining on the wrists of Cartier watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Innovative timepieces by Cartier

Stylistic confidence paired with technical finesse

Stylistic confidence paired with technical finesse

Cartier is a name that stands synonymous with exquisite jewellery and luxurious timepieces around the globe. First generation Cartier primarily focused on jewels and the creation of exquisite jewellery. It was not until Louis Cartier, who was the grandson of Louis-François Cartier and an enthusiast of horology, began to expand and steer the traditional company in a new direction.

Cartier's secret to success can be accredited to many aspects, one of them being the company's ability to adapt to the spirit of the times. The early 1970's brought about a period of cultural change and the exquisite watchmakers found themselves in a time of crisis. Cartier took a proactive approach to these difficult times however by brainstorming fresh and exciting designs while trying to appeal to a younger clientele.

As a result, the company launched the Les Must de Cartier collection that was comprised of unconventional forms and material combinations. The collection was a success and provided a strong basis for many unique jewellery creations, unusual accessories and, of course, new watch models.

21 Must de Cartier

An interplay between sportiness and elegance

A new chapter in the History of Cartier was created under the management of Robert Hocq and Alain Dominique Perrin. While remaining faithful to the tradition of Cartier, the new objective of the company was to better appeal to younger audiences. The concept of "Les Must de Cartier" presented innovative and new watch creations and for the first time, exhibited a combination of gold and steel materials. Following the Must 21 collection, the exclusive company quickly succeeded to the forefront of the luxury jewellery sector.

Cartier offers considerable variation within the Must 21 collection. The 21 Must de Cartier (e.g Ref. 1330) and the Must 21 Chronograph (e.g. Ref. W 10172T2) are characterised by a round case and an angled curvature of the bezel. Both models are also available in quartz and chronograph movements and easily convince with a fresh combination of elegance and sportiness. The Must 21 collection is available in a steel or two-tone steel and gold combination. Additionally and very much in contrast to the sleek elegance of the steel models, a steel and rubber hybrid bracelet is also available, which exudes a sporty and contemporary feel.

Today, the Cartier Must 21 collection can only be acquired on the second-hand market. The luxurious watch marked the start of a new period in the history of one of the most luxurious watchmaking companies in the world. Moreover, it is a highly valued timepiece thanks to its unique and phenomenal design.

Les Must de Cartier & Must 21

Prominent watch aficionados

The distinctive timepieces from Cartier are highly esteemed among celebrities and influentials. Famous actors and musicians have been photographed sporting classic watches and luxurious pieces of jewellery from Cartier.

Oscar winner Anna Paquin enjoys sporting a Cartier Must 21 in steel (Ref. 10109T2) and Brand ambassadors including Naomi Watts have propelled the popularity of the Cartier brand further. Distinctive timepieces from Cartier have become widely popular among all age groups and since the watches are timeless classics, they are distinct investments that can be passed on and cherished from one generation to the next for centuries to come.