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Tudor Classic

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Tudor Classic: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Tudor Classic

Tudor is one of the only subsidiaries of Rolex that has survived the times. The brand has developed into a highly sought after name in recent years. It comes as no surprise then that the Tudor Classic collection impresses with excellent precision and an elegant design.

Tudor Classic

Reliability and perfection

The passing of time does not affect a Tudor watch thanks to its durable mechanisms and timeless design elements. Tudor is a subsidiary of the Swiss watch giant Rolex, and the price range of the brand settles right below those of Rolex models. Equipped with externally manufactured quality movements, Tudor watches function with remarkable precision and reliability. Up until the 1990s, Tudor timepieces were equipped with Rolex Oyster cases, case backs, and crowns. Nowadays, Tudor watches are independently manufactured and have thus perfectly established themselves in the wondrous world of luxury watches.

The finishing elements of a Tudor watch ensure the finest quality of the timepiece down to the smallest details. The interplay of exceptional materials with unique aesthetics await any owner of a Tudor Classic. The timepieces are simply catered to watch lovers searching for an everyday timepiece that will also stand out during formal occasions.

The Tudor collection is available with a wide range of options when it comes to the dials, cases, and straps of the timepieces. The colour range of the watch is presented in contemporary and classic tones. The Tudor Classic models are available to both men and women alike and easily adapt to bold personal styles.

Models of the Tudor Classic Collection

For the love of precision

The Tudor Classic series impresses with reliability and an elegant design. Precision and performance are two factors that are very important to Tudor and are therefore regularly tested to meet rigid quality standards. Tudor watches are renowned for their retro designs and there is no mistake that the Tudor Classic leans on watch designs from the 1950s and 1960s. Furthermore, the timepiece design integrates classic beauty with modern horology.

The Tudor Classic collection is divided into the Classic and the Classic Date-Day. The Tudor Classic Date-Day is available with a case measurement of 28-millimeters (Ref. 22010, Ref. 22013) and 38-millimeters (Ref. 21010, Ref. 21013). Thanks to a variety in case dimensions, the Tudor Classic Date is suited to the wrists of both men and women alike. The Tudor Classic Date 38-millimeters is fitted with a polished stainless steel case and a fluted bezel, which is also composed of stainless steel, or alternatively, yellow gold or yellow gold adorned with diamonds. The date indicator is positioned at the three o’clock marker and can be easily read through the scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

The second model from the series is the Classic Date-Day (Ref. 23010), which is comprised of a generous 41-millimeter case. In addition to a date display at the three o’clock marker, the watch also features a day of the week display at the 12 o’clock marker. The days of the week are written out in full, which proves to be a practical function. Both the classic and the Classic Date-Day are waterproof up to 10 bar.

Tudor Classic Lady Watches

A feminine variant

The Tudor Classic Date women’s model is presented with a steel case that measures 28-millimeters in diameter. The ladies watch stands out with ladylike design elements and optional solar, constellation, or moon motifs that impress with stylish extravagance. Just as with the men’s models, the ladies watch is available in a variety of options. Numerous dials, cases, and bracelets can be combined depending on client preferences. For an extra touch of glamour, the watch can also be adorned with exquisitely cut diamonds.