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Hamilton Ventura

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Hamilton Ventura: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Hamilton Ventura

The Hamilton Ventura is indeed an extraordinary watch. When the original model was launched in 1957, it was one of the first battery-powered watches to be introduced to the market. The asymmetrical design of the Ventura incorporates a unique element on the wrist and is considered to be a milestone in the history of watch design.

A Début

The extravagant Hamilton Ventura

Hamilton is a world-renowned brand that has been partly recognised for appearing in legendary Hollywood movies. The brand is also known, however, for the introduction of innovative watch mechanics. Long ago, the Hamilton brand engaged in a three-year secret-development titled “Project X”. The result was the first battery-powered watch to be introduced to the world. The innovative watch technology was fitted in the Hamilton Ventura model.

As if the modern movement was not exciting enough, Hamilton launched its first battery-powered movement in a watch that was uniquely characterised by a distinctive triangular case shape – a timepiece none other than the Ventura. Not surprising, the Ventura found further fame when it was adorned on the wrist of Elvis Presley in the musical film Blue Hawaii. Since then, the Ventura has remained a classic among American design history. Furthermore, the timepiece has never ceased to delight the nostalgic souls of vintage watch lovers.

Watches with character

The current Hamilton Ventura Collection

Currently, the Hamilton Ventura is available in several different versions, each of which caters to specific preferences and individual tastes. Whether it is a robust or a delicate watch or a quartz or automatic movement that is preferred, the Hamilton Ventura watches present the perfect companion for a range of inclinations.