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Hamilton: History, Models and Prices. New & Vintage.


Discover the world of the Hamilton watches online.

Hamilton is known for the creation of unique timepieces that fuse American classic style with Swiss watchmaking tradition. Hamilton has been rooted in American tradition since its inception and was at one time, one of the largest and most important American Chronometer producers to aid their country with whichever means they could best provide.

Hamilton was founded in 1839 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

At the start of the 20th century, about half of American railroad drivers and conductors relied on the precision of Hamilton watches for accurate timekeeping.

The world’s first electric watch became world famous in the Elvis Presley film Blue Hawaii.

Unique Hamilton creations can also be see in over 300 movies.

An American success story

Hamilton Watch Company

Hamilton history and tradition are firmly rooted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania – the region in which the company was first founded in 1893. The establishment of the company was perfectly timed since America’s expanding railway system required the means to precise timekeeping. The US Railroad turned to Hamilton timepieces in order to ensure that trains departed and arrived accurately. Within a few years, more than 50% of railway staff utilised Hamilton timepieces and relied on their precise timekeeping. Hamilton was known throughout the country as the “Watch of Railroad Accuracy”.

Thanks to the use of Hamilton timepieces, there was a noticeable decrease of railway accidents during the expansion of the transportation system in the United States since railroad staff and conductors could accurately keep track of the time. Larger brand awareness also assisted Hamilton in becoming a supplier of timepieces to the US army during the First World War. Hamilton equipped the famous General John Pershing – aka Black Jack – with a Hamilton wristwatch, along with the brave soldiers fighting in the trenches by his side. Hamilton is undoubtedly one of the most famous watch American manufacturers and has played an important role in the history of its country.

Reliable and Robust

Pioneering spirit and military precision

Hamilton has always stood for high-quality functional timepieces. The American watch manufacturer once again proved the excellent precision of their timepieces with the launch of the 1941 marine chronometer Model 21 and the observation watch Model 22. With these two timepieces, Hamilton set the stage for the production of reliable and precise chronometers.

During the Second World War, Hamilton exclusively focused on the production of functional army timepieces, which were characterised by durable and robust characteristics.

The period from 1955 to 1960 encompassed a time when Hamilton operated and developed under the company UWERSI. Together with UWERSI, the first electric-powered wristwatch was introduced in 1957 – the Hamilton Electric 500. The electric wristwatch was an impressive innovative element that utilised a battery to push an intricate gear train that would then in turn push the hands of the watch.

Another distinctive milestone for the company occurred in 1970 when Hamilton launched its first electronic watch with a digital LED display. The revolutionary Pulsar model became a cult object and eventually found its way onto the arm of James Bond in the movie Live and Let Die. Today, the Hamilton headquarters are located in Biel, Switzerland, and combine the technical finesse of Swiss precision with longstanding American design elements.

Simply inspirational

The watch collections

The Hamilton Brand is comprised of a history that dates back over 120-years. The American watch company who was initially located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, eventually relocated its headquarters to Biel Switzerland. Hamilton has played a large pioneering role in the world of watchmaking and has gained an immeasurably high profile thanks to its revolutionary creations in the railway, aviation, and armed forces field. Today, Hamilton draws inspiration from its past achievements and continually drives forward with innovative yet traditionally charming elements.

The American spirit lives on in Hamilton design features while the interior of the timepieces is characterised by modern Swiss watchmaking. Typical of Hamilton timepieces is the clever combination of robust materials, reliable watch technology, and individual designs. Hamilton presents several renowned watch collections such as the American Classic or Khaki series that stand out on an international scale. While the American classic series is evidently characterised by a classic and timeless feel, the Khaki collection draws inspiration from the military and aviation fields. Especially popular among watch connoisseurs are the classic pilot and chronograph timepieces offered among the collection.

On the big screen

A welcome guest in Hollywood movies

Hamilton is regarded as the go-to brand when it comes to the silver screen. The distinctive Hamilton timepieces with their exquisite shapes and unique materials have caught the attention of many film-stylists throughout the decades. The Hamilton watches can be witnessed in countless movies that range from action pictures such as Die Hard, Ocean's Eleven, Predators or Abduction to comedy classics including Killers, Get Smart, and You've Got Mail.

Hamilton is constantly collaborating with directors, costume designers, and technician teams in order to provide respective actors and screenplays with perfectly suitable timepieces. When it came to the science fiction action film Men in Black and Men in Black 2, the legendary Ventura was created with a specially created luminous dial. The Khaki Twilight is featured in the science-fiction horror film I Am Legend. The timepiece was specifically designed to incorporate a twilight countdown function – an element that comes in handy during the film.

However, it is not only American film productions that feature the traditional brand, but also European films that have come to incorporate the classic timepieces. To date, Hamilton timepieces have been strapped around the wrists of prominent actors in over 300 films.

Brand ambassador

The watches from the Hamilton collection have been fitted around the wrists of several famous brand ambassadors. Throughout its history, Hamilton has fostered a strong connection with the world of sports and has furthermore supported many international events. The world’s best acrobatic pilot, Nicolas Ivanoff, who partakes in the Red Bull Air Race World Series, relies on the Hamilton Khaki GMT Air Race, both in professional and personal times. Another prominent ambassador from the world of sports is the Free Immersion diver Pierre Frolla, who relies on the precision of the Khaki Frogman automatic chronograph –a timepiece that is comprised of robust titanium.

Whether it is on screen or in a sporting championship, Hamilton watches convince with their strength, reliability, and style.