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The art of fusion: Hublot successfully brings together the art and tradition of horology and innovation. Since 1980, the Swiss company has been manufacturing watches of the highest quality, which stand out due to their extravagant design and exquisite choice in materials. Hublot is highly aware of client needs and therefore continually surpasses expectations with exclusive and luxurious watches.
Hublot: History, Models and Prices. New & Vintage.

Hublot watches – luxurious and extravagant

Discover the world of the Hublot watches online.

The art of fusion: Hublot successfully brings together the art and tradition of horology and innovation. Since 1980, the Swiss company has been manufacturing watches of the highest quality, which stand out due to their extravagant design and exquisite choice in materials. Hublot is highly aware of client needs and therefore continually surpasses expectations with exclusive and luxurious watches.

Bold, innovative, and strong

Luxury watches by Hublot


The Hublot Big Bang or the Hublot Classic Fusion are not just exquisite wristwatches, they are powerful statements that will never go unnoticed. Hublot watches are bold, innovative, and strong in character. The company does not shy away from venturing in new directions and is completely comfortable with being in the spotlight.

Founded in 1980, Hublot is relatively new in the Swiss watchmaking industry, yet already belongs to the leading watch brands of the world. The “art of fusion” is the guiding principle behind Hublot’s phenomenal success, which continually delights fans with skilful material combinations and clever collection concepts. Hublot timepieces combine unconventional designs with an absolute claim to quality and precision.

Under the leadership of the charismatic Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot has easily set itself apart from other luxury watch manufacturers and has, therefore, created a strong and unmistakable brand image.

Unusual mix of materials

The Art of Fusion since 1980

The brand Hublot was founded by Carlo Crocco and made its debut at the 1980 Baselworld watch fair. Crocco, the descendant of an Italian watchmaker family, instantly caused a sensation. The watch that he presented consisted of a gold case paired with a rubber bracelet. This unique fusion was an absolute novelty, as a noble material like gold had never before been combined with such a sportive wristband.

Throughout the following years, the rubber strap became one of Hublot’s signature trademarks. The original watch also inspired the name of the brand with its distinctive porthole look, since “Hublot” is French for "porthole”.

Hublot took a decisive step towards success in 2004 when the marketing genius Jean-Claude Biver joined as the new CEO of the company. He reflected on the company’s beginnings and emphasized the “Art of Fusion” with the future of Hublot.

The result was a series of bold watch creations, like the elegant Classic Fusion line, the design of which evokes Hublot’s first watch from 1980, as well as the legendary Big Bang, and the King Power line.

The Art of Fusion

Skilful material combinations

The luxury brand Hublot, based in Nyon, Switzerland, possesses acute knowledge when it comes to the combination of materials. The company utilizes this proficiency in order to continuously reinterpret its guiding principle, the “art of fusion”.

Apart from precious metals including gold or platinum, Hublot creations make use of elements such as titanium and zirconium. The company also handles high-tech alloys that are specially developed by the company. For instance, Hublot developed Magic Gold, which is a fusion of pure gold and boron carbide. Another notable combination is “Hublonium”, a metal alloy that, among other things, contains magnesium and aluminium.

These unique materials are used to create unconventional timepieces that often possess revolutionary characteristics, with which they inspire around the world.

Hublot strives for groundbreaking innovations and is always able to amaze with extravagance and modernity. Not to mention that Hublot timepieces simply delight with their undeniable accuracy and supreme quality.

Today, Hublot largely produces required watch components in-house. One example is the Unico movement, which was the first chronograph movement to be completely manufactured in-house by Hublot. The calibre was ready for the market in 2010 and has been incorporated into several models from the Big Bang line as well as the King Power line.

Following the Unico movement breakthrough, Hublot was able to successfully launch a series of in-house movements, including the slim Classico or the sensational Ferrari calibre.

Usain Bolt, Kobe Bryant & Co.

A favourite among stars and world-class athletes

Hublot’s exquisite watches enjoy an excellent reputation when it comes to the world of celebrities.

The Swiss company can easily display an impressive list of brand ambassadors, among them being top-class representatives like the fastest man alive – Usain Bolt, football legend Pelé, or basketball champion Kobe Bryant.

The brand following includes world-famous celebrities like Bernie Ecclestone, Diego Maradona, Lionel Richie, and Prince Albert of Monaco. The US musician Jay-Z is also a great fan of Hublot, and his cooperation with the brand has resulted in the Classic Fusion Shawn Carter.

Hublot also dedicates a large part of its attention to charity. Together with the band Depeche Mode, the company campaigns for clean drinking water and supports the NGO charity: water. The special edition Big Bang Depeche Mode was also a result of the collaboration with the English synthpop band.

A question of technology

The brand and the world of sports

With a constant quest for extraordinarily innovative combinations, Hublot was the first manufacturer of luxury watches that dared enter into a cooperation with the world of football. The bold move paid off: Today Hublot is the official watch of FIFA and has become an integral part of the World Cup, where an audience of millions can catch a glimpse of Hublot timepieces.

As a tribute to the 2014 World Cup, Hublot developed the Big Bang Unico 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. The Hublot connection with the world of football is diverse and the brand can take pride in cooperations with Juventus F.C., Paris Saint-Germain F.C., and FC Bayern Munich.

Hublot is also active in the field of luxury cars and race cars. In March 2010, the company became the “Official Watchmaker” of Formula 1. Since then, the company has launched a series of men’s watches like the Formula 1 King Power Ceramic.

Hublot has also entered an exclusive partnership with Ferrari, and the resulting MP-05 LaFerrari is without a doubt the top achievement of the collaboration between the two luxury companies. Only 50 units of this outstanding watch have been produced, which, at an official price of over 200,000 GBP, was sold out within a very short period of time.

Classical watches

The legendary Big Bang series, which has been expanded with numerous sub-collections and special editions following its official launch in 2005, counts among one of the most popular luxury watches in the world.

Some components of the Big Bang line include the colourful Tutti Frutti collection, which is comprised of both men’s and ladies’ watches, the impressive Big Bang Black Magic Chronograph, as well as the Big Bang Ferrari watches, which were often strictly limited in number.

The watches of the Classic Fusion collection were first introduced in 2008 and while they feature a traditional design that follows the original Hublot from 1980, they nevertheless inspire with individual sportive elegance.

The collections

Apart from the Big Bang and Classic Fusion, slightly lesser-known Hublot watch collections have also found distinctive admirers.

The King Power line is comprised of a chunky 48-millimeter case and makes a bold statement on every wrist. The watches from the Spirit of Big Bang line make an impression with their rectangular cases. With the Masterpiece (MP) line, Hublot has brought together particularly exotic masterpieces of workmanship, including the MP-02 Key of Time, whose movement makes it possible to slow down or speed up the rate at which time is measured.

As the respective editions are strictly limited, certain models can often only be found on the secondhand market. New or used, Hublot watches are not exactly cheap – exclusivity and quality demand a price.

Loyal Hublot clientele have stood by the brand for years, however, and have never been disappointed. After all, Hublot always seeks out new challenges and constantly surprises with new fusion art creations.

Selling your Hublot watch at CHRONEXT

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